Welsh Football League Cup

The Welsh Football League Challenge Cup (known as the Nathaniel Car Sales League Cup for sponsorship reasons and not to be confused with the national Welsh League Cup) is a knock-out competition for all members of the divisions that make up the Welsh Football League in south Wales.

Welsh Football League Challenge Cup
Current championsPenydarren B.G.C.
Most successful club(s)Cardiff City Reserves (7 titles)
WebsiteOfficial Welsh League website


Winners and runners-up of the Welsh Football League Cup:

Season Winner Runner-up Venue Source
1925–26Merthyr TownSwansea TownSwansea [1]
1926–27Ebbw ValeAberdareEbbw Vale
1927–28Cardiff City reservesLovells AthleticSwansea
1928–29Cardiff City reservesEbbw ValeEbbw Vale
1929–30LlanelliBarry Town reservesLlanelly
1930–31Swansea Town reservesLlanelliLlanelly
1931–32Llanelli A.F.C.TroedyrhiwTroedyrhiw
1932–33Swansea Town reservesNewport CountyTreorchy
1934–35Barry Town reservesGelli CollieryTreorchy
1935–36Cardiff City reservesAberdare TownAberaman
1936–37Newport CountyMilfordHaverfordwest
1937–38Cardiff City reservesTredomenNelson
1938–39Milford UnitedAberamanMilford
1939–1946The competition was suspended during World War II.
1946–47Barry TownMilford UnitedHaverfordwest
1947–48Merthyr TydfilNewport CountyMerthyr
1948–49Merthyr TydfilLlanelliSwansea
1949–50Caerau AthleticMilford UnitedLlanelly
1950–51Merthyr Tydfil reservesCaerau AthleticMerthyr
1951–52Abergavenny ThursdaysCaerau AthleticMerthyr
1952–53Newport County reservesTreharris AthleticAberystwyth
1953–54Pembroke BoroughAberystwyth TownLlanelly
1954–55Treharris AthleticMilford UnitedLlanelly
1955–56Ebbw ValeNewport County reservesAbergavenny
1956–57Ebbw ValeMilford UnitedLlanelly
1957–58Newport County reservesMilford UnitedLlanelly
1958–59Pembroke BoroughCaerau AthleticPort Talbot
1959–60Cardiff City reservesLlanelliSwansea
1961–62Merthyr Tydfil reservesPembroke BoroughHaverfordwest
1962–63Brecon CorinthiansAbergavenny ThursdaysAbergavenny
1963–1972Competition did not take place.
1972–73Cardiff City reservesNewport County reservesCardiff
1973–74Cardiff City reservesTon PentreCaerau
1975–76Cardiff CorinthiansCardiff City reservesCardiff
1976–77Newport County reservesCardiff City reservesNewport
1977–78Newport County reservesCardiff City reservesTon Pentre
1978–79Barry TownPontllanfraithTon Pentre
1979–80PontllanfraithNewport County reservesTon Pentre
1980–81Merthyr Tydfil reservesSullyTon Pentre
1981–82Brecon CorinthiansTrelewisMerthyr
1982–83Barry TownMerthyr Tydfil reservesBridgend
1983–84Lake UnitedAmmanford TownTon Pentre
1985–86Pembroke BoroughCwmbrân TownMerthyr
1986–87Barry TownAFC CardiffMaesteg
1987–88Bridgend TownBarry TownTon Pentre
1988–89Haverfordwest CountyBarry TownEbbw Vale
1989–90BlaenrhonddaLlanelliTon Pentre
1990–91Cwmbrân TownPembroke BoroughLlanelli
1991–92Brecon CorinthiansPembroke BoroughLlanelli
1992–93Pembroke BoroughPenrhiwceiberBridgend
1993–94Barry TownTreowen StarsBridgend
1994–95Grange HarlequinsBriton FerryBridgend
1995–96Carmarthen TownMaesteg ParkBridgend
1996–97UWICHaverfordwest CountyAfan Lido
1997–98Treowen StarsBP (Llandarcy)Bridgend
1998–99Ton PentreBridgend TownAfan Lido
1999–00Port Talbot TownCardiff Civil ServiceBridgend
2000–01Ton PentreFields Park/PontllanfraithNeath
2001–02LlanwernGwynfi UnitedNeath
2002–03NeathBettwsTon Pentre
2003–04Briton FerryLlanelliTon Pentre
2004–05Goytre UnitedPontardawe TownTon Pentre
2005–06PenrhiwceiberPontardawe TownAfan Lido
2006–07Afan LidoGoytre UnitedPort Talbot
2007–08Goytre UnitedBryntirion AthleticAfan Lido
2008–09Afan LidoPenrhiwceiberMaesteg
2009–10CroesyceiliogGoytre UnitedBridgend
2010–11GoytreAberbargoed BudsBryntirion
2011–12Taff's WellCambrian & Clydach Vale BGCTon Pentre
2012–13Taff's WellBryntirion AthleticTon Pentre
2013–14AFC PorthPontardawe TownPort Talbot [2]
2014–15Taff's WellCaerau (Ely)Barry [3]
2015–16Taff's WellBriton Ferry LlansawelAfan Lido [4]
2016–17Llanelli TownBridgend StreetBriton Ferry [5]
2017–18 Trefelin BGC Llanelli Town Garden Village, Swansea [6]
2018-19Penydarren BGCYnysygerwnPort Talbot Town

Titles per club

Wins Clubs
7Cardiff City Reserves
5Merthyr Tydfil Reserves, Newport County Reserves
4Pembroke Borough, Taff's Well, Llanelli (Llanelly)
3Barry Town Reserves, Barry Town, Brecon Corinthians, Ebbw Vale
2Afan Lido, Goytre United, Haverfordwest County, Pontllanfraith, Swansea Town Reserves, Ton Pentre, AFC Porth
1Abergavenny Thursdays, Blaenrhondda, Bridgend Town, Briton Ferry, Caerau Athletic, Cardiff Corinthians, Carmarthen Town, Croesyceiliog, Cwmbran Town, Grange Harlequins, Inter CableTel, Lake United, Llanwern, Merthyr Town Reserves, Milford, Neath, Penrhiwceiber Rangers, Port Talbot Athletic, Trefelin BGC, Treharris Athletic, Treowen Stars, Penydarren BGC


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