Wera Tools

Wera Tools is the popular name for tool manufacturer, Wera Werk Hermann Werner GmbH & Co. KG of Wuppertal, Germany. It was founded in 1936.

Wera Tools
IndustryHand tools
Founded1936 (Wuppertal, Germany)
HeadquartersWuppertal, Germany
ProductsScrewdrivers; VDE insulated screwdrivers; Bits; torque wrenches; ESD-screwdrivers; stainless steel tools; hex keys; dead blow hammers; socket wrenches; wrenches
Number of employees
Websitewww-us.wera.de and www.toolrebels.de/en

Corporate structure

Wera Tools is a global screwdriving tool manufacturer. Its global headquarters and European sales team is based in Wuppertal, Germany. Wera has two wholly owned regional subsidiaries: in the United Kingdom (based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England) and North America (based in Ontario, Canada), where it is known as Wera Tools Inc. Outside of these areas, the company operates through a network of sales agents and wholesalers. Wera is a privately held company and employs more than 750 people.

Wera Tools designs and manufactures more than 3,000 tools for both manual and power tool applications at its German headquarters and its factory in the Czech Republic.

Product categories and brands

Wera products include screwdrivers, screwdriver bits, ratchets and sockets, nut-spinners and L-keys. Wera tools are used principally by professionals, including builders, electricians and mechanics.

Wera is known for its line of screwdrivers featuring the distinctive Kraftform shape handle. This design is based around the contours of the hand during screwdriver use, and uses a specifically designed combination of ergonomic soft zones and smooth, hard zones. The distinctive 'crowns' from this handle are used as part of the Wera logo.

Other key Wera developments and well-known brands include:

  • Joker Ratchet spanners with a nut holding feature
  • IMPAKTOR screwdriver bit system for cordless impact drivers, utilising TriTorsion and Diamond technology for longer life
  • BiTorsion screwdriver bits
  • Rapidaptor bit holders
  • The Hex-Plus screw profile (prevents rounding out when compared with the traditional hex profile)
  • Zyklop multi-function ratchet and sockets
  • The Koloss, a ratchet that can also be used as a hammer
  • The Chiseldriver, a screwdriver that can be used as a chisel and hit with a hammer whilst remaining fully usable as a precision screwdriver
  • Kraftform Kompakt tools, kits consisting of bit holders or bit-holding handles and a selection of screwdriver bits or blades, supplied in a hard case or soft belt pouch
  • Wera Stainless, a range of tools manufactured from stainless steel that is tough enough to be used in tough industrial and commercial applications, thanks to a unique manufacturing process. This range solves several aesthetic and material problems associated with using conventional (carbon) steel tools with stainless steel fixings and fasteners.


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