Western Circus (Lucky Luke)

Western Circus is a Lucky Luke comic written by Goscinny and illustrated by Morris. It was originally published in French by Dargaud in the year 1970 . English editions of this French series have been published by Dargaud.

Lucky Luke #36
Western Circus
Cover of the English edition
SeriesLucky Luke
Creative team
Original publication
Published inPilote
Date of publication1970
Preceded by Tortillas for the Daltons
Followed by The Rivals of Painful Gulch

The proprietor of the Western Circus has been modeled after actor W.C. Fields.


Zilch, rich organizer of a great annual rodeo, sees in the arrival of the Western Circus a harmful competition. He hires Rattlesnake Joe, a hit man, to put an end to it. In the end, the villainous Zilch and the kind director of the circus become partners and make a successful tour of Europe.


  • Zilch: The owner of the rodeo
  • Erasmus Mulligan: Owner of the circus.
  • Vanessa Mulligan: the owner's wife, a trapeze artist.
  • Daphne Mulligan: daughter of the owner, a knife thrower.
  • Zippy Kilroy (Zip): the owner's son-in-law, a clown.
  • Andy: An Indian elephant.
  • Nestor: A one-eyed lion who is always calm, except when nervous.


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