West Region (WFTDA)

The Women's Flat Track Derby Association's (WFTDA) West Region was formed in 2006. In 2009, teams from the eastern part of the region were moved into the North Central and South Central Regions.[1]

For 2011, the region was reduced in size, with teams in New Mexico moving to the South Central Region.[2]

Member leagues

League Metro area Country Admitted Notes
Angel City Derby GirlsLos Angeles, CAUnited States14 June 2007[3]
Arizona Roller DerbyPhoenix, AZUnited States2006
Ark Valley High RollersSalida, COUnited States1 December 2011[4]
B.ay A.rea D.erby GirlsOakland, CAUnited States2006
Bellingham Roller BettiesBellingham, WAUnited States2009[5]
Castle Rock n RollersCastle Rock, COUnited States1 June 2011[6]
Central Coast Roller DerbyPaso Robles, CAUnited States2008[7]
Cherry City Derby GirlsSalem, ORUnited States3 December 2012[8]
Cheyenne CapidollsCheyenne, WYUnited States7 September 2012[9]
Choice City RebelsFort Collins, COUnited States1 March 2011[10]
Denver Roller DollsDenver, COUnited States18 September 2007[11]
Derby Revolution of BakersfieldBakersfield, CAUnited States1 December 2010[12]
Dockyard Derby DamesTacoma, WAUnited States1 December 2010[12]
Emerald City Roller GirlsEugene, ORUnited States
Fabulous Sin City RollergirlsLas Vegas, NevadaUnited States2006
Fairbanks RollergirlsFairbanks, AlaskaUnited States1 June 2011[6]
FoCo Girls Gone DerbyFort Collins, COUnited States7 January 2009[13]
Humboldt Roller DerbyEureka, CAUnited States10 January 2012[14]
Jet City RollergirlsEverett, WAUnited States2009[15]
Junction City RollergirlsOgden, UTUnited States1 March 2011[10]
Lava City Roller DollsBend, ORUnited States2008[16]
Lilac City RollergirlsSpokane, WAUnited States1 March 2012[17]
Oly RollersOlympia, WAUnited States10 April 2008[18]
Pacific Roller DerbyHonolulu, HIUnited States2009[19]
Pikes Peak Derby DamesColorado Springs, COUnited States2006
Pueblo Derby Devil DollzPueblo, COUnited States1 September 2010[20]
Rage City RollergirlsAnchorage, AKUnited States1 March 2011[10]
Rainy City Roller DollsCentralia, WAUnited States3 December 2012[8]
Rat City RollergirlsSeattle, WAUnited States2006
Rocky Mountain RollergirlsDenver, COUnited States2006
Rose City RollersPortland, ORUnited States2006
Sac City RollersSacramento, CAUnited States1 June 2012[21]
Sacred City Derby GirlsSacramento, CAUnited States7 October 2007[22]
Santa Cruz Derby GirlsSanta Cruz, CAUnited States1 September 2010[20]
Sick Town Derby DamesCorvallis, ORUnited States1 June 2012[21]
Silicon Valley Roller GirlsSan Jose, CAUnited States17 June 2010[23]
Slaughter County Roller VixensPort Orchard, WAUnited States16 September 2008[24]
Slaughterhouse Derby GirlsGreeley, COUnited States2009[25]
SoCal DerbySan Diego, CAUnited States3 December 2012[8]
Sonoma County Roller DerbySanta Rosa, CAUnited States1 December 2010[12]
Terminal City RollergirlsVancouver, BCCanada1 March 2011[10]
Treasure Valley RollergirlsBoise, IDUnited States1 September 2011[26]
Tucson Roller DerbyTucson, AZUnited States2006
Victorian Roller Derby LeagueMelbourneAustralia1 December 2011[4]
Wasatch Roller DerbySalt Lake City, UTUnited States17 June 2010[23]

Former members

League Metro area Country Admitted Left Notes
Alamo City RollergirlsSan Antonio, TXUnited States20061 January 2009Transferred to South Central Region[7][27]
Assassination City Roller DerbyDallas, TXUnited States20061 January 2009Transferred to South Central Region[7][27]
Dallas Derby DevilsDallas, TXUnited States20061 January 2009Transferred to South Central Region[7][27]
Duke City DerbyAlbuquerque, NMUnited States20061 January 2011Transferred to South Central Region[2]
East Texas BombersTyler, TXUnited States20061 January 2009Transferred to South Central Region[7][27]
Green Country Roller GirlsTulsa, OKUnited States25 September 2007[28]1 January 2009Transferred to South Central Region[7][27]
Houston Roller DerbyHouston, TXUnited States20061 January 2009Transferred to South Central Region[7][27]
Kansas City Roller WarriorsKansas City, MOUnited States20061 January 2009Transferred to South Central Region[7][27]
No Coast Derby GirlsLincoln, NEUnited States3 March 2007[29]1 January 2009Transferred to South Central Region[7][27]
Northwest Arkansas RollergirlsFayetteville, ARUnited States25 May 2007[30]1 January 2009Transferred to South Central Region[7][27]
Oklahoma Victory DollsOklahoma City, OKUnited States2008[31]1 January 2009Transferred to South Central Region[7][27]
Orange County Roller GirlsHuntington Beach, CAUnited StatesJanuary 2008[32]March 2009[33]
Salt City Derby GirlsSalt Lake City, UTUnited States20 December 2007[34]March 2011[35]
Sioux Falls Roller DollzSioux Falls, SDUnited States1 January 2009Transferred to North Central Region[7][27]
Texas RollergirlsAustin, TXUnited States20061 January 2009Transferred to South Central Region[7][27]
West Texas Roller DollzLubbock, TXUnited States25 August 2008[36]1 January 2009Transferred to South Central Region[7][27]


Current Official WFTDA Regional Rankings as of January 29, 2013[37]

Region West
1 Oly Rollers
2 Denver Roller Dolls
3 Bay Area Derby Girls
4 Rose City Rollers
5 Rat City Roller Girls
6 Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
7 Sacred City Derby Girls
8 Angel City Derby Girls
9 Wasatch Roller Derby
10 Jet City Rollergirls
11 Victorian Roller Derby League
12 Terminal City Rollergirls
13 Arizona Roller Derby
14 Pikes Peak Derby Dames
15 Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
16 Santa Cruz Derby Girls
17 Tucson Roller Derby
18 Sac City Rollers
19 Silicon Valley Roller Girls
20 Emerald City Roller Girls
21 Treasure Valley Rollergirls
22 Slaughter County Roller Vixens
23 Humboldt Roller Derby
24 Bellingham Roller Betties
25 Sonoma County Roller Derby
26 Rage City Rollergirls
27 Central Coast Roller Derby
28 Slaughterhouse Derby Girls
29 FoCo Girls Gone Derby
30 Choice City Rebels
31 Junction City Roller Dolls
32 Ark Valley High Rollers
33 Lava City Roller Dolls
34 Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
35 Dockyard Derby Dames
36 Pacific Roller Derby
37 Fairbanks Rollergirls
38 Castle Rock 'n' Rollers

Member teams unranked at this time:

  • Cherry City Derby Girls
  • Cheyenne Capidolls
  • Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
  • Lilac City Rollergirls
  • Rainy City Roller Dolls
  • Sick Town Derby Dames
  • SoCal Derby

Region Champions

  • 2007 - Rat City Rollergirls[38]
  • 2008 - Texas Rollergirls[39]
  • 2009 - Oly Rollers[40]
  • 2010 - Rocky Mountain Rollergirls[41]
  • 2011 - Oly Rollers[42]
  • 2012 - Oly Rollers[43]

Hydra Trophy winners produced

  • 2009 - Oly Rollers
  • 2010 - Rocky Mountain Rollergirls

West Region titles won by league

League Number of Championships Won Last Year Won
Oly Rollers 2 2011
Rocky Mountain Rollergirls 1 2010
Texas Rollergirls 1 2008
Rat City Rollergirls 1 2007

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