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The Warlocks of Chiloé ("Brujo de Chiloé" or "Brujo chilote" in the Spanish language) are semi-mythical characters in Chilote mythology and folklore who are equivalent to "male witches", and considered very powerful warlocks and sorcerers. The witchcraft of the Chiloé Archipelago has been practiced for ages, still a widespread belief among the population of the Chiloé, in Chile.

When the Spanish arrived in land of huilliches (Mapudungun means "southern people"), the kalkus and Machis had already been long established. In many cases when a Machi cured some incurable disease, their fame spread to far distant places. Also when a kalku from malevolent clans cast spells so intense that it drove more than one enemy mad no other doctor could help apart from members of a friendly tribe.

In the eighteenth century, José de Moraleda wished to prove his proficiency to these huilliches and establish that he was the most formidable sorcerer in the world. The locals didn't believe him and called upon the Machi Chilpilla, who lived in Quetalco, to confront this intruder to their lands. Moraleda was defeated and in recognition of this offered the Machi an enormous book of ancient witchcraft around the world. Further, Moraleda wrote that the natives of Chiloé were not as deplorable as he had believed and, in fact, were even better than some Chileans. This being the origin story of the "Warlock of Chiloé." A Brujo de Chiloé.

Modern day folklore throughout the archipelago of Chiloé says that there are Machis from who cure diseases which many doctors have considered untreatable, along with incurable misfortune from certain curses inflicted by "Warlock of Chiloé" of some black sect on persons who were defenseless from such spells.

In the folklore of chiloé, also says that the evil "Warlock of Chiloé" sail in "the Caleuche" (a mythical and scary ghost ship).

There is currently a character in Chile known as "El Brujo" (see El Brujo (cartoon) ), which originally appeared in the Caleuche Comic magazine and now appears in the pages of the magazine Heroes . It is a rather loose and self-centered superhero, whose powers and abilities are based on Chiloe witchcraft. The macuñ is here a layer, and its allies are an invunche (that contrary to the legend is a very intelligent being, for being a failed experiment, as he himself explains) and a flying one (that also, contrary to the legend, is young and beautiful, for the same reason).

In 2014, the Chilean visual artist Patricio Paretti made the animated television series "Magallanes, un cuento mágico", aired by UMAGTV , which had as its central character "Don Eleuterio", a Chiloe Warlock who lived in Punta Arenas and who he told supernatural stories that happened in Chilean Patagonia. The audiovisual work was inspired by various local beliefs, mainly myths, legends and witchcraft from the Big Island of Chiloé . In one of the episodes, "The bowels of death", a witch uses a macuñ or magic breastplate both to fly, to become bad light, as well as to become an animal. The macuñ is shown as a stylized piece of leather similar to a corset, made with baby skin and horsehair threads. The same episode makes mention of hexes with cemetery land, a vital element for the realization of black magic by sorcerers.[1]


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