Viterra Championship

The Viterra Championship is the Manitoba men's provincial curling championship. The tournament is run by Curl Manitoba, the provincial curling association. The winner represents Manitoba at the Tim Hortons Brier, the Canadian men's championship.[1]

Viterra Championship
2019 host cityVirden, Manitoba
2019 arenaTundra Oil & Gas Place
2019 championMike McEwen
Current edition
2019 Viterra Championship

The tournament was previously known as the Safeway Championship (2008–2015), Safeway Select (1995–2007); the Labatt Tankard (1980–1994); the British Consols (1937–1979) and the Macdonald Brier Trophy event winner at the MCA Bonspiel (1925-1936).


32 teams qualify. The distribution of berths changes from year to year but is generally composed of the following:


Listed below are the provincial champion skips for each year. Manitoba did not participate in the 1927 Brier.[2] Brier champions in bold.

Year Skip Winning Club Host City Host Venue
1925Howard Wood, Sr.Granite Curling ClubWinnipeg
1926George SherwoodSt. John's Curling ClubWinnipeg
1927Jim CongaltonGranite Curling ClubWinnipeg
1928Gordon HudsonStrathcona Curling ClubWinnipeg
1929Gordon HudsonStrathcona Curling ClubWinnipeg
1930Howard Wood, Sr.Granite Curling ClubWinnipeg
1931Bob GourleyStrathcona Curling ClubWinnipeg
1932Jim CongaltonGranite Curling ClubWinnipeg
1933John DouglasDeer Lodge Curling ClubWinnipeg
1934Leo JohnsonStrathcona Curling ClubWinnipeg
1935Roy PritchardKillarney Curling ClubWinnipeg
1936Ken WatsonStrathcona Curling ClubWinnipeg
1937Jimmy WelshDeer Lodge Curling ClubWinnipeg
1938Ab GowanlockGlenboro Curling ClubWinnipegWinnipeg Amphitheatre
1939Ross KennedyStrathcona Curling ClubWinnipeg
1940Howard Wood, Sr.Granite Curling ClubWinnipeg
1941Al WakefieldStrathcona Curling ClubWinnipeg
1942Ken WatsonStrathcona Curling ClubWinnipeg
1943Ken WatsonStrathcona Curling ClubWinnipeg
1944Leo JohnsonStrathcona Curling ClubWinnipeg
1945Howard Wood, Sr.Granite Curling ClubWinnipeg
1946Leo JohnsonStrathcona Curling ClubWinnipeg
1947Jimmy WelshDeer Lodge Curling ClubWinnipegWinnipeg Amphitheatre
1948George SangsterGranite Curling ClubWinnipeg
1949Ken WatsonStrathcona Curling ClubWinnipeg
1950Bill McTavishElmwood Curling ClubWinnipegWinnipeg Amphitheatre
1951Roy ForsythStrathcona Curling ClubWinnipeg
1952Billy WalshFort Rouge Curling ClubWinnipeg
1953Ab GowanlockDauphin Curling ClubWinnipeg
1954Jimmy WelshDeer Lodge Curling ClubWinnipegWinnipeg Amphitheatre
1955Roy ForsythStrathcona Curling ClubWinnipeg
1956Billy WalshFort Rouge Curling ClubWinnipegWinnipeg Arena
1957Howard Wood, Jr.Granite Curling ClubWinnipegWinnipeg Arena
1958Terry BraunsteinGranite Curling ClubWinnipeg
1959Richard BirdElmwood Curling ClubWinnipeg
1960Mac ScalesStrathcona Curling ClubWinnipegWinnipeg Arena
1961John-David LyonWest Kildonan Curling ClubWinnipegWinnipeg Arena
1962Norm HouckStrathcona Curling ClubWinnipeg
1963Hersh LernerMaple Leaf Curling ClubWinnipeg
1964Bruce HudsonStrathcona Curling ClubWinnipeg
1965Terry BraunsteinGranite Curling ClubWinnipeg
1966Hersh LernerMaple Leaf Curling ClubDauphin
1967Bruce HudsonStrathcona Curling ClubWinnipeg
1968Burke ParkerDauphin Curling ClubBrandon
1969Bob RobinsonMaple Leaf Curling ClubWinnipeg
1970Don DuguidGranite Curling ClubDauphin
1971Don DuguidGranite Curling ClubWinnipeg
1972Orest MeleschukFort Rouge Curling ClubVirden
1973Danny FinkGranite Curling ClubWinnipeg
1974Don BarrGlenboro Curling ClubWinnipeg
1975Rod HunterGranite Curling ClubBrandon
1976Clare deBlondeHeather Curling ClubFlin Flon
1977John UsackisLac du Bonnet Curling ClubWinnipeg
1978Doug HarrisonHeather Curling ClubBrandon
1979Barry FryDeer Lodge Curling ClubWinnipeg
1980Earle MorrisCFB Winnipeg Curling ClubWinnipeg
1981Kerry BurtnykAssiniboine Memorial Curling ClubBrandon
1982Mel LoganSouris Curling ClubWinnipeg
1983Lloyd GunnlaugsonValour Road Curling ClubWinnipeg
1984Mike RileyPembina Curling ClubVirden
1985John BubbsWildewood Curling ClubDauphin
1986Mike RileyPembina Curling ClubWinnipeg
1987Brian FowlerBrandon Curling ClubWinnipeg
1988Kerry BurtnykAssiniboine Memorial Curling ClubMorden
1989Orest MeleschukLac du Bonnet Curling ClubWinnipeg
1990Duane EdwardsDeloraine Curling ClubWinnipeg
1991Jeff StoughtonWildewood Curling ClubBrandon
1992Vic PetersGranite Curling ClubWinnipeg
1993Vic PetersGranite Curling ClubSelkirk
1994Dave SmithSt. Vital Curling ClubThompson
1995Kerry BurtnykAssiniboine Memorial Curling ClubWinnipegWinnipeg Arena
1996Jeff StoughtonCharleswood Curling ClubBrandonKeystone Centre
1997Vic PetersGranite Curling ClubMorden
1998Dale DuguidGranite Curling ClubVirden
1999Jeff StoughtonCharleswood Curling ClubPortage la PrairiePortage Centennial Arena
2000Jeff StoughtonCharleswood Curling ClubNeepawaYellowhead Arena
2001Kerry BurtnykAssiniboine Memorial Curling ClubSelkirkSelkirk Recreation Complex
2002Mark LukowichValour Road Curling ClubNeepawaYellowhead Arena
2003John BubbsGranite Curling ClubPortage la PrairiePortage Centennial Arena
2004Brent ScalesSwan River Curling ClubBrandonKeystone Centre
2005Randy DutiaumeValour Road Curling ClubSelkirkSelkirk Recreation Centre
2006Jeff StoughtonCharleswood Curling ClubSteinbachT.G. Smith Centre
2007Jeff StoughtonCharleswood Curling ClubDauphinCredit Union Place
2008Kerry BurtnykAssiniboine Memorial Curling ClubBrandonKeystone Centre
2009Jeff StoughtonCharleswood Curling ClubSelkirkSelkirk Recreation Centre
2010Jeff StoughtonCharleswood Curling ClubSteinbachT.G. Smith Centre
2011Jeff StoughtonCharleswood Curling ClubBeausejourSun Gro Centre
2012Rob FowlerBrandon Curling ClubDauphinCredit Union Place
2013Jeff StoughtonCharleswood Curling ClubNeepawaYellowhead Centre
2014Jeff StoughtonCharleswood Curling ClubWinnipegMTS Iceplex
2015Reid CarruthersWest St. Paul Curling ClubBrandonKeystone Centre
2016Mike McEwenFort Rouge Curling ClubSelkirkSelkirk Recreation Complex
2017Mike McEwenFort Rouge Curling ClubPortage la PrairieStride Place
2018Reid CarruthersWest St. Paul Curling ClubWinklerWinkler Centennial Arena
2019Mike McEwenWest St. Paul Curling ClubVirdenTundra Oil and Gas Place


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