Walnut pie

Walnut pie is a pie prepared with walnuts as a primary ingredient.[1] Whole or chopped walnuts may be used, or both, and toasted walnuts may be used.[2] It may be prepared as a cream pie, and may include maple syrup, molasses, and cinnamon as ingredients.[3][1][4][5][6] It may be prepared with a sweet filling base prepared with corn syrup, sugar, and eggs, similar to pecan pie filling.[5][6] Chocolate and honey may also be used[7][8] Walnut pie may be prepared using fruits such as raisins, figs, plums, and cranberries,[9][10][11][12] among others. Walnut pie may be served at room temperature or warmed.[13] It may be topped with whipped cream or served à la Mode.[7]

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