Vosges's 1st constituency

The 1st constituency of the Vosges is a French legislative constituency in the Vosges département.

1st constituency of the Vosges
French National Assembly
Vosges' 1st Constituency shown within Lorraine.
 Stéphane Viry
CantonsChâtel-sur-Moselle, Épinal-Est, Épinal-Ouest, Rambervillers, Xertigny
Registered voters76,604


The 1st Constituency of Vosges forms a band of territory running through the centre of the Department from north to south. It includes the Department's Prefecture and largest town Épinal.

Politically the constituency has been dominated by Gaullist parties since the beginning of the Fifth Republic. Michel Heinrich, the Mayor of Épinal, held the seat between 2002 and 2017 on behalf of the UMP.

Historic representation

1958 Charles Guthmuller PR
1962 Marcel Hoffer UNR
1978 Philippe Séguin RPR
1986 Proportional representation – no election by constituency
1988 Philippe Séguin RPR
2002 Michel Heinrich UMP
2015 LR
2017 Stéphane Viry LR

Election results


Legislative Election 2012: Vosges' 1st Constituency 2nd round
Party Candidate Votes % ±
UMP Michel Heinrich 23,246 56.74
DVG François-Xavier Huguenot 17,720 43.26
Turnout 42,905 56.01
UMP hold Swing


Official results of French elections from 2002: "Résultats électoraux officiels en France" (in French).

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