Werte der deutschen Heimat

Werte der deutschen Heimat (literally "Values of the German Homeland") originally Werte der Deutschen Heimat and, between 1970 and 1990 called Werte unserer Heimat, was a series of publications by former East German Academy of Sciences at Berlin, that was published by Akademie-Verlag Berlin and included more than 50 volumes. The work was undertaken by the Academy’s Local History Working Group within the Institute for Geography and Geo-ecology.

The aim of this series was to produce a comprehensive inventory of local history works in East Germany. From 1992 the series continued to be published under its original title of Werte der deutschen Heimat by the Leibniz Institut für Länderkunde (IfL) and, from 1993, by the Verlag Böhlau Nachf. Weimar. In 1994 it was given a new layout and, since 2001, has been continued as Landschaften in Deutschland - Werte der deutschen Heimat. Since Volume 62 the series has been jointly published by the IfL and the Saxon Academy of Sciences at Leipzig (SAW). Since 2001 it has been published by Böhlau Verlag (Cologne, Weimar, Vienna).


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