Vulcan Award

The Vulcan Award of the Technical Artist (French: Prix Vulcain de l’Artiste Technicien) is an independent film award created in 2003. It rewards the work of a technician for his or her collaboration in the creation of a film from the official selection of the Cannes Film Festival.[1] It is awarded by a special jury, appointed by the Superior Technical Commission of Image and Sound (French: Commission Supérieure Technique de l’Image et du Son or CST).

Vulcan Award
The Vulcan Award trophy
Awarded forThe work of a technician for his collaboration to the creation of a film
Presented byCST
First awarded2003 (1951)


In 1951, the CST created the Technical Grand Prize (French: Grand Prix Technique) of the CST, awarded during the Cannes Film Festival. That prize existed until 2001.
In 2003, Pierre-William Glenn, president of the CST, struggled to once again have a prize awarded to a technician during the Cannes Film Festival. Thus the Vulcan Award of the Technical Artist was born as a part of the festival roster and approved by the festival's president Gilles Jacob.[2]

The trophy

The actual trophy is awarded to the winner in Paris, during a special evening following the festival.[2]
It is inspired by an image from Jean-Luc Godard's movie Le Mépris (Contempt) (1963) and represents a movie camera with analog and numeric elements.[3]

Award winners

Vulcan Award (since 2003)

Year Awarded Artist[4] Work Awarded Film Director
2018Shin Jeom-heeArt directionBurningLee Chang-dong
2017Josefin Åsberg[5][6]Set decorationThe SquareRuben Östlund
2016Ryu Seong-heeArt directionThe HandmaidenPark Chan-wook
2015Tamás ZányiSound designSon of SaulLászló Nemes
2014Dick PopeCinematographyMr. TurnerMike Leigh
2013Antoine HeberléCinematographyGriGrisMahamat Saleh Haroun
2012Charlotte Bruus ChristensenCinematographyThe HuntThomas Vinterberg
2011José Luis AlcaineCinematographyThe Skin I Live InPedro Almodóvar
2010Jon Taylor, Bob BeemerSound mixingBiutifulAlejandro González Iñárritu
2009Aïtor BerenguerSound mixingMap of the Sounds of TokyoIsabel Coixet
2008Luca Bigazzi / Angelo RaguseoCinematography / Sound MixingIl DivoPaolo Sorrentino
2007Janusz KamińskiCinematographyThe Diving Bell and the ButterflyJulian Schnabel
2006Stephen MirrioneEditingBabelAlejandro González Iñárritu
2005Leslie ShatzSound designLast DaysGus Van Sant
Robert RodriguezVisual processingSin CityRobert Rodriguez
2004Eric GautierCinematographyCleanOlivier Assayas
The Motorcycle DiariesWalter Salles
2003Tom SternCinematographyMystic RiverClint Eastwood

Technical Grand Prize (1951-2001)

Year Film Awarded Artist Director
2002No award
2001Millennium MamboTu Duu-ChihHou Hsiao-hsien
What Time Is It There?Tu Duu-ChihTsai Ming-liang
2000In the Mood for LoveChristopher Doyle, Ping Bin Lee, William ChangWong Kar-wai
1999The Emperor and the AssassinTu JuhuaChen Kaige
1998TangoVittorio StoraroCarlos Saura
1997She's So LovelyThierry ArbogastNick Cassavetes
The Fifth ElementLuc Besson
1996MicrocosmosWhole technical teamClaude Nuridsany, Marie Pérennou
1995Shanghai TriadLü Yue, Olivier Chiavassa, Bruno PatinZhang Yimou
1994Dead TiredPitofMichel Blanc
1993MazeppaJean Gargonne, Vincent ArnadiBartabas
1992El ViajeFernando SolanasFernando Solanas
1991EuropaLars von TrierLars von Trier
1990Cyrano de BergeracPierre LhommeJean-Paul Rappeneau
1989Black RainShōhei Imamura
1988BirdClint Eastwood
1987Le Cinéma dans les YeuxGilles and Laurent Jacob
1986The MissionRoland Joffé
1985InsignificanceNicolas Roeg
1984The Element of CrimeLars von Trier
1983CarmenCarlos Saura
1982PassionJean-Luc Godard
1981Les Uns et les AutresClaude Lelouch
1980The Risk of LivingGérald Calderon
1979Norma RaeMartin Ritt
1978Pretty BabyLouis Malle
1977Car WashMichael Schultz
1976Fang and ClawMichel Fano
1975A Touch of ZenKing Hu
Don'tRobin Lehman
1974MahlerKen Russell
1973Cries and WhispersIngmar Bergman
1972ZikkaronLaurent Coderre
1971The Hellstrom ChronicleWalon Green, Ed Spiegel
1970The Territory of OthersFrançois Bel, Michel Fano
1969No award
1968The festival was interrupted. No awards this year.
1967Sky Over HollandJohn Fernhout
1966Chimes at MidnightOrson Welles
SkaterdaterNoel Black
A Man and a WomanPierre UytterhoevenClaude Lelouch
1965Ban ye ji jiaoYeou Lei
Circus AngelAlbert Lamorisse
Une Danse ÉternelleTamás Banovich
OvertureJános Vadászd
1964No award
1963YachtingHattum Hoving
CodineHenri Colpi
The Cassandra CatVojtěch Jasný
1962ElectraMichael Cacoyannis
OczekiwanieWitold Giersz
The Lovers of TeruelRaymond Rouleau
Les Dieux du FeuHenri Storck
The Magnificent ConcubineHan Hsiang Li
1961No award
1960PawAstrid Henning-Jensen
1959Luna de MielMichael Powell
A Midsummer Night's DreamJiří Trnka
ArayaMargot Benacerraf
1958The Flute and the ArrowArne Sucksdorff
Mon OncleJacques Tati
The Cranes are FlyingMikhail Kalatozov
1957WiesensommerHeinz Sielmann
Toute la mémoire du mondeAlain Resnais
Il Sogno dei GonzagaAntonio Petrucci
BolcsokÁgoston Kollányi
The Bachelor PartyDelbert Mann
1956Sob o Céu da BahiaErnesto Remani
Tovarichtch Oukhodit v MoreNikita Kurikhin
Crne VodeRudolf Sremec
1955No award
1954The Great AdventureArne Sucksdorff
Nouveaux HorizonsMarcel Ichac
The Great Warrior SkanderbegSergei Yutkevich
Toot, Whistle, Plunk and BoomWard Kimball, Charles A. Nichols
1953Green MagicGian Gaspare Napolitano
La Montagna di CenereGiovanni Paolucci
Pescatori di LagunaAntonio Petrucci
Water BirdsBen Sharpsteen
1952The Immortal SongV. Shantaram
1951The Tales of HoffmannMichael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
Carnet de plongéeJacques-Yves Cousteau


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