Wallace Reid filmography

This is a comprehensive listing of Wallace Reid's(1892-1923) silent film output. Reid often played a clean-cut well groomed American go-getter on screen which is how he is best remembered but he could alternate with character roles especially in his early short films most of which are now lost. Some films have him as a director, some have him as an actor and some have him as both in particular his numerous short films. His first feature film is the famous appearance as a young blacksmith in The Birth of a Nation in 1915.[1]


  • The Phoenix (1910) *short ...as Young Reporter
  • The Leading Lady (1911) *short
  • The Reporter (1911) *short ...as Cohn, Jones' Assistant
  • The Mother of the Ranch (1911) *short ...as The Mother's Friend back East
  • War (1911) *short ...as Midas


  • A Red Cross Martyr, or, On the Firing Lines of Tripoli (1912) *short
  • The Path of True Love (1912) *short ...as The Country Boy
  • Chumps (1912) *short ...as George, the Denouement
  • Jean Intervenes (1912) *short ...as Billy Hallock
  • Indian Romeo and Juliet (1912) *short ...as Oniatore/Romeo
  • Playmates (1912) *short ...as Party Guest at Piano(uncredited)
  • The Telephone Girl (1912) *short ...as Jack Watson
  • The Seventh Son (1912)*short ...as One of the Beecham Brothers
  • The Illumination (1912)*short ...as Giuseppe's Father
  • At Scrogginses' Corner (1912)*short
  • Brothers (1912)*short ...as Minor role
  • The Victoria Cross (1912)*short ...as Lt. Cholmodeley
  • The Hieroglyphic (1912)*short ...
  • Fortunes of a Composer (1912)*short ...as Opera Attendee (uncredited)
  • Diamond Cut Diamond (1912)*short ...as The Office Clerk
  • Curfew Shall Not Ring Tonight (1912)*short ...as Basil Underwood
  • His Mother's Son (1912)*short ...
  • Kaintuck (1912)*short ...as The Artist
  • Virginius (1912)*short ...as Icilius
  • The Gamblers (1912)*short ...as Arthur Ingraham
  • Before the White Man Came (1912)*short ...as Wathuma-the Leopard
  • A Man's Duty (1912)*short ...as Dick Wilson-Union Soldier
  • At Cripple Creek (1912)*short ...as Joe Mayfield
  • Making Good (1912)*short ...as Billy Burns
  • The Secret Service Man (1912)*short ...as The Secret Service Man
  • The Indian Raiders (1912)*short ...as Tom
  • His Only Son (1912)*short ...as Bob Madden
  • Every Inch a Man (1912)*short ...as Robert Chapman-the Son
  • Early Days in the West (1912)*short ...as Dan, a Young Pioneer
  • Hunted Down (1912)*short ... as John Dayton
  • A Daughter of the Redskins (1912)*short ...as Captain Stark, U.S.A.
  • The Cowboy Guardians (1912)*short ...as
  • The Tribal Law (1912)*short ...as Tall Pine aka Jose Seville-Apache Brave (*directed)
  • An Indian Outcast (1912)*short ...as Wally, a Cowboy
  • The Hidden Treasure (1912)*short ...as Bill Binks (*directed)
  • The Sepoy Rebellion (1912)*short ...as Extra(uncredited)


  • Love and the Law (1913)*short ...as Sheriff John Allen (*directed)
  • Their Masterpiece (1913)*short ...as Jack Sanders
  • Pirate Gold (1913)*short...
  • The Rose of Old Mexico (1913)*short ...as Paul Hapgood (*directed)
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray (1913)*short ...as Dorian Gray
  • Near to Earth (1913)*short ...as
  • The Eye of a God (1913)*short ...as Frank Hammond
  • The Ways of Fate (1913)*short ... as Jim Conway (*directed)
  • When Jim Returned (1913)*short ...as Jim (*directed)
  • The Tattooed Arm (1913)*short ...as Ben Hart (*directed)
  • The Brothers (1913)*short ...as Robert Gregory (*directed)
  • The Deerslayer (1913)*short ...as Chingachgook
  • Youth and Jealousy (1913)*short ...as Ben (*directed)
  • The Kiss (1913)*short ...as Ralph Walters (*directed)
  • Her Innocent Marriage (1913)*short ...as Will Wayne (*directed)
  • A Modern Snare (1913)*short ...as Ralph-the New Sheriff (*directed)
  • On the Border (1913)*short ...as Bill Reeves-the Cowboy (*directed)
  • When Luck Changes (1913)*short ...as Cal Jim (*directed)
  • Via Cabaret (1913)*short ...as Harry Reeder (*directed)
  • The Spirit of the Flag (1913)*short ...as Dr. Reid
  • Hearts and Horses (1913)*short ...as Bill Walters (*directed)
  • In Love and War (1913)*short ...as David-the Journalist
  • Women and War (1913)*short ...as The Boy
  • The Guerilla Menace (1913)*short ...as Captain Bruce Douglas
  • Calamity Anne Takes a Trip (1913)*short ...Policeman
  • Song Bird of the North (1913)*short ...as Fowle-a Mission Worker
  • Pride of Lonesome (1913)*short ...as Edward Daton (*directed)
  • The Powder Flash of Death (1913)*short ...as Captain Bruce Douglas
  • A Foreign Spy (1913)*short ... (*directed)
  • The Picket Guard (1913)*short ...as Sentry
  • Mental Suicide (1913)*short ...as Reid-a Contractor
  • Man's Duty (1913)*short ...Bill, the Selfish One
  • An Even Exchange (1913)*short ...as Joe
  • The Animal (1913)*short ...as The Animal
  • The Harvest of Flame (1913)*short ...as The Inspector (*directed)
  • The Spark of Manhood (1913)*short ... (*directed)
  • The Mystery of Yellow Aster Mine (1913)*short ...as Reid-Rosson's Brother
  • The Gratitude of Wanda (1913)*short ...as Wally (*directed)
  • The Wall of Money (1913)*short ...as Wallace-McQuarrie's Son
  • The Heart of a Cracksman (1913)*short ...as Gentleman Crook (*directed)
  • The Crackman's Reformation (1913)*short ...as Gentleman Crook
  • The Fires of Fate (1913)*short ...as Wally-the Doctor (*directed)
  • Cross Purposes (1913)*short ...as Wally (*directed)
  • Retribution (1913)*short ...as Reid (*directed)
  • A Cracksman Santa Claus (1913)*short ...as Gentleman Crook
  • The Lightning Bolt (1913)*short ...as Reid (*directed)
  • A Hopi Legend (1913)*short ... (*directed)


  • Whoso Diggeth a Pit (1914)*short ...as Wally
  • The Intruder (1914)*short ...as The Woodsman (*directed)
  • The Countess Betty's Mine (1914)*short ...as Wallace (*directed)
  • The Wheel of Life (1914)*short ...as The Prospector (*directed)
  • Fires of Conscience (1914)*short ...as Ray-The Prospector (*directed)
  • The Greater Devotion (1914)*short ...as 'Devotion' (*directed)
  • A Flash in the Dark (1914)*short ...as A Miner (*directed)
  • Breed o' the Mountains (1914)*short ...as Joe Mayfield (*directed)
  • Regeneration (1914)*short ...The Artist (*directed)
  • The Voice of the Viola (1914)*short ...as Wallace (*directed)
  • The Heart of the Hills (1914)*short ...The Woodsman (*directed)
  • The Way of a Woman (1914)*short ...as Pierre (*directed)
  • The Mountaineer (1914)*short ...as Jim-the Mountaineer (*directed)
  • The Spider and Her Web (1914)*short ...
  • Cupid Incognito (1914)*short ...as Jack Falkner (*directed)
  • A Gypsy Romance (1914)*short ...as Jose-King of the Gypsies (*directed)
  • The Test (1914)*short ...as The Poor Man (*directed,actor)
  • The Skeleton (1914)*short ...as Jack-the Young Husband (*directed)
  • The Fruit of Evil (1914)*short ... (*directed)
  • The Daughter of a Crook (1914)*short ...as Neal
  • Women and Roses (1914)*short ...as Wallace (*directed)
  • The Quack (1914)*short ...as Wallace Rosslyn (*directed)
  • The Siren (1914)*short ...as Dane Northrop (*directed)
  • The Man Within (1914)*short ...as Wallace Rosslyn (*directed)
  • Passing of the Beast (1914)*short ...as Jacques-the Woodsman (*directed)
  • Love's Western Flight (1914)*short ...as Wally-the Ranch Owner (*directed)
  • A Wife on a Wager (1914)*short ...as Wally Bristow (*directed)
  • 'Cross the Mexican Line (1914)*short ... as Lt. Wallace (*directed)
  • The Den of Thieves (1914)*short ...as Wallace (*directed)
  • Arms and the Gringo (1914)*short ...as Sullivan
  • The City Beautiful (1914)*short ...as The Country Boy
  • Down by the Sounding Sea (1914)*short ...as John Ward-the Man from the Sea
  • The Avenging Conscience (1914)*short ...as The Doctor(uncredited)
  • Moonshine Molly (1914)*short ...as Lawson Keene
  • The Second Mrs. Roebuck (1914)*short ...as Samuel Roebuck
  • Sierra Jim's Reformation (1914)*short ...as Tim-the Pony Express Rider
  • The High Grader (1914)*short ...as Dick Raleigh
  • Down the Hill to Creditville (1914)*short ...as Marcus Down
  • Her Awakening (1914)*short ...as Bob Turner
  • Her Doggy (1914)*short ...as The Doctor
  • For Her Father's Sins (1914)*short ...as Frank Bell
  • A Mother's Influence (1914)*short ... as Wallace Burton-the Son
  • Sheriff for an Hour (1914)*short ...as Jim Jones
  • The Niggard (1914)*short ...as Elmer Kent
  • The Odalisque (1914)*short ...as Curtiss
  • The Little Country Mouse (1914)*short ...as Lieutenant Hawkhurst
  • Another Chance (1914)*short ...Detective Flynn
  • Over the Ledge (1914)*short ...as Bob
  • At Dawn (1914)*short ...as The Lieutenant
  • The Joke on Yellentown (1914)*short ...as
  • The Exposure (1914)*short ...as The Reporter
  • Baby's Ride (1914)*short ...as Father


  • The Three Brothers (1915)*short ...as Jean Gaudet/Will
  • The Craven (1915)*short ...as Bud Walton
  • The Birth of a Nation ...as Jeff-A Blacksmith
  • The Lost House (1915)*short ...as Ford
  • Enoch Arden (1915)*short ...as Phillip Ray
  • Station Content (1915)*short ...as Jim Manning
  • A Yankee from the West (1915) ...as Billy Milford aka Hell-in-the Mud
  • The Chorus Lady (1915) ...as Danny Mallory
  • Carmen (1915) ...as Don José
  • Old Heidelberg (1915) ...as Prince Karl Heinrich
  • The Golden Chance (1915) ...as Roger Manning









Films for which Wallace Reid directs but does not appear in:

  • Where Destiny Guides (1913)*short
  • The Latent Spark (1913)*short
  • The Fugitive (1913)*short
  • When the Light Fades (1913)*short
  • Brother Love (1913)*short
  • The Orphan's Mine (1913)*short
  • The Renegade's Heart (1913)*short
  • The Mute Witness (1913)*short
  • The Homestead Race (1913)*short
  • Suspended Sentence (1913)*short
  • Dead Man's Shoes (1913)*short


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