Wairau Hydro Scheme

The Wairau Hydro Scheme is a canal based hydroelectric project proposed by TrustPower on the Wairau River in Marlborough, New Zealand. The $280 million project would divert up to 60% of the river through 49 kilometres (30 mi) of canals to generate up to 70 megawatts (94,000 hp) of electricity.[1]

Wairau Hydro Scheme
CountryNew Zealand
LocationWairau River
Thermal power station
Primary fuelHydro
Power generation
Nameplate capacity70 MW (94,000 hp)

Resource consents

Resource consents for this project were granted in 2008.[2] This decision was appealed to the Environment Court, which in 2010 decided in favour of the project.[3] However, TrustPower put the project on hold in 2012, due to low electricity prices combined with rising construction costs.[4]

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