Walter II, Lord of Egmond

Walter II, Lord of Egmond (in Dutch: Wouter II van Egmond) (c.1283 – 3 September 1321) was Lord of Egmond.

Walter II, Lord of Egmond
Bornc. 1283
Egmond aan den Hoef
Died3 September 1321
BuriedEgmond Abbey
Noble familyHouse of Egmond
FatherGerald II of Egmond (c. 1255 -1300)
MotherElisabeth van Strijen (†1297)

He was the second surviving son of Gerald/Gerard II of Egmond, who had died in 1300 before his own father William II, Lord of Egmond. Walter became Lord of Egmond when his older brother, William III, died without offspring on 2 July 1312. Under his rule the relationships of the house with the Egmond Abbey were normalized.[1] In 1315 he participated with 60 of his people in a military expedition to Flanders. Before 1310 he married Beatrijs van der Doirtoghe/Doortoge (c.1290 -11 September 1323) from Naaldwijk.[2] with whom he had five surviving children:

  • John I, Lord of Egmond (c.1310 – 1369)
  • Walter/Wouter (* c.1314)
  • Yda (c.1317 – 1366)
  • Sofia (* c.1319)
  • Gerald/Gerrit (c.1320c.1397)


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Walter II, Lord of Egmond
Born: c.1283 3 September
Preceded by
William II
Lord of Egmond
Succeeded by
John I

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