Waltzes, Op. 34 (Chopin)

The three Waltzes, Op. 34, were composed by Frédéric Chopin from 1834 until 1838 and published in 1838.

These three waltzes were published as Grandes valses brillantes, but this title is usually reserved for the Waltz in E-flat major, Op. 18.

Waltz in A-flat major, Op. 34 No. 1

Being among the longest of Chopin's waltzes, this waltz is in A-flat major. The piece is introduced with a fanfare before modulating to D-flat major for a dreamy middle section. The A-flat material is succeeded by a coda, which leads to the end of the piece.

Waltz in A minor, Op. 34 No. 2

This waltz is a sad, slow waltz in A minor. Although it was the first to be written out of the three, the waltz was the second to be published.

Waltz in F major, Op. 34 No. 3

This waltz in F major was composed in 1838 and published in the same year.

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