Wild Lake

Wild Lake (Slovene: Divje jezero) is a lake near Idrija in western Slovenia and a karst spring of the Vauclusian type.[2] The lake is the source of the Jezernica River, a tributary of the Idrijca and, at 55 metres (180 ft) long, the shortest river in Slovenia.[3] Water flows from under the ground and through a steeply inclined tunnel, explored to a depth of 160 metres (520 ft).[3] The discharge occasionally surpasses 60 cubic metres per second (2,100 cu ft/s).[3] However, when the water level is low, there is no outflow from the lake.[3] In 1967, the lake was protected as a natural monument. In 1972, it was arranged to be the first Slovenian natural museum.[2]

Wild Lake
Locationnear Idrija, Slovenia
Coordinates45°58′56″N 14°1′41″E
Typekarst siphon lake
Basin countriesSlovenia
Max. depthover 160 m (520 ft)
Surface elevation340 metres (1,120 ft)[1]


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