Weissensee Studios

The Weissensee Studios were film production studios located in the Berlin suburb of Weissensee during the silent era.

They were the principal studios of Erich Pommer's Decla-Film company until its merger with Bioscop-Film in April 1920, which brought the much larger Babelsberg Studios to the new partnership. The following year the merged firm was itself absorbed into the larger UFA concern which owned further assets in the German capital including the Tempelhof Studios.

They were constructed in the early glasshouse studio design in 1914 by Continental-Kunstfilm, and employed at one point by Joe May for the production of his series of Joe Deebs adventure films starring Harry Piel.[1] In late 1919, the pioneering expressionist film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari was shot at the studios. Fritz Lang made his first German films at Weissensee following his arrival from Austria.

Selected filmography


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