War Cross of Military Valor

The War Cross for Military Valor (Italian: Croce di guerra al valor militare) is an Italian decoration for military valor.[3] Established in 1922, the cross may be awarded only in time of war.

War Cross for Military Valor
Croce di guerra al valor militare
War Cross for Military Valor
Awarded by  Italy
EligibilityMembers of the Italian armed forces
Awarded forMilitary valor in time of war
Established7 January 1922[1]
Next (higher)Bronze Medal for Civil Valor[2]
Next (lower)War Merit Cross[2]

Ribbon bar of the cross


The medal is a Greek cross made of copper. Inscribed on the horizontal arms is Al Valore Militare (For Military Valor). On the top arm of the cross is the monogram of the Italian Republic. The bottom arm depicts a Roman sword sheathed in bay leaves. The back of the cross depicts a five-pointed star, with rays radiating from behind that star out to the arms of the cross. The cross is suspended from a solid blue ribbon.

Notable recipients


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