Warlord (disambiguation)

Warlord, lords of war, or variation, may also refer to:

A warlord is a military leader.




  • HSL-51 "WARLORDS", the call sign of a Pilot in the United States Navy Helicopter squadron based in Ayase city, Japan, The Warlords
  • (HSM-51) "WARLORDS", the call sign of a United States Navy Helicopter squadron based in Ayase city, Japan
  • VMFA-451, a deactivated United States Marine Corps fighter squadron that was nicknamed The Warlords.

Arts, entertainment, and media


  • The War Lord, a 1965 U.S. film directed by Franklin J. Schaffner
  • The Warlord (film), a 1972 Hong Kong film directed by Li Han-hsiang
  • Warlords (film), a 1988 American film
  • The Warlords, a 2007 Chinese film directed by Peter Chan, starring Andy Lau, Jet Li and Takeshi Kaneshiro
  • Lord of War, a 2005 film, fictionalized biography about an international arms dealer





  • The Warlord (Book Series), a six-book pulp-fiction series from the 1980s
    • The Warlord (1983 novel) in the The Warlord novel series, written by Jason Frost
  • War Lord (2006 novel) based on the DC Comics character John Constantine, written by John Shirley


Other uses

  • alt.fan.warlord, a Usenet newsgroup dedicated to the dissection and flaming of signature files used in other Usenet groups
  • War Lords, militant youth organization founded in the 1960s in St-Louis

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