Waifs and Strays

Waifs and Strays is a short story collection by O. Henry, released posthumously in 1917. It was published by Doubleday, Page & Company.[1]

Waifs and Strays
O. Henry, from the frontispiece of Waifs and Strays (1917)
AuthorO. Henry
CountryUnited States
GenreShorty story collection
PublisherDoubleday, Page & Company
Publication date


  • "The Red Roses of Tonia"
  • "Round The Circle"
  • "The Rubber Plant's Story"
  • "Out of Nazareth"
  • "Confessions of a Humorist"
  • "The Sparrows in Madison Square"
  • "Hearts and Hands"
  • "The Cactus"
  • "The Detective Detector"
  • "The Dog and the Playlet"
  • "A Little Talk About Mobs"
  • "The Snow Man"


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