We Who Are About to Die

We Who Are About to Die is a 1937 film directed by Christy Cabanne and starring Preston Foster, Ann Dvorak, and John Beal. It was based on a book by David Lansom, who was tried four times for murdering his wife before being set free.[1]

We Who Are About to Die
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Directed byChristy Cabanne
James Anderson (assistant)
Produced byEdward Small
Written byJohn Twist
Based onbook by David Lansom
StarringPreston Foster
Ann Dvorak
John Beal
Edited byArthur Roberts
Distributed byRKO
Release date
January 8, 1937
CountryUnited States


A man is kidnapped by mobsters after quitting his job, then wrongly arrested, tried, and sentenced to death for murders they committed. A suspicious detective thinks he is innocent and works to save his life.


Lansom was hired by producer Edward Small to work on the script.[2]


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