Wilber Morris

Wilber Morris (November 27, 1937 - August 8, 2002) was an American jazz double bass player and bandleader. He was the brother of the cornetist, composer, and conductor Butch Morris.[1]

Wilber Morris recorded widely, and performed with such musicians as Pharoah Sanders, Sonny Simmons, Alan Silva, Joe McPhee, Horace Tapscott, Butch Morris, Arthur Blythe, Charles Gayle, William Parker, and Billy Bang, Charles Tyler, Dennis Charles, Roy Campbell, Avram Fefer, Alfred 23 Harth, Borah Bergman and Rashied Ali.


As leader

  • 1981: Collective Improvisations (Bleu Regard)
  • 1983: Wilber Force (DIW Records)
  • 1995: Breathing Together (Freedom Jazz)
  • 2001: Drum String Thing (CIMP)

As sideman

With Steve Habib

Live At Joe Joe's

With Billy Bang

With Thomas Borgmann

  • BMN Trio - Nasty & Sweet (Nobusiness, 2013)
  • BMC Trio Organic (Lotus Sound, 1998)
  • Stalker Songs (CIMP, 1997)
  • The Last Concert: Dankeschön (Silkheart, 1998)
  • Boom Swing - BMC Trio (Konnex, 1998)
  • BMN Trio - You See What We're Sayin' (CIMP, 1998)

With Rob Brown

With Avram Fefer and Bobby Few

  • Few and Far Between (Boxholder, 2001)

With Avram Fefer and Steve Swell

  • Lucille's Gemini Dream (CIMP, 2002)

With Charles Gayle

With Frank Lowe

With David Murray

With Steve Swell


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