WLFM is a streaming radio station owned and operated by students at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. It was the first FM college radio station in Northeastern Wisconsin.

WLFM had its inaugural broadcast on March 10, 1956. Since then the station has moved locations, been struck by lightning[1], and developed a relationship with Wisconsin Public Radio. During summer of 2005, Lawrence University sold the station's FM license and broadcasting equipment to Relevant Radio, opting for an Internet-only formant. The FM station's calls became WOVM and it aired Relevant Radio's Catholic religious radio format until January 2008, when the station adopted a new Adult Hits radio format called "Oasis." It now airs a hybrid of Jazz and Adult Standards branded as "The Avenue."

WLFM's departure from the terrestrial radio dials caused some concern among students and alumni because the university administration did not consult students beforehand; however, WLFM's Internet format allows for listeners from all over the globe to easily access the station's programming.

WLFM is home to the Great Midwest Trivia Contest,[2][3] which might be the United States's longest running trivia contest.


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