William I of Geneva

William I of Geneva (c.1132 25 July 1195) was Count of Geneva from 1178 to 1195, in succession to his father, Count Amadeus I of Geneva. William's mother was Amadeus' wife, Matilda de Cuiseaux.

William I of Geneva
Died(1195-07-25)25 July 1195
Château de Novel in Annecy
Spouse(s)Marguerite Beatrice de Faucigny
Agnes of Savoy
Beatrice de Vaupergue
FatherAmadeus I of Geneva
MotherMatilda de Cuiseaux

He died at the Château de Novel in Annecy.



  1. In 1195 William was escorting his daughter Marguerite to France for her intended wedding to King Philip II. Thomas of Savoy ambushed the party, carried off Marguerite and married her himself, producing some eight sons and six daughters.
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Preceded by
Amadeus I of Geneva
Count of Geneva
1178 - 1195
Succeeded by
Humbert of Geneva

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