Walter Long (actor)

Walter Huntley Long (March 5, 1879 – July 4, 1952) was an American character actor in films from the 1910s.

Walter Long
Long in 1924
Born(1879-03-05)March 5, 1879
DiedJuly 4, 1952(1952-07-04) (aged 73)
Years active1910–1950
Spouse(s)Luray Huntley 1905-1919) (her death) (1 child)


He appeared in many D. W. Griffith films, notably The Birth of a Nation (1915), where he appeared as Gus, an African American, in blackface make-up, and Intolerance (1916).

Long also supported Rudolph Valentino in the films The Sheik, Moran of the Lady Letty, and Blood and Sand. He later appeared as a comic villain in four Laurel and Hardy films during the early 1930s.

Personal life

In 1908, Long married Luray Roble, a stenographer from Wisconsin who later became an actress at Triangle/Fine Arts. They had a son named John. She died in 1918 at age 28, due to the Spanish influenza epidemic. Long never remarried.

Walter Long served during World War I and World War II, attaining the rank of lieutenant colonel before receiving an honorable discharge at the end of World War II.

Although he was often called upon to play antagonists and villains because of his gravel voice and rugged appearance, many people reported that he was actually a warm, kindhearted man off-camera.


Long died of a heart attack on July 4, 1952 in Los Angeles, California, while watching the fireworks display at The Coliseum, during Fourth of July celebrations.


Year Title Genre Role Notes
1910The FugitivedramaUnknownShort
1911The Primal CalldramaUnknownShort silent film
1911Bobby, the CowarddramaUnknownShort
1912The Girl and Her TrustdramaGrace's Bashful SuitorShort, Uncredited
1912The Painted LadydramaUnknownShort, silent film
1912The Musketeers of Pig AlleydramaUnknownCredited as the first gangster film in history.
1913The DeerslayerdramaIndianShort, Uncredited
1913Traffic in SoulsdramaPolicemansilent film, Uncredited
1914The Broken BottledramaUnknown
1914The Life of General Villaaction-dramaFederal OfficerPancho Villa plays himself.
1914Home, Sweet Homedramahimselfsilent, biographical
1914The EscapedramaUnknownNow considered to be a lost film.
1914Dan Morgan's WaydramaDick RamseyShort, silent film
1914Blue Pete's EscapewesternChicago RedShort
1914The Avenging Conscience dramaDetectiveUncredited, Based on The Tell-Tale Heart.
1914Where the Mountains MeetUnknownhimselfShort, silent film
1914The Revenue Officer's DeputydramaBrunerShort, silent film
1914Ethel Has a SteadycomedyUnknownShort, silent film
1914Bobby's MedaldramaUnknownShort, silent film
1915The Birth of a NationdramaGus – a renegade Negrosilent film
1915A Man and His MateTaylor
1915The Outlaw's RevengeFederal officer
1915The HighbinderscrimePat GallagherShort silent film
1915Little MarieShort
1915Jordan Is a Hard RoadAgent
1915Martyrs of the AlamoSanta Anna
1916Let Katie Do ItdramaPedro Garcia
1916Daphne and the PiratedramaJamie d'Arcystarring Lillian Gish
1916Sold for MarriagedramaCol. Gregioff
1916The Children in the HouseAl Fellower
1916The Marriage of Molly-OJoseph McGuire
1916IntolerancedramaMusketeer of the Slumssilent film
1916UnprotecteddramaJoshua Craig
1916The Years of the LocustdramaAaron Roth
1916Joan the Womanepic dramaExecutionerJoan of Arc
1917The Evil EyedramaMexican Joesilent film
1917The Golden FetterromanceMcGill
1917Each to His KinddramaMulai Singhlost film
1917The Winning of Sally TempledramaDuke of Chatto
1917The Cost of HatreddramaJefe Politico
1917A Romance of the RedwoodsdramaSheriffstarring Mary Pickford
1917The Little Americanromantic war dramaGerman Captain
1917Hashimura TogocomedyCarlos Anthony
1917The Woman God ForgotromanceTaloc (High Priest)
1919The Poppy Girl's HusbanddramaBoston Blackie
1919Chasing RainbowswesternLacy
1919The Mother and the LawThe Musketeer of the Town
1919Scarlet DayswesternKing Bagley aka Knight of the Black Stain
1919Desert Goldhorseracing melodramaRojas
1919An Adventure in HeartsadventureGuilamo Sevierlost film
1920The Fighting ShepherdessPete Mullendore
1920Excuse My Dustcomedy-dramaRitz
1920The Third WomanScar Norton
1920The Sea WolfdramaBlack Harris, the Matesilent film
1920Go and Get Itcomedy-drama mysteryJim Hogan
1920Held In TrustromanceHasbrouck Rutherfordlost film
1920What Women Lovecomedy-dramaCaptain Buck Nelsonlost film
1921Tiger TrueOld Whitey / the Baboon
1921The Fire CatGringo Burke
1921White and UnmarriedcomedyChicoq
1921A Giant of His Race
1921The SheikdramaOmair – the banditstarring Rudolph Valentino
1922Moran of the Lady LettyCaptain 'Slippery' Kitchellost film
1922Across the ContinentDutton Tylerlost film
1922The Dictatorcomedy dramaMike 'Bigg' Dooley
1922South of SuvadramaSydney Latimerlost film
1922Blood and SanddramaPlumitasstarring Rudolph Valentino
1922To Have and to HolddramaRed Gill
1922ShadowsDaniel Gibbs
1922The Beautiful and DamneddramaHull
1922Kick IndramaWhip Fogarty
1922Omar the TentmakerdramaExecutioneradapted 1914 play
1922My American WifedramaGomez
1923The Last HourRed Brown
1923QuicksandsRing member
1923The Isle of Lost ShipsPeter Forbes
1923The Little Church Around the CornerBig Hex Poulon
1923The ShockThe captain
1923The HuntressJoe Hagland
1923The Call of the WildHagin
1923DesireBud Reisner
1923The Broken WingCaptain Innocencio Dos Santos
1923A Shot in the Night
1924Yankee MadnessPablo del Gardo
1924Missing DaughtersGuy Benson
1924Darling LoveRed Bishop
1924Winecomedy dramaBenedict, Count Montebello
1924White ManThe River Thief
1924The Ridin' Kid from Powder RiverwesternSteve Lanning
1925The LadydramaBlackiesilent film
1925The Reckless Sex
1925The Shock Punchboxing dramaBull Malarkey
1925The VerdictmysteryConvict Fred Windemere
1925Soul-FireHerbert Jones Sailor
1925Raffles, the Amateur CracksmanCrawshay
1925Bobbed HairDoc
1925The Road to YesterdayRowdy in Burning-at-the-Stake SceneUncredited
1925Steel PreferredRedface
1926Red Dicecrime dramaNick Webb
1926The HighbindersBill Dorgan
1926Things Wives TellBen Felton
1926Eve's LeavesChanz Fang
1926West of Broadwaycomedy-westernBad Willie
1926Jim, the ConquerorwesternHank Milford
1927Jewels of DesirePedro aka Jose Hernadez
1927The Yankee Clipper Portuguese Joesilent film
1927White Pants WillieMock Epply
1927Back to God's CountryCaptain Blake
1927ChicagoFlynn's ThugUncredited
1928ThundergodBruce Drossler
1928Gang WarMike Luego
1928Forbidden Grass
1928Me, GangsterGangsterUncredited
1928Black Cargoes of the South Seasaction dramaFursey
1929The Black WatchHarrim Bey
1930Beau BanditBobcat
1930Conspiracymystery melodramaWeinberg
1930Moby DickStubbs
1931Sea DevilsJohnson the first mate
1931Other Men's WomendramaBixby
1931Los presidiariosEl TigreUncredited
1931The Maltese Falcon Miles Archer
1931Pardon UscomedyThe TigerLaurel & Hardy film
1931Sous les verrousLe Tigre
1931Soul of the SlumsmelodramaPete Thompson
1931Dragnet PatrolmelodramaJim Grainger
1932Any Old Port!comedyMugsie LongLaurel & Hardy film, Short
1932EscapadecrimeGympy McLane
1932CorneredwesternHenchman Slade
1932I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gangcrime dramaBlacksmithUncredited
1932Women Won't TelldramaJoe Kummer
1932Call Her SavageMan Who Tries to Pick Up NasaUncredited
1932Silver DollarSick Miner Selling Mine to YatesUncredited
1933Laughter in HellChain Gang MemberUncredited
1933Blondie JohnsonArtieUncredited
1933Easy Millions
1933Aggie Appleby, Maker of MenRed's Prison CellmateUncredited
1934Fugitive LoversPrison GuardUncredited
1934Six of a KindHold-Up ManUncredited
1934The House of RothschildPrussian SoldierUncredited
1934Lazy RiverBuck – PrisonerUncredited
1934The Thin ManStutsy BurkeUncredited
1934Operation 13Operator 55
1934Going Bye-Bye!comedyButch LongLaurel & Hardy film Short
1934Lightning Strikes TwicePolicemanUncredited
1934Three Little PigskinscomedyJoe StacksThree Stooges film, Uncredited
1934The Live GhostcomedySea captainLaurel & Hardy film Short
1935The Whole Town's TalkingConvictUncredited
1935Naughty MariettaPirate LeaderUncredited
1935Here Comes CookieTrampUncredited
1935Annie OakleyDan – First Indian HaterUncredited
1935Frisco KidGambling MinerUncredited
1936Drift FencewesternBev Wilson, neighbor
1936Sutter's GoldSailorUncredited
1936The Glory TrailRiley – Renegade Leader
1936Wedding PresentGangsterUncredited
1936The Accusing FingerConvictUncredited
1936The Bold CaballeroadventureGuard
1937Dick TracyWhiteySerial, Uncredited
1937Pick a Starmusical comedyBandit
1937North of the Rio GrandeWesternPatrick "Buck" O'Hara
1937Hoosier SchoolboyRiley
1937Federal BulletsHenchman
1938The Painted TrailGang Leader Driscoll
1938Six Shootin' SheriffwesternGang leader Chuck
1938Bar 20 JusticewesternDuke Pierce
1938Man's CountryLex Crane / Buck Crane
1938Prison BreakConvictUncredited
1938Wild Horse CanyonwesternRoscoe
1939Union PacificIrishmanUncredited
1939Daughter of the TongHenchmanUncredited
1939Flaming LeadWesternBig Jim Greely
1939Fighting MadFrenchy
1940Dark CommandTownsmanUncredited
1940Men Without SoulsFiremanUncredited
1940Hidden GoldHenchman Sanforduncredited
1940When the Daltons RodeDeputy on TrainUncredited
1941Ridin' on a RainbowThree Feathers BartenderUncredited
1941A Man BetrayedHenchman Asking About Pete and LouieUncredited
1941City of Missing GirlsdramaOfficer Larkin
1941Lady from LouisianaLottery ThugUncredited
1941Silver StallionAction AdventureBenson
1941I Was a Prisoner on Devil's IslandCaptain QuinezUncredited
1945DillingerMug in Police LineupUncredited
1948No More RelativescomedyJoeEdgar Kennedy film Short


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