Walnut Beach

Walnut Beach is a beach located in Milford, Connecticut. It was founded in 1999.

From Walnut Beach you can see the island known as Charles Island. People are restricted to go inside of the " Forest Area" but they can walk around the shore and they must come back before high tide. Charles Island was founded in 1614 by Adriaen Block. It was used for a summer home, a yacht club, an amusement park, a submarine chaser base during World War 1 and a reformatory.

A short walk away you will find a boardwalk that stretches about two miles long throughout Silver Sands beach.

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Things to do

Walnut beach is home to many events over the course of the summer. These events include a summer concert series under the pavilion, yoga, arts and crafts, triathlons, and 5K races.[5]


In the summer months, Walnut Beach can reach highs into the upper 90 °F. Walnut beach has a record high temperature in the month of July which was 103 °F. However, in the winter, lows can get extremely cold. The coldest day on record was -7 °F in the month of January.[6]


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