Wild Bunch (company)

Wild Bunch AG is a German film distribution and international sales company, originally created in 1979 as Senator Film Verleih GmbH, which later became Senator Entertainment AG. The name Wild Bunch comes from the French company Wild Bunch S.A., created in 2002, which became a subsidiary of Senator Entertainment in February 2015. Senator Entertainment AG renamed itself Wild Bunch AG in July 2015. Wild Bunch has distributed and sold films such as Land of the Dead (2005), Southland Tales (2006), Cassandra's Dream (2007), Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008), Che (2008), Whatever Works (2009), The King's Speech (2010), and The Artist (2011).

Wild Bunch AG
Traded asFWB: WBAG
IndustryMotion Pictures
Television (as of September 2015)
PredecessorSenator Entertainment AG
Wild Bunch S.A.
Founded1979 (as Senator Film Verleih GmbH)
2002 (as Wild Bunch S.A.)
FounderBrahim Chioua, Vincent Maraval 
HeadquartersBerlin, Germany
Area served
Key people
Vincent Grimond (CEO)
Brahim Chioua (COO)
Markus Maximilian Sturm (CFO)
Vincent Maraval (CCO)
  • Wild Bunch Distribution (France)
  • Wild Side (France)
  • Filmo TV (France)
  • BiM Distribuzione (Italy)
  • Wild Bunch Germany
  • Central Film Verleih (Germany)
  • Vértigo Films (Spain)
  • Wild Bunch Austria
  • Wild Bunch TV
  • IMR International (USA)

Wild Bunch is also the international seller of Studio Ghibli's works.


Originally a division of StudioCanal,[1] Wild Bunch S.A. was established as an independent company in 2002 by former employees of StudioCanal.[2]

In July 2014, the German film distributor Senator Entertainment and Wild Bunch announced their intention to join forces to launch an independent film distribution and production group.[3] In February 2015, Senator Entertainment and Wild Bunch completed their merger.[4] Senator Entertainment AG subsequently renamed themselves to Wild Bunch AG and will use Senator as a brand.[5]

In May 2015, Wild Bunch formed a Los Angeles-based company, Insiders, to handle international sales of independent films led by Vincent Maraval.[6] In February 2016, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that a stake in that outfit had been sold to Bliss Media, a Chinese film production and distribution company.[7] In May 2016, Insiders and MadRiver Pictures joined forces to form an international sales joint venture, IMR international.[8]


Wild Bunch is a film sales company and also a pan-European film distributor.


In France, Wild Bunch is a theatrical distributor[9] and also a video distributor through its subsidiary Wild Side.[10]

Wild Bunch also positioned itself on the digital distribution market through its VoD/SVoD subsidiary Filmo TV.


Apart from its international sales activities, Wild Bunch is also a direct distributor in Italy, Germany, Austria and Spain.[11][12][13]


Wild Bunch manages more than 1700 titles.

Major awards received by films distributed or sold by Wild Bunch

Academy Awards

Berlin International Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival

Venice Film Festival


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