White Rose (film)

White Rose (Hungarian: Fehér rózsa) is a 1919 Hungarian silent drama film directed by Alexander Korda and starring María Corda, Gyula Bartos and Emil Fenyvessy. It was based on an 1853 novel by Mór Jókai.[1] It was released by the state-owned Hungarian film industry during the Hungarian Soviet Republic, although production had begun before the regime came to power.[2] Korda went on to make two further films for the Soviet government Yamata and Ave Caesar! which led to his eventual arrest once the regime had been overthrown and his ultimate decision to leave Hungary for Austria.

White Rose
Directed byAlexander Korda
Written byMór Jókai (novel)
László Vajda
StarringMaría Corda
Gyula Bartos
Emil Fenyvessy
Helene von Bolvary
CinematographyGusztáv Mihály Kovács
Release date
Hungarian intertitles



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