WWE The Music, Vol. 7

The Music - WWE - Volume 7 is a compilation album released by WWE. Unlike past WWE albums, this was released as a U.S. iTunes Store exclusive, although was eventually added to the UK and Canada iTunes music stores. It contains 21 tracks representing many genres of music. It is not available at any other online retailer or any walk-in store.[1]

WWE The Music, Vol. 7
Compilation album by
ReleasedMarch 16, 2007 [iTunes Only]
GenreRock/hip hop
LabelWorld Wrestling Entertainment
ProducerJim Johnston
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WWE The Music, Vol. 7
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Track listing

Track Song Artist Superstar(s) Length
1"Light a Fire"Bryan SeeleyAshley4:14
2"Bringin' Da Hood T U"Lordikim Allah 'Boogie'Cryme Tyme/JTG3:45
3"Don't Waste My Time"Elijah Burke3:25
6"Reality"Jimi BellThe Miz3:17
7"Teacher"Matt Striker3:11
8"Muy Loco"Kemo the BlaxicanSuper Crazy3:32
9"Gorse"The Highlanders2:31
10"Not Enough for Me"Michelle McCool3:25
11"Just Look At Me"Phillip NamanworthRob Conway3:32
12"da.ngar"The Great Khali2:58
13"Gonna Punch Someone Tonight"David ChurchJimmy Wang Yang3:46
14"All for the Motherland"Vladimir Kozlov4:00
15"The End"Eamon CroninArmageddon3:51
16"I'm All About Cool"Deuce 'n Domino2:49
17"It's Time"*Gregory Helms2:21
18"Unstoppable"*Bobby Lashley3:47
19"Obsession"Mickie James3:22
20"Smooth"*Marcus Cor Von3:21
21"Damn"*Ron Simmons3:00

Starred tracks are not available as a separate download, and must be purchased as part of the album, Track 3 "Don't Waste My Time," had an alternate name as of April 1st it was called "New Breed."[2]

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