White Houses, Valby

The White Houses in Valby (Danish: Den Hvide By i Valby), also known as Trekanten (lit. "The Triangle"), is one of several developments of building society houses in the Valby district of Copenhagen, Denmark. The houses were built 18991903 and are located on the south side of Valby Langgade and the streets Søndre Allé, Nordre Allé and Østre Allé.


Valby Arbejderes Byggeforening ("Valby Workers' Building Society") was founded on 17 May 1898. Am approximately five-hectare, triangular site was acquired from a local farmer at the far end of Balby LLanggade which was then known as Remissevej. The price was DKK 47,000. The 34-year-old architect Christian Mandrup-Poulsen was commissioned to design the development. The foundation stone for the first house was set on 26 November 1899.[1] The building society was dissolved on 4 March 1917.


Mandrup-Poulsen's plan created three tree-lined avenues. Søndre Allé, Nordre Allé and Østre Allé, which form a large A off the south side of Valby Langgade. The development consists of a total of 81 houses of which 77 double houses and four are single houses. Each house contained two apartments, one for the owner and one for a tenant. Mandrup-Poulsen created seven different house types but all were white with red tile roofs and green window frames and fences. Most have details in red brick.

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  • 100 år og et kvarter. Trekroners Vejlaug. 2000

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