Vlaai, also known as Limburgse vlaai,[1] is a pie or tart consisting of a pastry and filling. Vlaai is usually 26—31 centimeters in diameter. It is a typical product from the provinces of Limburg found both in the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as the parts of Germany just across the border. Variations, however are available throughout the wider Netherlands, Belgium and areas of the German state NRW that are near to the border with the Netherlands. It is available in many different varieties of fruit fillings, such as cherry, apricot, strawberries, and plums.[2] Other variations are a crumbled butter and sugar mix ("greumellevlaai" in Limburgish, or "kruimelvlaai" in Dutch) and a cooked rice and custard porridge ("rijstevlaai").

A cherry vlaai
Place of origin Netherlands
Region or stateLimburg
Main ingredientsYeast dough, fruits, berries

Vlaais are often eaten on life events, such as birthdays and funerals.


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