Whim W'Him

Whim W'Him, Seattle Contemporary Dance is a Seattle-based contemporary dance company founded by Olivier Wevers in January 2009.[1][2]


Whim W'Him offers 3 productions each season. Each production features new contemporary dance choreography set on our company of 7 professional dancers by invited choreographers in addition to new works set on the company by founding artistic director, Olivier Wevers.

Our season open with the Choreographic Shindig, the newest annual production, in which the Whim W'Him dancers curate the program by selecting participating choreographers from hundreds of international applicants.

The company has performed original works by Danielle Agami, Juanjo Arques, Andrew Bartee, Adam Barruch, Banning Bouldin, Austin Diaz, Jonathan Campbell, Lauren Edson, James Gregg, Mark Haim, Joseph Hernandez, Larry Keigwin, Maurya Kerr, Gabrielle Lamb, Loni Landon, MADBOOTS, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, Joshua Peugh, Ihsan Rustem, Penny Saunders, Pascal Touzeau, Manuel Vignoulle, Kate Wallich, Dominic Walsh and Olivier Wevers.


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