War on the Plains

War on the Plains [also called Across the Plains], is a 1912 silent short western film directed by Thomas H. Ince and starring Francis Ford, Ethel Grandin and Ray Myers. It was produced by Bison Motion Pictures and New York Motion Pictures.[1]

War on the Plains
(aka Across the Plains)
Directed byThomas H. Ince
Produced byBison Motion Pictures
New York Motion Picture Company
Written byWilliam Eagle Shirt
Thomas H. Ince
Ray Myers
StarringFrancis Ford
Ethel Grandin
Distributed byMotion Picture Distributors and Sales Company
Cosmopolitan Films(UK)
Release date
February 23, 1912
Running time
20mins. ; 2 reels
LanguageSilent..English titles

It is referred to as Across the Plains in Daniel Blum's Pictorial History of Silent Films.[2] Several other films with this title were released before and after this film.

Filmed at Inceville, Santa Ynez, California.


Preservation status

  • This film is preserved in the UCLA Film & TV archive.


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