W. & C. French

W. & C. French, also known just as French, was a civil engineering company based at Buckhurst Hill in south-west Essex.

W. & C. French Limited
Public company
IndustryCivil engineering
SuccessorKier Group
Founded1870 (1870)
DefunctNovember 6, 1973 (1973-11-06)
Headquarters50 Epping New Road, Buckhurst Hill, Essex, IG9 5TH
Area served
UK, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Malawi, Spain
ServicesRoad construction


The business of Messrs W. and C. French was established by William French and his brother Charles French in 1870.[1]

Second World War

In the Second World War it constructed many RAF airfields and also built Mulberry harbour units.[2]

Public company

On 19 September 1949 it became a public company, when the Chairman of the company was Charles Samuel French, the son of William French. Another director was Brigadier John Linnaeus French CB CBE (18 November 1896 - 12 March 1953), a former commander of Colchester Garrison, and brother of Charles. Its transport depot was at Loughton. They had other depots at Colchester and Wisbech and carried out most of its work in East Anglia. The company was acquired by Kier Group in 1973.[3]

Major projects




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