Weights and Measures Act 1972

The Weights and Measures Act 1972 (Malay: Akta Timbang dan Sukat 1972), is a Malaysian laws which enacted to establish units of measurement and standards of mass and measure based on the International System of Units, to regulate weights and measures and instruments for weighing and measuring and to make provisions for matters connected therewith and ancillary thereto.

Weights and Measures Act 1972
Parliament of Malaysia
CitationAct 71
Territorial extentThroughout Malaysia
Enacted byDewan Rakyat
Enacted byDewan Negara
Royal assent23 March 1972
Commenced30 March 1972
Effective1st January 1981 [P.U. (B) 1/1981]
Legislative history
Bill introduced in the Dewan RakyatWeights and Measures Bill 1971
Introduced byKhir Johari, Minister of Commerce and Industry
First reading8 December 1971
Second reading8 February 1972
Third reading8 February 1972
Bill introduced in the Dewan NegaraWeights and Measures Bill 1971
Introduced by[[]], Minister of
First reading[ ]
Second reading[ ]
Third reading[ ]
Amended by
Weights and Measures (Amendment) Act 1981 [Act A522]
Weights and Measures (Repeal of Laws) Orders 1981 [P.U.(A) 293/81]
Weights and Measures (Amendment of First and Third Schedules) Notification 1985 [P.U.(A) 392/85]
Weights and Measures (Amendment) Act 1990 [Act A754]
Weights and Measures (Amendment) Act 1992 [Act A825]
Weights and Measures (Amendment) Act 2002 [Act A1180]
Weights and Measures (Amendment) Act 2007 [Act A1309]
Related legislation
Metric Weights and Measures Act 1971 [Act 40]
Status: In force


The Weights and Measures Act 1972, in its current form (1 January 2009), consists of 5 Parts containing 35 sections and 4 schedules (including 7 amendments).

  • Part I: Preliminary
  • Part II: Units of Measurement
  • Part III: Weights and Measures for Trade Purposes
  • Part IV: Administration
  • Part V: General
  • Schedules

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