Western Approaches (film)

Western Approaches is a Technicolor 1944 docufiction film directed by Pat Jackson.

It is the fictional account of 22 sailors adrift in a lifeboat. They are able to signal by Morse code their position. A nearby U-boat receives the signal along with a friendly vessel which changes course to go to their rescue. The captain of the U-Boat decides to wait in ambush with its two remaining torpedoes. Before the rescue ship arrives, the U-Boat's periscope is spotted by the lifeboat. The U-Boat fires its torpedoes just as the rescue vessel is alerted to the U-Boat's presence.

Although set in the North Atlantic, much of it was shot in the Irish Sea. Sailors rather than professional actors were used.[1]

Trade papers reported that the film among those "doing well" at the British box office in 1945.[2]


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