Walter Bullock

Walter Bullock (May 6, 1907 in Shelburn, Indiana –1953 in Los Angeles, California) was an American song lyricist and screenwriter.

After graduating from DePauw University, Bullock started writing for Hollywood in 1936 and was to collaborate with many film composers. In 1936, he had two successes with Magnolias in the Moonlight with music by Victor Schertzinger, and When Did You Leave Heaven? with Richard A. Whiting.[1]

He was nominated for two Academy Awards.

Selected filmography


  1. Warren W. Vaché: The Unsung songwriters: America's Masters of Melodies 2000 p. 43 "Walter Bullock Lyricist Walter Bullock was born in Shelburn, Indiana, on May 6, 1907, and attended DePauw University. He started writing for the movies in 1936 and collaborated with many of the top composers. Two of the songs he wrote in that first year, Magnolias in the Moonlight, with Victor Schertzinger, and When Did You Leave Heaven?, a collaboration with Richard Whiting, were well received...."

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