Watch Your Stern

Watch Your Stern is a 1960 British comedy film directed by Gerald Thomas and starring Kenneth Connor, Eric Barker and Leslie Phillips. The film was based on the play Something About a Sailor by Earle Couttie. The Royal Navy provided cooperation, allowing the producers to film in Chatham Dockyard, and aboard HMS Jaguar[1] and HMS Chaple.

Watch Your Stern
Directed byGerald Thomas
Produced byPeter Rogers
Written byEarle Couttie (play)
Alan Hackney
StarringEric Barker
Leslie Phillips
Kenneth Connor
Music byBruce Montgomery
CinematographyTed Scaife
Distributed byAnglo-Amalgamated Film Distributors
Release date
September 1960
Running time
90 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

The film shares its cast and production team with the Carry On films, but is not an official member of the Carry On series. It also has similarities to the long-running BBC radio series The Navy Lark.


When the crew of HMS Terrier, a British warship, lose the plans for a top-secret acoustic torpedo, they try and hide the fact from a fiery visiting Admiral.

It falls to Seaman Blissworth, who knows more about electrical circuitry than anyone else in the crew, to bamboozle the Admiral, dressing up as a visiting scientist. He convinces the visitor that the circuit diagram of a refrigeration unit is actually that of the torpedo. At the same time, the real scientist pays a visit to the dockyard and is arrested as a suspected spy.

After the Admiral has gone, Blissworth is assigned to work with the real scientist on redesigning the circuits. At its first trial, the torpedo fails to function, doubling back and attacking the ship.



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