Weather, Climate, and Society

Weather, Climate, and Society (WCAS) is a peer reviewed scientific journal published quarterly by the American Meteorological Society.[1]

Weather, Climate, and Society
Edited byHenry Huntington
Publication details
History2009 - present
American Meteorological Society (United States of America)
1.931 (2015)
Standard abbreviations
ISO 4Weather Clim. Soc.
ISSN1948-8327 (print)
1948-8335 (web)

WCAS publishes research that encompasses economics, policy analysis, political science, history, and institutional, social, and behavioral scholarship relating to weather and climate, including climate change. Contributions must include original social science research, evidence-based analysis, and relevance to the interactions of weather and climate with society.

The governing AMS Council has eliminated page charges for papers submitted to WCAS[2].

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