WFG Tankard

The WFG Tankard (French: Tankard WFG) , formerly the Quebec Men's Provincial Curling Championship is the Quebec provincial championship for men's curling. The tournament is run by Curling Québec, the provincial curling association. The winner represents Team Quebec at the Tim Hortons Brier. The provincial champion receives the McIntyre Trophy. The event is often called the Quebec Tankard.

WFG Tankard
2019 host cityGrand-Mère, Quebec
2019 arenaArèna de Grand-Mère
2019 championMartin Crête
Current edition
2019 WFG Tankard

A separate team represented Montreal until 1931.


Ten teams play in the Quebec provincial. The provincial tour champion is invited, the three highest "Quebec points" qualifiers and six teams come from zone and regional playdowns (three from Eastern Quebec, three from Western).


Year Skip Winning Club(s)
2019Martin CrêteEtchemin, Grand-Mère & Mt. Bruno
2018Mike FournierGlenmore & Valleyfield
2017Jean-Michel MénardEtchemin
2016Jean-Michel MénardEtchemin & Mt. Bruno
2015Jean-Michel MénardEtchemin
2014Jean-Michel MénardEtchemin
2013Jean-Michel MénardEtchemin
2012Robert DesjardinsChicoutimi
2011François GagnéChicoutimi & TMR
2010Serge ReidKénogami
2009Jean-Michel MénardVictoria & Etchemin
2008Jean-Michel MénardVictoria & Etchemin
2007Pierre CharetteCap-de-la-Madeleine
2006Jean-Michel MénardVictoria & Etchemin
2005Jean-Michel MénardVictoria & Etchemin
2004Daniel LafleurRosemère
2003Guy HemmingsSt. Lambert
2002François RobergeVictoria
2001Guy HemmingsSt. Lambert
2000François RobergeVictoria
1999Guy HemmingsSt. Lambert & Tracy
1998Guy HemmingsSt. Lambert & Tracy
1997Don WestphalBuckingham
1996Don WestphalBuckingham
1995Steve GagnonKénogami
1994Ghislain DoyonAmos
1993Pierre CharetteBuckingham
1992Ted ButlerBuckingham
1991Kevin AdamsGlenmore
1990Kevin AdamsGlenmore
1989Pierre CharetteBuckingham
1988Lawren StevensonLachine
1987Kevin AdamsThistle
1986Gordon HessGlenmore
1985Don AitkenLachine
1984Rolland PacquinLachine
1983Denis MarchandLaviolette
1982Don AitkenCFB St. Jean
1981Brian NessHowick
1980Jim UrselSt. Laurent
1979Jim UrselSt. Laurent
1978Steve DucatCaledonia
1977Jim UrselSt. Laurent
1976Jim UrselSt. Laurent
1975Jim UrselSt. Laurent
1974Jim UrselSt. Laurent
1973Dave MoonCaledonia
1972Bill KentHeather
1971Bill OttOutremont
1970Bill KentHeather
1969Earl CarsonCFB Bagotville
1968Bill TracyCFB Bagotville
1967Bruce BeveridgeGlenmore
1966Bill TracyRCAF Bagotville
1965Bill TracyRCAF Bagotville
1964Elmer BlackHowick
1963Bill KentHeather
1962Bill ArmstrongLachine
1961Tom WelchWhitlock
1960Ted HuntLachine
1959Jack BergmanOutremont
1958Bob LahaieCap-de-la-Madeleine
1957Ken WeldonCaledonia
1956Walter SmithThetford Mines
1955Olivier SamsonJacques-Cartier
1954Bill TracyArvida
1953Ken WeldonSt. George
1952Ken WeldonSt. George
1951Merle ThomasSigma
1950Herbert SimonsVictoria
1949Roderique CoteMatane
1948Gus AmyotJacques-Carter
1947Robert CreamVictoria
1946Ted ThompsonSt. George
1945Robert Cream
1944Billy McGerrigle
1943Billy McGerrigle
1942John Ross, Jr.Huntingdon
1941Charles HandleyQuebec
1940Archie BellVictoria
1939Robert CreamQuebec
1938Robert CreamQuebec
1937Ormiston RoyCaledonia
1936C. B. BignellVictoria
1935Billy McGerrigleOrmstown
1934A. H. M. MayVictoria
1933Ren FortierThistle
1932Peter LyallCaledonia
1931Peter LyallCaledonia
1930John DarbyHuntingdon
1929Archie BellVictoria
1928S. G. NewtonVictoria
1927Mjr. Robert WhyteQuebec
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