Whistlestop Park

Whistlestop Park is a themed kid's area with various rides at several Six Flags amusement parks.

Whistlestop Park
Six Flags America
Opening dateApril 16, 2011
ReplacedThomas Town
Six Flags Over Georgia
Opening dateMarch 19, 2011
Closing date2015
ReplacedDéjà Vu, Thomas Town
Replaced byPandemonium
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Opening dateMarch 19, 2011
ReplacedGranny Gran Prix, Thomas Town
Six Flags New England
Opening dateApril 13, 2013
Closing date2018
ReplacedThomas Town
General statistics
Attraction typeThemed area


Before being named Whistlestop Park, these themed areas were named Thomas Town from 2007 to 2010.

  • 2006: On December 12, 2006, Six Flags released their plan for 2007. It detailed new corporate alliances with Thomas the Tank Engine, The Wiggles, Evel Knievel and Tony Hawk, among several others.[1]
  • 2007: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and Six Flags New England opened Thomas Town at their parks.[2]
  • 2008: Six Flags Magic Mountain[3] and Six Flags Over Georgia[4] opened Thomas Town at their parks.
  • 2010: Six Flags America[5] opened Thomas Town at their park. In late 2010, Six Flags began the process of removing licensed theming from attractions. They terminated licenses with Thomas the Tank Engine, The Wiggles, Tony Hawk, Evel Knievel, and Terminator. This resulted in all Thomas Town theming to be removed and rides to be renamed to suit the new Whistlestop Park theme.[6][7] Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and Six Flags New England are the only parks that won't be transforming its Thomas Town to Whistlestop Park. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom themed area will be transformed to Seaside Junction.[8] Six Flags New England removed their Thomas Town.[9][10]
  • 2011: The LA Times reported Six Flags Magic Mountain plans to unveil the re-branded Whistlestop Park kiddie area on March 19.[11] All of the existing rides opened with new names and themes.[12] Six Flags New England released a statement on Facebook stating The Thomas Town section of the park will be home to future expansion at Six Flags New England.[10]
  • 2012: Six Flags Over Georgia removed Whistlestop Train before the 2012 season but still operating Whistlestop Park's other attractions.[13]
  • 2013: Six Flags New England announced before the 2013 season that the park will be opening up Whistlestop Park after closing Thomas Town in late 2010. SFNE also unexpectedly added Flying Aces to the area replacing Harold the Helicopter and Bertie the Bus both of which did not reopen.
  • 2015: Six Flags Over Georgia removed its last ride in Whistlestop Park in the fall of 2015, Whistlestop Park Playground. The playground was removed to moved to the new kids area of the park, Bugs Bunny Boomtown with a new name, Looney Tunes Adventure Camp. Whistlestop Park has been closed off.
  • 2016: Six Flags New England unannouncedly removed Flying Aces before the beginning of the 2016 season leaving the New England Express as the sole operating attraction.
  • 2019: Six Flags New England changed Whistlestop Park before the 2019 season to an all access area for Six Flags members service area. New England Express still operates.


NameTypeSix Flags America
April 16, 2011
Six Flags Over Georgia
March 19, 2011
Six Flags Magic Mountain
March 19, 2011
Six Flags New England
April 13, 2013
Flying AcesBiplane RideFlying Aces (2014-2015)
Happy JunctionZamperla Convoy rideDiesel Derby (2010)
Magic FlyerRoller CoasterClown Coaster (1971–1984)
Wile E. Coyote Coaster (1985–1998)
Goliath Jr. (2001–2007)
Percy's Railway (2008–2010)
New England ExpressMiniature train rideThomas The Tank Engine (2007-2010)
Closed (2011-2012)
Sky JumperHopperCranky the Crane (2010)
Splash ZoneWater play areaThomas Town Pop Jet Fountain (2010)
Up, Up & AwayJunior Ferris wheelAround the World in 80 Days (1993–2009)
Sodor Carnival Ferris Wheel (2010)
Whistlestop Bus LineBus rideBertie the Bus (2010) Bertie the Bus (2007-2010)
Whistlestop Park PlaygroundPlaygroundThomas Town Play Structure (2010) Thomas Town Play Structure (2008-2010)
Whistlestop Park Playground (2011-2015)
Whistlestop TrainMiniature train rideThomas The Tank Engine (2010) Thomas The Tank Engine (2008-2010)
Whistlestop Train (2011-2013)
Thomas The Tank Engine (2008-2010)
Whistlestop WhirlybirdsRotating helicopter rideHarold the Helicopter (2010) Harold the Helicopter (2007-2010)
     Operating at park.
     No longer operating at park.

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