Vitaphone Varieties

Vitaphone Varieties was a series title (represented by a pennant logo on screen) for all of Warner Brothers' earliest short film "talkies" of the 1920s, initially done with the Vitaphone disc process before a switch to the sound-on-film format early in the 1930s. These were the first major film studio-backed sound films, initially showcased with the 1926 synchronized scored features Don Juan and The Better 'Ole. Although independent producers like Lee de Forest’s Phonofilm were successfully making sound film shorts as far back as 1922, they were very limited in their distribution and their audio was generally not as loud and clear in theaters as Vitaphone's. The success of the early Vitaphone shorts, initially filmed only in New York, helped launch the sound revolution in Hollywood.


Featured were many of the great vaudeville and musical performers of the 1920s. Classical musicians who dominated the early days of recorded sound were given their film debuts, along with the many future stars of radio’s "golden age": Fred Allen, Jack Benny, George Burns, Gracie Allen, Edgar Bergen, just to name a few. Several top stars at Warner Bros. and other studios like Joe E. Brown, Joan Blondell, William Demarest, Humphrey Bogart and Spencer Tracy also first appeared on screen in ten-minute dramatic and comedy sketches, as did a few silent stars making the transition like Blanche Sweet.

Al Jolson filmed A Plantation Act in August 1926, a full year before The Jazz Singer. When Warner Brothers decided to promote the feature as Jolson’s talkie debut, the earlier short was removed from circulation. Initially thought lost, it was restored, in part by the Vitaphone Project’s efforts, for a laser disc set in the 1990s and later released on DVD with the feature.[1][2]

At the time, there was much fear that these little films (and the sound features that followed) would kill vaudeville, a fear that was justified for many individual performers. While there was always a chance that a stage performer could become a household name by appearing in these, his or her act could no longer be repeated on stage, town after town, once one filmed performance appeared in theaters across the country. A few comedy acts for Vitaphone even made light of this fact, particularly Georgie Price’s still humorous today 1929 title, Don't Get Nervous.

Although the term "Vitaphone Variety" was still used with some Warner film shorts running under one reel (or 10 minutes) well into the 1950s, the trade periodicals marketed them under different logos after the 1931-32 season: Pepper Pots and Vitaphone Novelties (after 1936), while lengthier productions (running two reels or 20 minutes) morphed into the Broadway Brevities. By this time, the primary producer in charge was Samuel Sax,[3][4] who oversaw the majority of the New York filmed productions. Later titles completed in California in the forties and fifties sometimes recycled the "Vitaphone Variety" logo, but were usually marketed in the trade periodicals as either "Hollywood Novelties" or "Warner Novelties" and were mostly documentary rather than musical or comedy acts. Among this later group, two 1945-46 titles, Story of a Dog and Smart as a Fox, were nominees for the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film in the one-reel category.

Recent rediscovery

The impact that the earliest Vitaphone Varieties had on world cinema has been a frequent footnote in many film history books, but it was only in recent decades that books have bothered to analyze them in depth (among them, Roy Liebman's Vitaphone Films and Edwin M. Bradley's The First Hollywood Sound Shorts, 1926–1931).

The Vitaphone Project only started in 1991 rounding up missing discs and matching them with films made before the studio switched to optical film recording. Three years later, MGM/UA issued the first group of them to laser disc, with Warner releasing the first significant number on DVD as part of a multi-disc edition of The Jazz Singer. Since then, the Warner Archive Collection has made more available in a series of sets, as well as re-releasing Don Juan with its accompanying shorts.

List of Vitaphone Varieties

The following list is not complete but fairly close. The 1926–1932 titles (the official "Vitaphone Varieties") are arranged by the Vitaphone title card numbers. They are then grouped by the year in which they were filmed, but not necessarily the same year they were released to theaters. If known, that date is listed right after the major credits (just the key director, if known, and the performers). Sometimes the date Film Daily reviewed it or the copyright date (©) is listed. DVD availability is also listed at the end of each line.[5][6][7]


Listed by Vitaphone number. Filmed in 1926 in New York City.

#TitleRelease, copyright or review datePerformersNotes
116PagliacciFebruary 1926Pagliacci & Vitaphone SymphonyFirst Warner Bros. short films
131Bob Witt and Cy BergApril 1926Bob Witt & Cy Berg with Vitaphone Symphony
165Rin Tin TinApril 1926Rin Tin Tin and Corporal Lee Duncantest film
178The Volga BoatmanMay 1926Vitaphone Symphony
183An Evening on the Don
192Will HaysAugust 6, 1926Will H. HaysDon Juan (1926 film) DVD
198Giovanni MartinelliAugust 6, 1926Giovanni MartinelliDon Juan (1926 film) DVD
263Overture TannhäuserAugust 6, 1926Henry Kimball Hadley & the New York PhilharmonicDon Juan (1926 film) DVD
274 & 275Mischa ElmanAugust 6, 1926Mischa Elman(released as two separate film shorts) Don Juan (1926 film) DVD
278Polonaise in A FlatHarold Bauer
281Ephraim Zimbalist & Harold Bauer DuetAugust 6, 1926Ephraim Zimbalist & Harold BauerDon Juan (1926 film) DVD
294La FiestaAugust 6, 1926Anna Case, The Cansinos, Metropolitan Opera ChorusDon Juan (1926 film) DVD
296Swanee RiverAnna Case, Roy Smeck & the Dixie Jubilee Singers
301The RecordingDoris Becker
302His PastimesAugust 6, 1926Roy SmeckDon Juan (1926 film) DVD
308Marion TalleyAugust 6, 1926Marion TalleyDon Juan (1926 film) DVD
314Overture to MignonAugust 6, 1926Henry Kimball Hadley & the New York Philharmonic
316Overture William TellAugust 6, 1926The New York Philharmonic
339Behind the LinesOctober 5, 1926Elsie JanisShown at the premiere of The Better 'Ole (1926 film); The Jazz Singer DVD
349Between the Acts at the OperaOctober 5, 1926Willie and Eugene HowardShown at the premiere of The Better 'Ole (1926 film); Vitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
355George Jessel A Theatrical Booking OfficeOctober 5, 1926George JesselShown at the premiere of The Better 'Ole (1926 film)
359A Plantation ActOctober 7, 1926Al JolsonShown at the premiere of The Better 'Ole (1926 film); The Jazz Singer DVD
361 & 365Reinald Werrenrath© March 12, 1927Reinald Werrenrath(released as two separate film shorts); Shown at the premiere of The Better 'Ole (1926 film)
366Modern Song and Syncopation© April 2, 1927The Four Aristocrats - Eddie Lewis, Fred Weber, Bert Bennet & Tom Miller
379Mme Schumann-Heink© April 2, 1927Ernestine Schumann-Heink
380Madame Schumann-Heink© April 4, 1927Ernestine Schumann-Heink
381The Spirit of 1918 OvertureOctober 7, 1926Herman Heller & Vitaphone OrchestraShown at the premiere of The Better 'Ole (1926 film)
383Way Down SouthOctober 7, 1926Mary Lewis
390 & 391Vincent Lopez and His OrchestraOctober 7, 1926Vincent Lopez(released as two separate film shorts)
392Charles Hackett© March 12, 1927Charles Hackett
393A Studio SceneOctober 7, 1926Bruce Bairnsfather
394Jack Smith the Whispering Baritone© March 12, 1927Whispering Jack Smith
416 & 417English Singers© April 2, 1927Flora Mann, Lillian Berger, Norman Stone, Nellie Carson, Norman Motley and Cuthbert Kelly(released as two separate film shorts)
418What Price Piano© March 12, 1927Pauline Alpert
419Pauline Alpert© March 12, 1927Pauline Alpert
?Casey at the Bat1926DeWolf Hopper


Listed by Vitaphone number. Filmed in 1927 both in Brooklyn (NYC) and Hollywood (LA)

#TitleRelease, copyright or review datePerformers (and credited directors)Additional notes
289 (NYC)John Barclay, Tallest Baritone in the World© April 4, 1927John Barclay
395 (NYC)Gus Van & Joe SchenckFebruary 3, 1927Van and SchenckShown at the premiere of When a Man Loves (1927 film)
414 (NYC)Beniamino Gigli, assisted By M. Picco and Minna Egener and the Metropolitan Opera ChorusFebruary 3, 1927Beniamino GigliShown at the premiere of When a Man Loves (1927 film)
415 (NYC)Quartet from RigolettoFebruary 3, 1927Beniamino Gigli (on tenor), Giuseppe De Luca (on baritone), Jeanne Gordon (contralto) and Marion Talley (soprano)Shown at the premiere of When a Man Loves (1927 film)
(NYC)Cliff EdwardsMarch 1927Cliff Edwards
420 (NYC)The Rollickers© April 2, 1927Rollickers
422 (NYC)Hawaiian NightsFebruary 3, 1927Hawaiian OrchestraVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
423 (NYC)Margaret McKee, Famous Whistler© April 2, 1927Margaret McKee
424-425 (NYC)Rex Schepp, Famous Banjo Player© April 2, 1927Rex Schepp
428 (NYC)Waring's Pennsylvanians© March 16, 1927Fred Waring and His PennsylvaniansVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
434 & 435 (NYC)Neville Fleeson & Gladys Baxter "Vaudeville Headliners"February 11, 1927Neville Fleeson & Gladys Baxter(released as two separate film shorts)
438 (NYC)Albert Spalding, Renowned American Violinist© April 4, 1927Albert Spalding (violinist)
439 (NYC)Albert Spalding, Renowned American ViolinistAugust 19, 1928 (Film Daily review)Albert Spalding (violinist)
441 & 442 (NYC)Buddy Doyle, Popular Black Faced Comedian© April 4, 1927Buddy Doyle(released as two separate film shorts)
443 (NYC)Bernado De Pace "Wizard of the Mandolin"April 4, 1927Bernardo De PaceThe Jazz Singer DVD. Title card misspells De Pace's name
444 (NYC)Lincoln's Gettysburg Address Impersonated and Interpreted by Lincoln Caswell© April 4, 1927Lincoln Caswell
445 & 446 (NYC)The Little Princess of Song© April 4, 1927Sylvia Froos(two separate film shorts)
447 (NYC)The Poet and Peasant Overture© April 18, 1927Herman Heller & Vitaphone Orchestra
448 (NYC)The Light Cavalry Overture© June 29, 1927Herman Heller & Vitaphone Orchestra
449 (NYC)The Raymond Overture© April 18, 1927Herman Heller & Vitaphone Orchestra
450 (NYC)The Morning, Noon and Night Overture© April 9, 1927Herman Heller & Vitaphone Orchestra
451 (NYC)Frances Alda and the Vitaphone Symphony© April 9, 1927Frances Alda
461 (NYC)The Orpheus Overture© April 18, 1927Herman Heller & Vitaphone Orchestra
462 (NYC)The Evolution of Dixie Overture© July 2, 1927Herman Heller & Vitaphone Orchestra
463 (NYC)Noble Sissle and Eubie Blake, International Stars of Syncopation© April 9, 1927Noble Sissle & Eubie Blake
464 (NYC)Noble Sissle and Eubie Blake, International Stars of Syncopation© April 18, 1927Noble Sissle & Eubie Blake
465 (NYC)Pennant Winning Battery of Songland© April 9, 1927Van and SchenckThe Jazz Singer DVD
466 (NYC)The Flonzaley Quartet, the World's Foremost String Ensemble© April 18, 1927Flonzaley Quartet with Adolfo Betti & Alfred Pochon (on violin), Iwan D'Archambeau (on cello) & Nicolas Moldavan (on viola)
467 (NYC)The Flonzaley Quartet, the World's Foremost String Ensemble© April 18, 1927The Flonzaley Quartet
468 (NYC)Roger Wolfe Kahn and His Orchestra1927Roger Wolfe Kahn & Mound City Blue Blowers
469 (NYC)Roger Wolfe Kahn and His OrchestraFebruary 1927Roger Wolfe Kahn with Henri Garden & the Williams Sisters
472 & 473 (NYC)Bert Lewis "Broadway's Comedian"© April 9, 1927Bert Lewis with Jack Carroll at piano(released as two separate film shorts)
474 (NYC)Giovanni Martinelli Assisted by Jeanne Gordon© April 18, 1927Giovanni Martinelli
475 (NYC)Isa Kremer, the Supreme Interpreter of Ballad and Folk Songs© April 9, 1927Isa Kremer
476 (NYC)The Bennett Twins© April 9, 1927Bennett Twins
477 (NYC)A Naval Quartet© July 2, 1927The Admirals (Norman Bartlett, Jack Armstrong, Henry Durrett & Jack Keyes)
479 (NYC)Lyrics of Life© April 18, 1927May Usher
480 (NYC)Ruth Glanville, America's Premiere Saxophonist© April 9, 1927Ruth Glanville & the Vitaphone Orchestra
481 (NYC)John Charles Thomas, Renowned Stage and Concert Artist© April 18, 1927John Charles Thomas
482 & 483 (NYC)The Revelers© April 18, 1927the Revelers(released as two separate film shorts); Vitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
484 (NYC)A Moonlight Romance© April 18, 1927Douglas Stanbury & Maria Gambarelli
485 (NYC)The Morrisey and Miller Vitaphone Revue© April 18, 1927Will Morrisey & Midgie Miller with Dave Ferguson, John Agee's dancing bull and "black bottom" horse, the Vitaphone Chorus & Gene Salzer's Orchestra.
488 (NYC)The Barber of Seville© May 6, 1927Giuseppe De Lucafrequently aired on Turner Classic Movies
490 (NYC)A Russian Wedding Celebration© April 19, 1927Moscow Art Ensemble
491 (NYC)Eddie Conrad, Broadway's Favorite Comedian© April 19, 1927Eddie Conrad with Charlotte Conrad & ballerina Marion Eddy
492 (NYC)Johnny Marvin, Musical Comedy Star and Victor Recording Artist© July 2, 1927Johnny Marvin with Murray Kellner on violin, Andy Sannella on guitar and Frank Banta on piano
493 & 494 (NYC)John Charles Thomas and Vivienne Segal© April 18, 1927John Charles Thomas & Vivienne Segal(released as two separate film shorts)
496 (NYC)The Reformer© June 29, 1927Joe Browning
498 (NYC)Beniamino Gigli of the Metropolitan Opera Company© May 6, 1927Beniamino Gigli
499 (NYC)Marion Talley and Beniamino Gigli© June 29, 1927Marion Talley & Beniamino Gigli
500 (NYC)California Collegiansreleased?
501 (NYC)Raymond Eisman, the Little Artist© July 2, 1927Raymond Eisman
503 (NYC)Utica Jubilee Singers© May 7, 1927
505 (NYC)Twinkle TwinkleApril 1927Joe E. BrownVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
507 (NYC)At the Ball GameMay 7, 1927Leo Carrillo
509 (NYC)Giovanni Martinelli Assisted by Louis D'AngeloApril 1927Giovanni Martinelli
510 (NYC)Giovanni MartinelliApril 1927Giovanni Martinelli
512 (NYC)A Song Recital© June 29, 1927Hearst Radio Kids
515 (NYC)The Kouns Sisters, the Mirror Voiced Sopranos© July 2, 1927Nellie & Sarah Kouns
517 (NYC)Beniamino Gigli Singing Selections from Act 2 of the Opera La Gioconda© June 29, 1927Beniamino Gigli
518 (NYC)The Pearl Fishers© March 15, 1928Beniamino Gigli & Giuseppe De Luca
519 (NYC)Florence Moore and Lt. Gitz Rice© February 18, 1928Florence Moore & Lieutenant Gitz Rice
521 (NYC)Carlos Sedano, Celebrated Concert Violinist© June 29, 1927Carlos Sedano
524 (NYC)Rosa Raisa and Giacomo Rimini© May 19, 1927Rosa Raisa & Giacomo Rimini
527 & 528 (NYC)The Yacht Club Boys, Popular Instrumental and Vocal Group© June 29, 1927Yacht Club Boys(released as two separate film shorts)
530 & 531 (NYC)The Record Boys, Radio Winners© June 28, 1927Frank Kamplain, Samuel Step & Al Bernard(released as two separate film shorts)
532 (NYC)The Loomis Twins, Darlings of Songland© June 29, 1927Maxine & Virginia Loomis
534 (NYC)A Few Moments with George Jessel© June 29, 1927George Jessel & Alex Sater
535 (NYC)An Office Scene© June 29, 1927George Jessel, Muriel Gray, Gladys Keck and Charles Canfield
536 & 537 (NYC)Billy Jones & Ernie Hare, the Happiness BoysJune 29, 1927The Happiness Boystwo same titled film shorts; #537 available on Vitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
539 & 540 (NYC)The Sunshine Boys "Triple Alliance of Song, Music and Fun"© June 9, 1927Dave Ringle, Eddie Roth & Billy Sharkey(two separate film shorts)
542 (NYC)Rosa Raisa and Giacomo Rimini (#2)© May 19, 1927Rosa Raisa & Giacomo Rimini
(NYC)Banjo BuddyJune 1927Harold Sandelman
(NYC)Wanda GollJune 1927Wanda Goll
543 (NYC)Pals© July 18, 1927Willie and Eugene Howard
544 (NYC)The Four AristocratsMay 1927 (filming date); © November 3, 1927The Four Aristocrats (Bert Bennett, Fred Weber, Eddie Lewis & Tom Miller)Features "My Regular Gal"; "I'm Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover"; "You'll Never Be Missed a Hundred Years from Now"
545 (NYC)The Four AristocratsMay 1927 (filming date); © November 3, 1927The Four Aristocrats (Bert Bennett, Fred Weber, Eddie Lewis & Tom Miller)Features "A Little Music in the Moonlight"; "I Gotta Get Myself Somebody to Love"; "(The Gang That Sang) Heart of My Heart"
546 (NYC)The Four AristocratsMay 1927 (filming date); © July 11, 1927The Four Aristocrats (Bert Bennett, Fred Weber, Eddie Lewis & Tom Miller)Features "Hello! Swanee - Hello!"; "Don't Sing Aloha When I Go"; "I Never See Maggie Alone"; "Me Too"
547 (NYC)The Four AristocratsMay 1927 (filming date); © July 11, 1927The Four Aristocrats (Bert Bennett, Fred Weber, Eddie Lewis & Tom Miller)Features "Looking at the World thru Rose Colored Glasses"; "Bells of Hawaii"; "Voom Voom"; "The Glow-Worm"; "Sing, Katie"
548 (NYC)Blossom Seeley & Benny Fields© July 11, 1927Blossom Seeley, Benny Fields, the Music Boxes, Chas Bourne & Phil Ellis on pianoThe Jazz Singer DVD
549 (NYC)Six Original Brown Brothers, Saxaphonic Jazz Masters and OrchestraApril 1927Original Brown Brothers
552 (NYC)Call of the Nile© July 11, 1927Charles Hackett
553 (NYC)The Piano Duellists© July 11, 1927Victor Arden & Phil OhmanVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
556-558 (NYC)Cantor Josef RosenblattMay 1927Yossele Rosenblatt
557 (NYC)Senator Edward H. Ford© July 11, 1927Edward H. Ford
560 (NYC)Irving and Jack Kaufman, Harmony SongstersMay 1927Irving Kaufman (singer), Jack Kaufman
562 (NYC)Venita Gould, Famous Star Impersonator© July 18, 1927Venita Gould
563 (NYC)Eddie Conrad, Broadway's Favorite Comedian "So Far So Good"© July 18, 1927Eddie Conrad, ballet with Marion Eddy & Charlotte Conrad
565 (NYC)The Diplomats, High Hat Syncopators of Jazz© July 18, 1927Teddy King, Hal Salies, Johnny Ferrara, Andy Hamilton, Harry Nadell, Walter Read & George Coon
566 (NYC)Aunt Jemima "The Original Fun Flour Maker"© July 18, 1927Tess Gardella with pianist Art Sorenson
568 (NYC)Ernestine Schumann-Heink© July 18, 1927Ernestine Schumann-Heink
570 (NYC)Mike and Meyer© July 18, 1927Joe Weber (vaudevillian) & Lew Fields
571 (NYC)Arnaut Brothers the Famous Loving Birds© July 18, 1927John & Rene Arnaut
572 (NYC)In a Casting Office© July 18, 1927Willie and Eugene Howard with Sonia Jackson
573 (NYC)Frances Williams, Broadway's Queen of Jazz© July 18, 1927Frances Williams with Leo Feiner & the Vitaphone Symphony
574 (NYC)Biff and Bang Fisticuffs Funsters "Winner By A Nose"© July 18, 1927Ivan Falkenstein, Milton Weiss & Eddie Lewis
608 (NYC)Frank Moulan, Comedian and Comic Song Writer© August 8, 1927Frank Moulan
609 (NYC)The Four Buddies, Harmony Songsters© August 22, 1927Leonard Saxon, Philip Duey, James Waites and Henry Shope
610 (NYC)The Gale Brothers, Juvenile Comedians© August 8, 1927Abraham & Isadore Gale
611 (NYC)Adele Le Narr, the Wonder Kid of VaudevilleJune 1927Adele Le Narr
612 (NYC)The Merl Twins, Syncopating Songsters© August 8, 1927Belle & Cecille Merl
613 (NYC)Knight MacGregor© August 8, 1927Knight MacGregor with pianist Edna Wallace
614 (NYC)Horace Britt© August 22, 1927Horace Britt with pianist Ruth M. Connist
616 (NYC)Roselle and Mack, Song and Dance ThrillersJune 1927Mildred Rosenburg & Max Epstein
617 (NYC)Bob MacGregor, Radio's Scotch Comedian© August 22, 1927Bob MacGregor with Elspeth Brownwell at piano
619 (NYC)Harry Montgomery the Humorologist© August 22, 1927Harry Montgomery
623 (NYC)Miller and Farrell, Society's Favorite EntertainersJune 1927James Miller & Charles Farell
625 (NYC)The Freeman Sisters, Sunshine Spreaders from Roxy's Gang© August 22, 1927Mildred & Marjorie Freeman
(NYC)Bert Fiske(released?)Bert Fiske
(NYC)Radio Station(released?)Harry Downing
2101 (LA)Those Pullman Brothers, the Kings of Harmony© August 8, 1927Bryan Foy (director), Pullman Brothers
2102 (LA)A Night at Coffee Dan's (Ten Minutes at Coffee Dan's)© August 15, 1927Bryan Foy (director); William Demarest, Hutchings & Holloway, Nita Martan & Miss Gogo
2103 (LA)Banjomania© August 22, 1927Bryan Foy (director); Eddie Peabody
2104 (LA)Visions of Spain© August 22, 1927Lina Basquette, Sam Ash & Arthur Kay conducting the Vitaphone Orchestra
2105 (LA)Hot Songs and Hot Fingers© August 8, 1927The Trigg Brothers (Johnny & Jack Trigg) with John Maxwell & the Vitaphone Orchestra
2106 (LA)Allan Prior, Famous Australian Tenor and Star of "The Student Prince"© September 13, 1927Bryan Foy (director), Allan Prior
2107 (LA)The College Boy and California Medley Girls© September 13, 1927Bryan Foy (director); George Givot, Pearl Leonard & Nina Hinds
2108 (LA)The Accordion Man and Girl ImitatorJune 1927Bryan Foy (director); Dorothy Murray & Earl La Vere with De Sues, Furney & Johnson
2109 (LA)Carolynne Snowden & Co. - Colored Syncopation© August 4, 1927Carolynne Snowden, Henry "Tin Can" Allen, Harvey Oliver Brooks & Thomas Valentine
2110 (LA)Cockatoos at Their Best© September 13, 1927Bryan Foy (director); Fritz Landes
2111 (LA)Sherry Louise Marshall and the Three Bad Boys© October 17, 1927Bryan Foy (director), Sherry Louise Marshall, Cliff Sherry, Gene Warren & Bud Foster
2112 (LA)Hazel Green and Company© September 13, 1927Bryan Foy (director), Hazel GreenThe Jazz Singer DVD
2113 (LA)Russ Wildey and Billy Sheehan "Famous Radio and Vaudeville Artists"© September 13, 1927Bryan Foy (director); Accompanied by Arthur Kay & the Vitaphone Orchestra.
2114 (LA)Carnival Night in Paris© December 4, 1927Henry Halstead Orchestra with Betty Patrick
2115 (LA)Doris Duncan, Herring and Zeb© October 17, 1927Bryan Foy (director), Doris Duncan
2116 (LA)Cliff Nazarro "Versatile Young Artist" and the Two Marjories© October 17, 1927Bryan Foy (director); Cliff Nazarro
2117 (LA)In a Blacksmith's Shop© November 8, 1927Bryan Foy (director); J. Delon Jewkes & the Blacksmiths
2118 (LA)Auriole Craven the Dancing Violinist© September 13, 1927Auriole Craven
2119 (LA)O'Neil and Vermont, the Two Dark Knights© December 27, 1927O'Neil & Vermont
2120 (LA)The Cruse Brothers "Missouri Sheiks" with "Old Time Melodies in an Old Time Way"© November 3, 1927The Cruse Brothers
2121 (LA)The Beauty of Old Time Music© November 8, 1927Bryan Foy (director); the Three Colonial Girls (Louise Klos, Anna Timmnr and Jeanette Rogers)
2122 (LA)Joseph Diskay, the Hungarian Tenor© November 3, 1927Joseph Diskay
2123 (LA)Reb Spikes and His Follies Entertainers (Premiere Colored Orchestra with Dancers)Bryan Foy (director), Reb Spikes© October 17, 1927
2124 (LA)The Cruse Brothers, the Arkansaw Trio© September 13, 1927The Cruse Brothers
2125 (LA)Don Cummings the Drawing Room Roper© October 18, 1927Bryan Foy (director), Don Cummings
2126 (LA)Joe Wong the Chinese Jazz Boy© October 17, 1927Joe Wong
2127 (LA)High Up and Low Down© October 17, 1927Bryan Foy (director); Harry & Dan Downing
2128 (LA)Jane Pursell, Hollywood's Radio Girl© October 17, 1927Jane Pursell
2129 (LA)The Boob and His Harmonica© October 17, 1927Britt Wood
2130 (LA)Amateur NightOctober 17, 1927Bryan Foy (director); William Demarest & Bessie Love
2131 (LA)Personalities© October 17, 1927Bryan Foy (director); Florrie Le Vere & Lou Handman
2132 (LA)The Hoot Gibson Trio "The Hawaiian Serenaders"© November 3, 1927The Hoot Gibson Trio
2133 (LA)The Lash© November 3, 1927Bryan Foy (director); Hal Crane, William B. Davidson, Richard Tucker & others
2135 (LA)The Talking Violin and the Blues SingerAugust 1927Wade Watts & Bobby Gilbert
2136 (LA)Gus Arnheim & His Ambassadors© January 30, 1928Gus Arnheim
2137 (LA)Tuning In© November 3, 1927Bryan Foy (director); Murray Roth (story)
2138 (LA)Night Court© November 28, 1927Bryan Foy (director); Murray Roth (story); William DemarestThe Jazz Singer DVD
2139 (LA)The Serpentine© December 29, 1927Bryan Foy (director); Elmira Lane & the Vitaphone Girls
2140 (LA)Lillian Crowell and Ty Parvis, Vaudeville's Talented Children© November 3, 1927Lillian Crowell & Ty Parvis
2141 (LA)Realization© November 3, 1927Bryan Foy (director); Hugh Herbert, Anita Pam & Lee Kinney
2142 (LA)The Friars in a Monastery Cellar© November 3, 1927The Monastery Quartet
2143 (LA)When the Wife's Away© November 28, 1927Bryan Foy (director); Mabel Normandie & William Demarest
2144 (LA)The Land of Harmony© November 28, 1927Bartram & Saxton
2145 (LA)The Sweet Long Ago© November 28, 1927Alice Wellman & Paul Russell
2146 (LA)Two Doves in Dark Days© November 28, 1927Walter Weams & Ed Garr
2147 (LA)The Hostess© November 28, 1927Sally Fields (billed as "America's Greatest Entertainer")
2148 (LA)Solly Ward the "Foremost German Comedian" at the Party© November 28, 1927Bryan Foy (director), Solly Ward
2149 (LA)The Hunt: Hunting Songs© December 29, 1927Frolicker's Quartet & Vernon Rickard
2149 (LA)French Leave "War Days In the Trenches"© November 23, 1927Bryan Foy (director); Mildred Bailey & the Frolickers Quartette
2150 (LA)Jane and Katherine Lee© December 4, 1927Jane & Katherine Lee
2159 (LA)Buddy Cooper and Sammy Stept, Song Hit Writers© December 8, 1927Buddy Cooper & Sammy Stept
2160 (LA)Frank and Teddy Sabini, Popular Italian Comedians© December 4, 1927Frank & Teddy Sabini
2169 (LA)Non-Support© December 4, 1927Bryan Foy (director); Burr McIntish with Paul Kruger, Bonie Jean DeBard, Linda Ann Corlin & Harry Foy
2170 (LA)Phedre Overture© December 29, 1927Herman Heller & Vitaphone Symphony Orchestra
2178 (LA)Two Doves Flying High© December 4, 1927Walter Weams & Ed Garr
2179 (LA)StrandedDecember 8, 1927Richard Carle
2180 (LA)Hurley, Putnam and Snell, Popular Song Trio© December 8, 1927Hurley, Putnam & Snell
2188 (LA)The Tout© December 8, 1927Frank Gaby
2189 (LA)Arthur Pat West and His Middies "Syncopated Blues Players"© December 8, 1927Arthur Pat West
2190 (LA)Leon Navara in a Pianologue© December 8, 1927Leon Navara
2199 (LA)A Lesson in Golf© December 8, 1927Alex J. Morrison & Walter Weams
2233 (LA)A Man of Peace© April 21, 1928Hobart Bosworth with Charles Middleton & Ann McCay
2234 (LA)The Death Ship© June 2, 1928Jose Jackson (story); Mitchell Lewis, Jason Robards, Sr. & Elizabeth PageVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2239 (LA)Sunny California© May 1, 1928May McAvoy with Neely Edwards, Richard Carle & Arthur Collins
2240 (LA)Solomon's Children© December 27, 1927Bryan Foy (director); Hugh Herbert
2242 (LA)Dream Café© December 27, 1927Jimmy ClemonsVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2243 (LA)Jolly Fanny Rice In "Types"© December 27, 1927Fanny Rice
2244 (LA)Putting It On© December 27, 1927Bryan Foy (director); Claudia Coleman
2245 (LA)Lynn Cowan Master of Ceremonies and Song Writer - Original Songs© December 27, 1927Lynn Cowan
2246 (LA)The Eternal Barrier© December 29, 1927Sarah Padden
2247 (LA)All In (For) Fun© December 29, 1927Charles Smith (story), John Hyams & Leila McIntire
2249 (LA)Campus Capers© February 4, 1928The Collegiate Four
2250 (LA)A Spanish Serenade© February 4, 1928The La Valles
2251 (LA)The Worrier© February 4, 1928Richard Carle
2252 (LA)The Author© February 4, 1928Bryan Foy (director); Walter Weems & Leo Sulkey
2253 (LA)Songs and Dances© January 21, 1928Dodie Coyle & Bobby Weir
2254 (LA)A Neapolitan Romance© February 4, 1928Pasquale Amato & Lillian Miles (on piano)
2255 (LA)Men Among Men© January 21, 1928Bryan Foy (director); Fred Ardath
2256 (LA)Clair Omar Musser, the World's Foremost Marimbaphonist© January 21, 1928Clair Omar Musser
2257 (LA)Two Doves Scared Stiff© February 4, 1928Walter Weems & Ed Garr
2258 (LA)Lynn Cowan, Vitaphone Community Singer© December 27, 1927Lynn Cowan
2259 (LA)The Lemon© February 4, 1928Hugh Herbert
2260 (LA)Master Gilbert, Sensational Child Artist© January 21, 1928Master Gilbert
2261 (LA)Harry Wayman & His Debutantes (Premiere Feminine Jazz Band)© February 4, 1928Harry WaymanVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
2262 (LA)A Garden of Songs© January 21, 1928The Harrington Sisters
2263 (LA)His Night Out© February 17, 1928Bryan Foy (director); John Miljan
2264 (LA)Playing Pranks With Webster© February 4, 1928Johnny Hyman
2266 (LA)Gene Morgan, the West's Comedian and His Orchestra© February 17, 1928Gene Morgan
2267 (LA)Rin Tin Tin and His Owner, Mr. Lee DuncanFebruary 4, 1928Rin Tin Tin
2268 (LA)Souvenirs© February 17, 1928Sarah Padden, Allen Stansell & Molly Fisher
2269 (LA)Haleyisms© February 17, 1928Jack Haley & Flo McFadden
2270 (LA)Frank Richardson, the Joy Boy of Song© February 17, 1928Frank Richardson
2271 (LA)Bartch-A-Kalloop© February 10, 1928Steve Freda & Johnny Palace
2272 (LA)Coscia and Verdi, Music Glorified, Classified and Mortified© March 15, 1928Phil Coscia & Al Verdi
2273 (LA)The Book WormJanuary 4, 1928Bryan Foy (director); Harry Conley, Ethel De Voe & Duncan HarrisVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2274 (LA)Abe Lyman Orchestra "Syncopated Symphony"© February 18, 1928Abe Lyman Band with Jimmy Ray
2275 (LA)On the Air: An All Star Playlet© February 18, 1928John Maxwell, Hugh Herbert, Fanny Rice & Harry Downing
2276 (LA)Proff Moore and His Hotel Orchestra "California’s King of Harmony"© February 15, 1929Proff Moore & His Roosevelt Hotel Orchestra
2277 (LA)A Few Minutes in the Mines© March 3, 1928Flynn O'Malley, Vernon Rickard & the Black Diamond Four Quartette
2278 (LA)Character StudiesJanuary 4, 1928Montague LoveVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2279 (LA)The Beast© February 18, 1928Irene Rich with John Miljan & Barry Townly
2280 (LA)The Imperial Russian Cossacks© March 3, 1928
2281 & 2282 (LA)The Florentine Choir "Italy's Greatest Ensemble"© February 18, 1928The Florentine Choir(released as two similar titled films)
2283 (LA)The Fashion Plates of Harmony© March 3, 1928Messrs. Reese, R.L. Williams & Maginetti
2284 (LA)Lucky in Love© March 15, 1928Bryan Foy (director?); Clyde Cook, Hugh Herbert
2285 (LA)Earl Burtnett and His Biltmore Hotel Orchestra© March 3, 1928Earl BurtnettVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
2286 (LA)Earl Burtnett and His Biltmore Hotel Orchestra© March 3, 1928Earl Burtnett
2290 (LA)Papa's Vacation© March 31, 1928Bryan Foy (director); William Demarest
2291 (LA)Vincent Rose and Jackie Taylor and Their Hollywood Montmartre Orchestra© March 3, 1928Vincent Rose & Jackie Taylor
2292 (LA)Vincent Rose and Jackie Taylor with the Hollywood Montmartre OrchestraSeptember 30, 1928 (Film Daily review)Vincent Rose & Jackie Taylor
2300 (LA)Juvenile Musicians© March 31, 1928Charles D. McCoy's Newsboys Harmonica Band
2309 (LA)Nat Carr, Character Comedian© December 8, 1927Nat Carr
2310 (LA)The Herman Music Box© March 31, 1928Jack Lipton & Lola Terrell
2318 (LA)East Side West Side© December 29, 1927Joe Weston & Collette Lyons
2319 (LA)Ten Minutes© March 3, 1928Robert T. Haines with Guy d'Ennery
2320 (LA)The Police QuartetteDecember 29, 1927Los Angeles Police singing groupThe Jazz Singer DVD
2328 (LA)In the Park© February 18, 1928Brown & Whitaker
2329 (LA)Frank Richardson, the Joy Boy of Song #2© February 18, 1928Frank Richardson
2338 (LA)Abe Lyman and His Orchestra© February 18, 1928Abe Lyman and His OrchestraVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD; aka "Maestro of Syncopated Symphony"
2347 (LA)Jimmy Lyons, the General of Hilarity© April 21, 1928Jimmy Lyons
2369 (LA)The Foreigner© April 30, 1928Leo Carrillo
2379 (LA)Charles Hackett, Leading Tenor of the Chicago Opera Company - Schubert's "Who Is Sylvia"© July 1, 1928Charles Hackett


Listed by Vitaphone number. Filmed in 1928 in Hollywood unless marked (NYC)

#TitleRelease, copyright or review datePerformers (and credited director)Notes
2232Two Boys and a Piano© March 15, 1928Brooks & Ross
2235Hollywood Bound© June 4, 1928Gladys Brockwell, James Bradburry, Neely Edwards, Anita Pam & Allan SearsVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2236When East Meets West© March 15, 1928Ray Mayer & Edith EvansThe Jazz Singer DVD
2237Miss InformationApril 10, 1928Bryan Foy & F. Hugh Herbert (directors); Lois Wilson, Edward Everett Horton, Allan Sears & others
2238The Question of TodayMarch 15, 1928Lloyd Bacon (director); Audrey Ferris, Landers Stevens & others
2265A Laugh or Two© February 4, 1928Russ Brown & Jean WhittakerVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2285Earl Burtnett and His Biltmore Hotel OrchestraMarch 3, 1928Earl BurtnettVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2286Earl Burtnett and His Biltmore Hotel OrchestraMarch 3, 1928Earl Burtnett
2287Overtones© March 15, 1928Ursula Faucit, Elizabeth Page & others
2288Vitaphone Community Sing #2© July 24, 1928Lynn Cowan
2289The Notre Dame Glee Club© April 30, 1928Joseph J. Casasanta (conductor)
2293The Morrissey & Miller Night Club Revue© May 19, 1928Bryan Foy (director); Will Morrisey & Midgie Miller with Harry Downing, Charlotte DeLovelace, Vina & Arthur and Sammy CantorVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2294Earl Burtnett and His Biltmore Hotel Orchestra© March 3, 1928; September 29, 1928 (Film Daily review)Earl BurtnettVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
2295Earl Burtnett and His Biltmore Hotel Orchestra© March 3, 1928Earl BurtnettVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2296Billy & Elsa Newell, Those Hot TamalesApril 30, 1928Billy & Elsa Newell
2297The Movie Chatterbox© April 10, 1928Polly Moran
2298Ted Doner "Broadway's Favorite Dancing Man" and His Sunkist BeautiesMarch 31, 1928Ted Doner
2299Xavier Cugat and His Gigolos: A Spanish EnsembleMarch 25, 1928 (Film Daily review)Xavier Cugat
2339The Cowboy and the Girl© April 21, 1928Ray Mayer & Edith EvansVitaphone Varieties Vol. 3 (Warner Archive) DVD
2348Stories in SongMarch 18, 1928 (Film Daily review)Adele Rowland with Mildred Brown (piano)The Jazz Singer DVD
2349The Jazzmania Quintette© April 10, 1928Georgie Stoll & Edythe FlynnThe Jazz Singer DVD
2358Herbert Rawlinson, the Monologist of the Screen© June 2, 1928Herbert Rawlinson
2359Renee Tumanova and Company, Three Russian Gypsies© May 19, 1928Renee Tumanova
2368Lead Kindly Light© July 23, 1928Irene Rich
2409Jimmy Lyons© February 4, 1928Jimmy Lyons
2418Retribution© June 14, 1928Archie Mayo (director); Henry B. Walthall, Tom McGuire & Ed CaneVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2430General Vitaphone Trailer© March 31, 1928Conrad Nagel
2517–2518 (two-reeler)The Prediction© July 10, 1928Hugh Herbert with Anita Pam, Otto Lederer & Guy D'Enner
2538Dorothy Whitmore, the Popular Prima Donna in a Song Recital© September 5, 1928Dorothy Whitmore
2539Seven Minutes of Your Time© September 5, 1928Benny Rubin
2540By the Campfire© May 19, 1928Xavier Cugat & Company (Melodious Gypsies)
2541The Ice Man© May 19, 1928Murray Roth (director); Charles Rogers
2542Character Songs© June 2, 1928Harry Delf
2543A Colorful Sermon© May 19, 1928Bert SworVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2544Ducks and Deducts© May 19, 1928Bert Swor
2545Mme Rosa Raisa (Soprano of the Chicago Opera Company) "Goodbye Forever" & "Eli Eli"© May 19, 1928Rosa Raisa
2546Mme Rosa Raisa "Plaisir d'Amour" & "La Paloma"© May 19, 1928Rosa Raisa
2547Vitaphone Community Sing #1© March 3, 1928Lynn Cowan
2548Stop and Go© November 6, 1928Eddie Nelson with Jack Lipson
2550The Movie Man© June 2, 1928Charles Rogers with Violet Palmer, Walter Rodgers & Louise Carver
2551Soup© June 2, 1928Harry Delf
2552The Hell Gate of Soissons© August 14, 1928Leo Carillo
2553Jest Moments© July 1, 1928The Klein Brothers
2554Wanted - a Man© August 25, 1928Daphne Pollard
2555Charles Irwin, the Debonair Humorist© July 1, 1928Charles Irwin
2556The Globe Trotters© July 1, 1928Bill Bailey & Barnum
2557Without a Band© July 1, 1928Bill Bailey & Barnum
2558Two White Elephants© July 1, 1928Bill Bailey & Barnum
2559In a Music Shop© July 12, 1928Eddie Peabody
2560Banjoland© June 2, 1928Eddie Peabody with Jimmy MaiselVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
2561Keep Smiling© July 1, 1928Ed Lowry & His Orchestra
2562The Larry Ceballos RevueMarch 1928Larry Ceballos accompanied by Owen Fallon's Orchestra, Al Herman Badger & Lory, Irma, Dot & Ama Lou
2563Giving In© July 1, 1928Murray Roth (director); Harry Delf, Hedda Hopper & others
2565The Happy Jester© July 1, 1928Ed Lowry
2566Dixie Days "Negro Spirituals"© August 18, 1928Dixie Days
2567Cleo to Cleopatra© June 30, 1928Daphne Pollard
2568–2569 (two-reeler)Wives, etc.© June 30, 1928Bryan Foy (director); Charles Ruggles
2570Glorifying the American Song© July 1, 1928The Brox Sisters
2571Down South© July 1, 1928The Brox Sisters
2572The Band Beautiful© June 30, 1928The Ingenues All-Girl OrchestraThe Jazz Singer DVD
2572 & 2573The Ingenues the Syncopating Sweeties© June 15, 1928The Ingenues(two separate film shorts)
2574A Little Bit of Everything© July 1, 1928Eddie Quillan & Marie Quillan
2575–2576 (two-reeler)The Swelled Head (The Swellhead)© July 14, 1928Eddie Foy, Jr. & Bessie Love
2577Sharps and Flats© July 24, 1928Jimmy Conlin & Myrtle GlassVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2578Assassin of Grief and Remorse© July 24, 1928Al Herman & His Troubadors
2579Foys for Joys© July 1, 1928Bryan Foy (director); Eddie Foy, Jr. & the Foy Family
2580Chips of the Old BlockJuly 1, 1928Bryan Foy (director); Eddie Foy, Jr. & the Foy FamilyThe Jazz Singer DVD
2581The Ham What Am© June 30, 1928Jay C. FlippenVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2583Songalogue© July 31, 1928Dolly Connolly & Percy Wenrich
2584Gus Arnheim and His AmbassadorsJuly 15, 1928 (Film Daily review)Gus Arnheim, Harry Robison & Russ ColumboThe Jazz Singer DVD
2585Gus Arnheim and His Cocoanut Grove OrchestraJuly 1928Gus ArnheimVitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
2586Cut Yourself a Piece of Cake© June 30, 1928Val & Ernie StantonVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2587English As She Is Not Spoken© June 30, 1928Val & Ernie StantonVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2588Terry and Jerry© July 14, 1928Fields & Johnston
2589Don't Handle the Goods© August 25, 1928Frank Browne & Kay LaVelle
2590Don't Be Jealous© August 18, 1928Joe E. Brown with Harry Downing, Eugene Pallette & Patricia Caron
2591Winnie Lightner the Song a Minute GirlJune 30, 1928Winnie Lightner
2592Winnie Lightner Broadway's FavoriteJune 30, 1928Winnie Lightner
2593The Arkansas TravelersJune 30, 1928Meyers & Hanford
2595Dick Rich and His Melodious Monarchs© July 24, 1928Dick Rich, Cheri Rich (ventriloquist)The Jazz Singer DVD & Vitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2596Joseph E. Howard, America's Popular Composer© July 24, 1928Joseph E. HowardVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
2597Bright Moments© July 30, 1928Jack Benny & "Sayde" Marks (Mary Livingstone)(very first Benny film may, unfortunately, be lost)
2598Chief Caupolican, the Indian Baritone© August 18, 1928Chief Caupolican
2599Thanksgiving Day© August 18, 1928Harry Kelly, Cornelius Keefe, Harry Wardell & Walter RodgersVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2600Miss Ann Grey and Her Boy Friends© August 27, 1928Ann Grey
2607–2608 (two-reeler)A Regular Business Man© August 18, 1928Robert Ober with John Sainpolis (St. Polis), Margery Meadows and Lucille Beaumont
2609Homer Dickinson, Broadway's Smart (Musical) Comedy Star© August 27, 1928Homer Dickinson
2610The Hi-HatterJune 1928Jack Inglis
2620A Friend of Father's© August 18, 1928Al Lydell & Bobby Higgins
2628Joseph Regan, America's Foremost Irish Tenor© December 8, 1928Joseph Regan
2629Here Comes the Bridesmaid© March 12, 1929Janet Adair
2640The Aristocrats© March 12, 1929Born & Lawrence
2640The Sideshow© March 20, 1929Doc Salomon (director); Jack Born & Elmer Lawrence
2648–2649 (two-reeler)Ain't It the Truth: A Comedy in Manners© March 9, 1929William B. Davidson, Grace Valentine, Dot Farley & Patricia Caron
2650A Musicale Melange© March 12, 1929Kjerulf's Mayfair Quintette (Barbara Kjerulf, Myra Dennis, Gladys Hubmer & Ida Schultz)Vitaphone Varieties Vol. 3 (Warner Archive) DVD
2659The Broadway Minstrel© January 28, 1929Murray Roth (director); Sam Coslow & June Clyde
2660How's Your Stock?© September 22, 1928Murray Roth & Bryan Foy (directors); Charlie Sellon
2661Larry Ceballos' Undersea RevueSeptember 2, 1928 (Film Daily review)Larry Ceballos, Jimmy Clemons & Lyda Roberti
2662TypesAugust 19, 1928 (Film Daily review)Karyl Norman
2663Silks and Satins© August 20, 1928Karyl Norman with Bob Hammill
2664–2665 (two-reeler)Across the Border© August 27, 1928Sarah Padden, Frank Campeau & Roy Stewart
2666–2667 (two-reeler)Sharp ToolsOctober 7, 1928Willard Mack (director); Ethel Grey Terry, William B. Davidson & others
2668A Bit of Scotch© August 27, 1928Kitty Doner
2669A Famous Male ImpersonatorSeptember 5, 1928Kitty Doner
2670Archie Gottler, His Songs are Sung in a Million Homes© August 27, 1928Archie Gottler, Babe Glick & Peggy Rollins
2677–2678 (two-reeler)The AlibiJune 1928Kenneth Harlan
2679Dank You© September 12, 1928Joe Burns & Murray Kissen
2680Vitaphone Community Singing #3© August 27, 1928Lynn Cowan
2685Just Crooning Along© September 5, 1928The Croonaders
2686The Beau Brummels© September 22, 1928Al Shaw & Sam LeeThe Jazz Singer DVD
2687The RewardJuly 1928Bryan Foy (director); Louis Bennison
2689I Thank You© September 12, 1928Eddie WhiteVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2691A Breath of Broadway© September 5, 1928Jack WaldronVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2692Melody LaneJuly 1928The Dennis Sisters
2693Larry Ceballos' Crystal Cave RevueNovember 18, 1928 (Film Daily review)Larry Ceballos
2694A Rope and a Story© October 18, 1928Tex McLeod
2695The Northern Patrol© November 6, 1928Mounted Police Quartette
2696Chaz Chase, the Unique Comedian© October 18, 1928Chaz ChaseVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
2697A Singing ActSeptember 2, 1928 (Film Daily review)Bell & Coates
2698HorsesJuly 1928Benny Rubin
2699A Cycle of SongsSeptember 2, 1928Florence BradyVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2700Feminine Types© December 8, 1928Jean Barrios
2702De La Plaza and Juanita with Their Spanish Serenaders© December 13, 1928De La Plaza, Juanita, Alma Real, Royale Filipino Band
2703Small Town RamblesJanuary 27, 1929 (Film Daily review)Al Abbott
2704A Family Affair© January 28, 1929Murray Roth (director); Arthur Byron with Kate, Eileen & Kathryn Byron
2705Irene Franklin, the American Comedienne© January 14, 1929Irene Franklin & Jerry Jarnagin
2707Songs and Things© January 28, 1929Jack Norworth
2708Give Us a Lift© December 13, 1928Bryan Foy (director); Flo Lewis & Leo Karlyn
270942nd Street ("Zweiundvierzigste Strasse")January 19, 1929Frank Orth & Ann CodeeGerman and French version of AFTER THE HONEYMOON (qv)
2710After the HoneymoonJanuary 19, 1929Frank Orth & Ann Codee
2730Jesse Stafford Orchestra, World Famous MusicianOctober 28, 1928Jesse Stafford, the Lucas Brothers
2731The Bad, Bad Woman© October 18, 1928Dora Maughan & Walter Fehl
2732Song Impressions© October 18, 1928Dora Maughan & Walter FehlVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2733Donald Brian, America's Foremost Musical Comedy Star© February 9, 1929Donald Brian
2734Character StudiesSeptember 2, 1928 (Film Daily review)Murray Roth (director); Florence Brady
2735A Breeze from the South© December 1, 1928Gilbert WellsVitaphone Varieties Vol. 3 (Warner Archive) DVD
2736Melodious Moments© October 18, 1928The CroonadersVitaphone Varieties Vol. 3 (Warner Archive) DVD
2737Idle Chatter© December 1, 1928Kramer & Boyle
2739Popular Songs© November 28, 1928Anna Chandler
2741Songs and ImpressionsAugust 1928Mary Marlowe & JordanVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2743Number PleaseAugust 1928Ruth Warren
2744The Gatling GunAugust 1928Bert Hanlon
2745The Song Bird© December 1, 1928Stewart Brady
2746Singin' the BluesJuly 1928Jane Green & Ron Wilson
2747Bert Hanlon with Doris CanfieldAugust 1928Bert Hanlon & Doris Canfield
2748The Gyp© December 8, 1928Fern Redmond & Herman Wells
2750The Melody GirlJuly 1928Jane Green & Ron Wilson
2753Bedtime© March 20, 1929Harry Hollingsworth & Nan Crawford
2754Spring Has ComeAugust 1928Pert Kelton
2755Two Black Aces (A Pair of Aces)© December 8, 1928Slim Timblin & Billy Raymond
2756The Ban-Jokester© November 24, 1928Jack North
2757Fair Days© November 24, 1928Val Harris & Ann Howe
2758In Dutch© December 1, 1928Ulis & Clarke
2759Larry Ceballos' Roof Garden Revue© November 14, 1928Larry Ceballos & the Adagio DancersThe Jazz Singer DVD
2759The Wild Westerner© November 14, 1928Val Harris & Ann HoweVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2762The Beauty Shop© December 1, 1928Mary Haynes
2763The Lady That's Known LouDecember 1, 1928Mary Haynes
2766Cross Words© November 24, 1928Newhoff & Phelps
2767Sing, Sister, SingSeptember 1928Hazel Kennedy
2768Neighbors© December 8, 1928Jack Baxley & Babette Wilson
2769I'm Afraid That's All© December 8, 1928Red Corcoran
2770A Little ConversationSeptember 1928Bert Hanlon & Doris Canfield
2783Songs As You Like Them© December 8, 1928Irene Stone & Esther Larette
2784A Group of Songs© November 24, 1928Jay Velie
2785A Little Bit of This and That(never released)Frank Shaw
2786King and BolesOctober 1928
2788Not for MeOctober 1928Murray Roth (director); Miss Juliet
2789Al Lyons and His Four Horsemen (aka "My Musical Melange")© January 28, 1929Al Lyons, Jack Beardsley, D.M. Taylor, Neal Castagnoli & Edith MurrayVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2790Jan Rubini "The Violin Virtuoso" with Vernon RickardJanuary 27, 1929 (Film Daily review)Murray Roth (director); Jan Rubini
2791My Bag O' Trix© January 14, 1929Trixie FriganzaThe Jazz Singer DVD
2793Army DaysNovember 1928Murray Roth (director); Lieutenant Clifford Carling
2795An Everyday Occurrence© May 27, 1929Murray Roth (director); Wilbur Mack & Gertrude Purdy
2796Here Comes the Show Boat© April 6, 1929Murray Roth (director); Dave Bernie's Orchestra
2797Dave Bernie's Orchestra© April 20, 1929Murray Roth (director); Dave Bernie
2798Stranded in Paris© March 12, 1929Ann Codee & Frank Orth
2800What Price Burlesque?November 1928Murray Roth (director); Sammy Cohen
2814Red Hot Harmony© March 12, 1929Murray Roth (director); The Serenaders
2815The Sunshine Girl© March 12, 1929Murray Roth (director); Hope Vernon
2816The Land of Harmony© February 9, 1929The Plantation Trio
2817Who Is She?November 1928Murray Roth (director); Joseph Bernard
2819Roy Fox, the Whispering Cornetist© March 12, 1929Murray Roth (director); Roy Fox & His Montmarte Café OrchestraVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
2820The GladiatorNovember 1928Murray Roth (director); Jimmy Conlin & Myrtle Glass
2837The Fall Guy© May 12, 1929Murray Roth (director); Ray Hughes & Pam
2838Syncopated Breezes© March 12, 1929Murray Roth (director); Bobby Gillette & Doris Walker
2839A Modern PriscillaMarch 10, 1929 (Film Daily review)Murray Roth (director); Bobby Folsom
2840The PicadillyNovember 1928Murray Roth (director); William DuCalion
2849–2850 (two-reeler)GossipMarch 31, 1929 (Film Daily review)Bryan Foy (director); Robert Emmet Keane, John Milijan & Claire WhitneyVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2868The Night Club Favorite© March 9, 1929Murray Roth (director); Joe E. Lewis
2869Flaming Youth© March 7, 1929Murray Roth (director); Little Billy
2870Artistic Mimicry© March 20, 1929Murray Roth (director); Bruce Bowers
2883The Paragons in the TropicsMarch 10, 1929 (Film Daily review)Doc Salomon (director); The Paragons & Doris Walker
2885The Country Gentlemen© January 28, 1929Murray Roth (director); Jack Born & Elmer LawrenceVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2888Headin' South© April 6, 1929The Three Brox Sisters
2889Tin Pan Alley© January 28, 1929Murray Roth (director); Dave Dreyer & Nora Schiller
2899Harmony As You Like ItDecember 1928Doc Salomon (director); Bert Rome & Henry Dunn
2900After the RoundupDecember 1928Doc Salomon (director); The RangersVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2910The Champion Golfer© March 16, 1929Doc Salomon (director); Ben Bard & Bob Callahan
2919Ship Ahoy© March 12, 1929Doc Salomon (director); Arthur "Pat" West, Sidney Dalbrock & Harris GordonVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2940Pigskin Troubles© March 7, 1929Jack Born & Elmer LawrenceVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
2968Guido Deiro, World's Foremost Piano-Accordionist© March 20, 1929Guido DieroVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
702 (NYC)Eddie Lambert, America's Foremost Concert Pianist© January 28, 1929Eddie Lambert
703 (NYC)Frank Whitman, the Surprising Fiddler© January 22, 1929Bryan Foy (director); Frank WhitmanVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
704 (NYC)Jack Goldie, the Ace of Spades© January 28, 1929Bryan Foy (director); Jack Goldie


Filmed in 1929 in Hollywood (LA) and Brooklyn (NYC).

#TitleRelease, copyright or review datePerformers (and credited director)Notes
(NYC)Jan Gerber & His Little Club OrchestraJanuary 1929Jan Gerber
2570 (NYC)Glorifying the Popular Song© October 29, 1929Murray Roth (director); Ruth Etting
2575 (NYC)John Miller and James Mack, the Bing BoysJanuary 1929John Miller & James Mack
2590 (NYC)Joe E. Brown Personal Appearance TrailerMay 1929Joe E. Brown
451 (NYC)Madame Frances Alda© August 30, 1929Murray Roth (director); Frances Alda
705 (NYC)Lerdo's Mexican Orchestra© March 19, 1929
706 (NYC)Tajado's Tipica Orchestra© March 20, 1929
707 (NYC)Mexican Tipica Orchestra© February 15, 1929
708 (NYC)Back from Abroad© March 9, 1929McKay & Ardine
709 (NYC)Sol Violinsky, the Eccentric Entertainer© September 28, 1929Sol ViolinskyThe Jazz Singer DVD
710 (NYC)Green's Twentieth Century Faydetts© March 20, 1929Charles Green, Nina GreyThe Jazz Singer DVD
711 (NYC)Green's Flapperettes© March 7, 1929
712 (NYC)Songs As You Like Them© February 25, 1929Jim & Betty Morgan
713 (NYC)Frances Shelley, the Girl with the Guitar© February 15, 1929Frances Shelley
714 (NYC)A Few Absurd Moments© March 12, 1929Stanley & Ginger
715 (NYC)The Original Hillbillies© March 7, 1929The "North Carolina Jazz Band" featuring Al Hopkins
716 (NYC)Miss Marcelle Singing Southern Syncopated Songs© March 20, 1929Miss Marcelle
717 (NYC)A Journey of Songs© March 19, 1929Jay Velie
718 (NYC)Songs of Love© March 7, 1929Jay Velie
719 (NYC)Blondes That Gentlemen PreferFebruary 24, 1929 (Film Daily review)Neal Sisters
720 (NYC)The Corner Store© March 20, 1929Murray Roth (director); Fred Ardath
721 (NYC)Fannie Ward the Miracle WomanMarch 24, 1929 (Film Daily review)Fannie Ward
722-723 (NYC, two-reeler)The Music MakersApril 7, 1929Bryan Foy (director); Willie and Eugene Howard
724 (NYC)A Bad Boy from a Good Family© March 12, 1929Phil Baker
725 (NYC)In Spain© March 12, 1929Phil Baker
726 (NYC)Mirth and Melody© March 7, 1929Dorothy & Rosetta Ryan
727 (NYC)Frank Crumit, the One Man Glee Club© March 19, 1929Frank Crumit
728 (NYC)Stella Mayhew, the Hallelujah Lady© March 20, 1929Stella Mayhew
729 (NYC)Mal Hallett and His Way Down East BandMarch 3, 1929 (Film Daily review)Mal Hallet & Orchestra
730 (NYC)Mal Hallett and His Way Down East BandJuly 28, 1929 (Film Daily review)Mal Hallet & Orchestra
731 (NYC)Musical Moments© March 19, 1929The Four Synco-Pets
732 (NYC)Tal Henry and His North Carolinians© April 10, 1929Tal HenryVitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
733 (NYC)Words of Love© March 20, 1929Julia Sanderson & Frank Crumit
734 (NYC)A Traffic Muddle© April 30, 1929Red Donahue & U-No the Mule
735 (NYC)June, the English Musical Comedy Star, with John Hundley© March 19, 1929
736 (NYC)Paul Cunningham and Florence Bennett, the Popular Singing Composers© March 20, 1929Paul Cunningham & Florence Bennett
739 (NYC)Grace La Rue, the International Star of Song© April 30, 1929Grace La Rue
740 (NYC)Hope Hampton (in the First Act of Manon)March 31, 1929 (Film Daily review)Hope Hampton
741 (NYC)Song Sayings© April 10, 1929George Whiting & Sadie Burt with Edmund Weber (piano)
742 (NYC)Paul Tremaine & His AristocratsMarch 31, 1929 (Film Daily review)Paul Tremaine and His Jazz BandThe Jazz Singer DVD
743-744 (NYC, two-reeler)The SquarerFebruary 1929Bryan Foy (director); J.C. Nugent with Natalie Shafer & Percy Helton
745 (NYC)Max Schmeling, Heavyweight Champion of Germany© April 10, 1929Max Schmeling
746 (NYC)Eleanor Painter, the Lyric SopranoMarch 31, 1929 (Film Daily review)Eleanor Painter
747, 748 & 749 (NYC)Isa Kremer© April 9, 1929Isa Kremer(three similar titled film shorts released separately)
750-751 (NYC, two-reeler)My People© July 22, 1929Willie and Eugene Howard
752 (NYC)Bernie Cummins and His Biltmore Orchestra© April 10, 1929Bernie Cummins
753 (NYC)At the Seashore© May 4, 1929Ethel Sinclair & Marge LaMarrThe Jazz Singer DVD
754-755 (NYC, two-reeler)Motoring© July 22, 1929Harry Tate
757 (NYC)A Bird in the Hand© April 30, 1929Bryan Foy (director); Ann Codee & Frank OrthVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
758 (NYC)Americanische LiederMarch 1929Ann Codee
759 (NYC)Ann Codee dans "Des Melodies Americainers"March 1929Ann Codee
760 (NYC)Evening At Home with Hitchy© April 17, 1929Raymond Hitchcock
761-762 (NYC, two-reeler)The Man Who Laughed Last© September 7, 1929Bryan Foy (director); Sessue Hayakawa
763 (NYC)Harry Horlick and His A&P GypsiesApril 7, 1929 (Film Daily review)Murray Roth (director); Accompanied by Frank Parker & Valerie Bergere
764-765 (NYC, two-reeler)The Woman TamerMarch 1929Bryan Foy (director); J.C. Nugent with Natalie Schaefer & Percy Helton
766 (NYC)Clarence Tisdale, Southland's Spiritual Tenor (Old-Time Songs)© May 12, 1929Clarence Tisdale
767 (NYC)The Patent Office© June 29, 1929Harry Tate
769 (NYC)Playmates© April 30, 1929Bryan Foy (director); Arthur & Morton Havel with Dora Mills Adams & David Bender
770 (NYC)Rhythms© June 1, 1929Leo Reisman & His Hotel Brunswick OrchestraVitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
771 (NYC)Rudy Vallee and His Connecticut YankeesMurray Roth (director); March 31, 1929 (Film Daily review)Rudy Vallée
772-773 (NYC, two-reeler)The VeteranMarch 1929Bryan Foy (director); J.C. Nugent
774 (NYC)Josie Heather, the Character Comedienne© May 12, 1929Murray Roth (director); Josie Heather
775 (NYC)Fresh from Hollywood© May 12, 1929Jimmy Duffy & Helen Gleason
776 (NYC)The Ninety-Ninth Amendment© May 18, 1929Bryan Foy (director); Hugh O’Connell, Charles Richman & Verree Teasdale
777 (NYC)Irene Franklin, the American ComedienneMay 12, 1929Murray Roth (director); Irene Franklin & Jerry Jarnagin
778 (NYC)Selling a Car© July 23, 1929Harry Tate
780 (NYC)Three O'Clock in the Morning© May 27, 1929George Broadhurst & Co. (Harold Bolton, Eleanor Cody & Phil Raymond)
781 (NYC)Eva Shirley and Her Versatile BandApril 1929Murray Roth (director); Eva Shirley, Gil Lamb, Ray Block, Willie Fratkin & the Two Sammys
782 (NYC)The Outlaw In-Law© August 7, 1929Bryan Foy & Murray Roth (directors); Hobart Cavanaugh & Mary Loane
783 (NYC)At the Party© June 12, 1929Bryan Foy (director); Bud Harris & Frank RadcliffeVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
784 (NYC)Pageant of the LilliputiansJune 9, 1929 (Film Daily review)Bryan Foy (director); Tiny Town Revue with Buster Shaver
785 (NYC)The Singing Bee© May 27, 1929Bryan Foy (director); Fred Ardath with Klar Magnus, Claude Allen & Audrey St. Claire
786 (NYC)These Dry Days© August 30, 1929Fred ArdathVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
787 (NYC)Odds and Ends© May 27, 1929Mr. & Mrs. Jack Norworth
788 (NYC)Typical Types© June 1, 1929Murray Roth (director); Bobby Folsom
789 (NYC)Beau Night© June 12, 1929Murray Roth (director); El Brendel & Flo Bert
790 (NYC)The Family FordMay 1929Bryan Foy (director); Jim Harkins with Marian Harkins, Hope Eden, Harry Lester and Marie Dolan
791 (NYC)Jack White with the Montrealers© May 27, 1929Bryan Foy (director); Jack White, Mary Lee, Billie Lee & Ruth PettyVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
792 (NYC)Cecilia Leftus in Her Famous Impersonations© May 27, 1929Cecilia Leftus
793 (NYC)Don Alberto y su Orquestra ArgentinaApril 1929Bryan Foy (director); Don Alberto, Genaro Viega (singer), Epaim Suares (on violin) & Celestino Bianchi (on accordion)
794 (NYC)Palm Beach Four "Favorite Nightclub Quartette"© May 27, 1929Murray Roth (director); accompanied by Charles Anderson, Joseph Markese, Harry Hill & Al Perry
795 (NYC)The Blue Ridgers with Cordelia Mayberry© June 12, 1929Murray Roth (director); Sam Morley, Jim & Pete Holy, Dan & Cordelia Mayberry
796 (NYC)Roy Sedley and His Night Club Revue© June 1, 1929Murray Roth (director); accompanied by Berth Miller & Billy Smith
797 (NYC)Albert Spalding Playing "Ave Maria" by Shubert & "Waltz in A" by Brahms© September 7, 1929Murray Roth (director); Albert Spalding (violinist) & André Benoist
798 (NYC)Albert Spalding Playing "Minuet in B" by Mozart & "Liebesfreud" by Kreisler© July 22, 1929Harold Levey (director); Albert Spalding (violinist) & André Benoist
799 (NYC)Albert Spalding Playing Schumann's "Traumere" & Sarasate's "Romanza Andaluza"© November 7, 1929Harold Levey (director); Albert Spalding (violinist) & André Benoist
800 (NYC)Albert Spalding Playing Kreisler's "Liebeslied" & Raff's "Cavitina"© September 7, 1929Harold Levey (director); Albert Spalding (violinist) & André Benoist
801 (NYC)Albert Spalding Playing Alabama & Chopin's "Valse in G Flat"© June 12, 1929Harold Levey (director); Albert Spalding (violinist) & André Benoist
802 (NYC)Albert Spalding© November 7, 1929Albert Spalding (violinist) & André Benoinst (piano)
803 (NYC)Sympathy© August 30, 1929Murray Roth (director); Hobart Cavanaugh, Regina Wallace, Harry Shannon & othersVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
804 (NYC)The Varsity Three "Blue Streaks of Rhythm"© June 12, 1929Harold Levey (director); Jack Hauser, Robert Hauser & pianist Jack Bloom
806 (NYC)Blanche RingApril 1929Bryan Foy (director); Blanche Ring, Charles Rand & Cyril Ring
807 (NYC)The Familiar FaceJune 9, 1929 (Film Daily review)Arthur Hurley (director); Russel Crouse (story); Hugh O’Connell with Granville Bates, Frank Rowan & William Shelley
808 (NYC)Jeanne Gordon, the Celebrated Mezzo SopranoMay 1929Murray Roth (director); Jeanne Gordon
809 (NYC)Baby Rose Marie, the Child Wonder© June 12, 1929Bryan Foy (director); Rose MarieThe Jazz Singer DVD
810 (NYC)Oklahoma Bob Albright & His Rodeo Do Flappers© June 12, 1929Murray Roth (director); Bob AlbrightVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
811 (NYC)The Gay Nineties or, the Unfaithful Husband© July 22, 1929Murray Roth (director); Larry Bolton, Lenita Lane, Elizabeth Patterson, Sidney Toler & Eunice Howard
812 (NYC)The Dinner PartyMay 1929Arthur Hurley (director); Stanley Ridges, Florence Vernon & Daisy Atherton
813 (NYC)High Water, A Song Poem of the SouthlandJune 9, 1929 (Film Daily review)Murray Roth (director); Guy Robertson with Marsh McGurdy (piano)
815 (NYC)Charles C. Peterson - Billiard Champion of Fancy Shots© August 30, 1929Murray Roth (director); Charles C. PetersonVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
816 (NYC)He's a Devil© June 29, 1929Murray Roth (director); Roy & Dot Dean
817 (NYC)Kate Smith, Songbird of the South© June 29, 1929Murray Roth (director); Kate Smith
818 (NYC)The All Girl RevueJune 9, 1929 (Film Daily review)Murray Roth (director); Betty Lou Webb, Lillian Price, Jean Rankin's Bluebells, the Malenoff Trio, Terry Green, Ellen Bunting, DePaco & Kazviki
819 (NYC)The Man About Town© July 22, 1929Murray Roth (director); Frank X. Silk with Fred Sumner
820-821 (NYC)Small Timers© October 14, 1929Bert Wheeler with Bernice Speer & Al Clair
822 (NYC)John Steel, the Musical Comedy StarMay 1929Murray Roth (director); John Steel, Allen Parade (piano)
823 (NYC)Segar Ellis and His Embassy Club Orchestra© July 31, 1929Murray Roth (director); Seger Ellis
824 (NYC)Dooley's the Name© July 31, 1929Murray Roth (director); Francis Dooley & Corinne SalesVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
825 (NYC)Cora Green, the Famous Creole Singer© August 20, 1929Murray Roth (director); Cora Green, pianist Isadore Myer
826 (NYC)Mel Klee, the Prince of Wails© August 30, 1929Murray Roth (director); Mel KleeVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
827 (NYC)Harlem-Mania© July 22, 1929Murray Roth (director);The Norman Thomas Quintette, Earl Shanks, Stanley Brown, Alphonse Kennedy & Freddie Crump (on drums)Vitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
828 (NYC)Harry Fox & His Six American Beauties© July 22, 1929Murray Roth (director); Harry FoxVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
829 (NYC)The Bee & the Fox© July 23, 1929Murray Roth (director); Harry Fox & Bea CurtisVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
831 (NYC)Alexander Moissi, Europe's Greatest Actor(not released?)Arthur Hurley (director); Alexander Moissi
832 (NYC)The Gotham Rhythm Boys© September 28, 1929Murray Roth (director); Eddie Lewis, Tom Miller & Lou MonteVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
833 (NYC)You Don't Know the Half of It© December 9, 1929Murray Roth (director); Jay Brennan & Ann ButlerVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
834 (NYC)The Opry House© August 20, 1929Murray Roth (director); Doris Walker & the Mound City Blue Blowers (Lou Hearn, William McKenzie, Frank Billings, Jack Bland & Carl Kress)Vitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
835 (NYC)Hilda© August 20, 1929Murray Roth (director); Billy "Swede" Hall & Co.Vitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
836 (NYC)Harry Rosenthal and His Bath and Tennis Club Orchestra© August 20, 1929Bryan Foy (director); Harry Rosenthal, Jean Ackerman, Hazel Forbes, Myra Darby, Evelyn Groves, Mary Mulhern, Mildred LeGay, Gen Pearson, Murray Smith, Dare & Belmonte, Cornell Smelser & Jack Scheer
837 (NYC)Reva Reyes, the Piquant SenoritaJune 1929Murray Roth (director); accompanied by Guillermo Plaza (piano)
838 (NYC)The Interview© August 30, 1929Arthur Hurley (director); Russel Crouse (story); Hugh O’Connell with Granville Bates & Don Dilloway
839 (NYC)Just Like a Man© August 30, 1929Arthur Hurley (director); John Hobble
840 (NYC)The Big Paraders© August 20, 1929Murray Roth (director); Charlotte Conrad, Tiny & Jack Waites, Elsie Thiel, Edna Howard & Ben WiseVitaphone Varieties Vol. 3 (Warner Archive) DVD
841 (NYC)Don't Get NervousJuly 28, 1929 (Film Daily review)Bryan Foy (director); Georgie PriceVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
842 (NYC)James J. Corbett and Neil O'Brien© August 9, 1929Murray Roth (director); James J. Corbett, Neil O'Brien
843 (NYC)You Tell 'em, I Stutterreleased?Murray Roth (director); Harry Savoy & Ruth Mann
844 (NYC)Jack White and His Chateau Madrid Club Entertainers© August 20, 1929Jack White & Jeanne Fayal
845 (NYC)Joe College (Two College Nuts)© August 20, 1929Murray Roth (director); Billy Edison & Charlie GregoryVitaphone Varieties Vol. 3 (Warner Archive) DVD
846 (NYC)Frances Shelley and the Four Eton BoysJuly 28, 1929 (Film Daily review)Frances Shelley, Charlie & Jack Day, Eddie Murray & Earl Smith
847 (NYC)Rarin' to Go© August 20, 1929Bryan Foy (director); Jack Kraft & Elsie LamontVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
848 (NYC)Carolina Segrera "The Cuban Nightingale" with Don Alberto and His ArgentinesJuly 1929Murray Roth (director); Carolina Segrera, Don Alberto, Gennaro Viega, Epaim Suarez & Celestino BianchiVitaphone Varieties Vol. 3 (Warner Archive) DVD
849 (NYC)Satires© September 7, 1929Murray Roth (director); John T. Murray & Vivien OaklandVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
850 (NYC)Moving Day© November 7, 1929Bryan Foy (director); Frank Hunter, Mae Percival & Charles Wesson
861 (NYC)Marching Home with Douglas Stanbury and His VeteransAugust 18, 1929 (Film Daily review)Murray Roth (director); Edward DuParr (camera); Douglas Stanbury
862 (NYC)They Know Their GroceriesAugust 30, 1929Bryan Foy (director); Fluornoy Miller & Aubrey Lyles with Vivienne Baher, Onion Jeffrey, Paul Floyd & Oswald Lyles
863 (NYC)Nan Halperin, America's Famous Satirist© September 7, 1929Murray Roth (director); Nan Halperin
864 (NYC)Carlena Diamond, Harpist Supreme© September 7, 1929Murray Roth (director); Carlena DiamondVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
865 (NYC)Those Were the Days© November 7, 1929Irene Franklin
866 (NYC)Fishing Around© September 28, 1929Murray Roth (director); Howard Anderson, Rean? Graves & Cole CarrollVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
867 (NYC)Before the Bar© September 7, 1929Murray Roth (director); Frank Hurst & Eddie Vogt
869 (NYC)Grace Johnston and The Indiana Five© September 7, 1929Murray Roth (director); Grace JohnstonVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
870 (NYC)Red Nichols and His Five Pennies© September 16, 1929Murray Roth (director); Red Nichols with Eddie CondonVitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
871 (NYC)Diamond TilSeptember 1, 1929 (Film Daily review)Grace Hayes & Neville Fleeson
872 (NYC)Ben Pollack and His Park Central Orchestra© September 14, 1929Bryan Foy (director); Ben Pollack
873 (NYC)Somewhere in Jersey© September 28, 1929Bryan Foy (director); William Halligan & Mary Mulhern
874 (NYC)Coletta Ryan and Duke Yellman (aka "Songology")© September 14, 1929Bryan Foy (director); Coletta Ryan & Duke YellmanVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
875 (NYC)Dave Apollon and His Russian Stars© September 7, 1929Bryan Foy (director); Dave Apollon
876 (NYC)Guido Ciccolini and Eric Zardo© September 28, 1929Murray Roth (director); Guido Ciccolini, Eric Zardo & Joan Ruth
878 (NYC)The Kiddie Cabaret© October 14, 1929Murray Roth (director); Sybil Lee, Peggy & Dorothy Delight, Buddy Reed, Lenora Bohen, Glauco D'Attilli & Yukona Cameron
879 (NYC)Harlem Knights© December 9, 1929Fluornoy Miller & Aubrey Lyles
880 (NYC)Sending a Wire© September 28, 1929Murray Roth (director); Eddie Green with Jimmy Baskett & Noma Davis
881 (NYC)The One Man Quartette© November 7, 1929Murray Roth (director); Eddie Miller
882 (NYC)Moments in Mimicry© October 14, 1929Murray Roth (director); Roger Williams
883 (NYC)Just Dumb© October 14, 1929Murray Roth (director); Nelson B. Clifford & Marie Marion
884 (NYC)Shake It Up© November 7, 1929Murray Roth (director); Eddie Moran, Beth Challis & Their Cheerful Steppers
885 (NYC)Music Hath Charms© October 14, 1929Murray Roth (director); Frank Orth & Ann Codee with Florence Vernon
886 (NYC)Des Nouvelles Chansons AmericainesAugust 1929Arthur Hurley (director); Ann Codee & Frank Orth
887 (NYC)Meine FrauAugust 1929Murray Roth (director); Ann Codee & Frank Orth with Walter Dreher
888A Tete-a-Tete in Songs© October 14, 1929Murray Roth (director); James Burke & Eleanor Durkin
889 (NYC)The Hall of Injustice© October 14, 1929John T. Murray & Vivien Oakland
890 (NYC)Charles Hackett Singing "I Looked Into Your Garden" & "I Heard You Singing"September 1929Arthur Hurley (director); Charles Hackett
891 (NYC)LambchopsOctober 14, 1929Murray Roth (director); George Burns & Gracie AllenThe Jazz Singer DVD
892 (NYC)Josef Kallini "Foremost Tenor of the Manhattan Opera House"August 1929Arthur Hurley (director); Josef Kallini, Aaron Pressman
893 (NYC)Josef Kallini (#893)August 1929Arthur Hurley (director); Josef Kallini
895 (NYC)Dead or Alive© December 10, 1929Arthur Hurley; story: Russel Crouse; Hugh O’Connell with Granville Bates & William Shelley
896 (NYC)A Night on the BoweryOctober 20, 1929 (Film Daily review)Murray Roth (director); Will Aubrey
897-898 (NYC, two-reeler)In the Nick of Time© December 31, 1929Murray Roth (director); Sidney Toler with Lucy Beaumont, Bert Wilson & Dorothy Hall
899-900 (NYC, two-reeler)Charles Hackett in "Faust" assisted by Chase BorromeoDecember 8, 1929 (Film Daily review)Arthur Hurley (director); Charles Hackett
901 (NYC)Two Good Boys Gone Wrong© October 29, 1929Murray Roth (director); Jans & WhalenVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
902 (NYC)Horace Heidt & His Californians© October 28, 1929Murray Roth (director); Horace Heidt, Lee Lykins (vocalist)
903 (NYC)Fred Allen's Prize Playlets© November 25, 1929Murray Roth (director); Fred AllenVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
904-905 (NYC)Faint Heart© December 21, 1929Murray Roth (director); Bert Lahr with Bobbe Arnst, Harry Shannon & Malcolm DuncanVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
906 (NYC)Chistes y LassesSeptember 1929Arthur Hurley (director); Tex McLeod & Marjorie Tiller
907 (NYC)Illusions© November 25, 1929Murray Roth (director?); Fred Keaton
908 (NYC)Horace Heidt & His CaliforniansFebruary 2, 1930 (Film Daily review)Murray Roth (director); Horace HeidtVitaphone Varieties Vol. 3 (Warner Archive) DVD
909 (NYC)A Glimpse of the Stars© December 21, 1929Murray Roth (director); Paula Trueman
910 (NYC)The Fallen Star© November 29, 1929Murray Roth (director); George Rosener
911 (NYC)Marie VeroSeptember 1929Arthur Hurley (director); Marie Veno, Helen Whitaker (piano)
912 (NYC)A Song Drama© December 9, 1929Murray Roth (director); Charles Derickson & Burton Brown
913 (NYC)Rhythms in Blue© November 29, 1929Murray Roth (director); Bobbe Arnst & Peggy EllisVitaphone Varieties Vol. 3 (Warner Archive) DVD
914 (NYC)Low-down, a Bird's Eye View of Harlem© December 21, 1929Murray Roth (director); Monette Moore, Gertie Chambers, Mary Burnes & Washboard Serenaders
915 (NYC)Who's Who© November 25, 1929Arthur Hurley (director); Harry Lang & Bernice Healy
916 (NYC)Charles Hackett Singing "Il Mio Tesoro Instanto" & "O Paradiso"November 25, 1929Arthur Hurley (director); Charles Hackett
917 (NYC)Molly Picon, the Celebrated Character Comedienne© December 21, 1929Murray Roth (director); Molly PiconVitaphone Varieties Vol. 3 (Warner Archive) DVD
918 (NYC)Pack Up Your TroublesOctober 20, 1929 (Film Daily review)Murray Roth (director); Douglas Stanbury & the Lyric Quartette with Jack BurnsVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
919 (NYC)Little Miss EverybodyNovember 24, 1929 (Film Daily review)Murray Roth (director); Zelda SantleyVitaphone Varieties Vol. 3 (Warner Archive) DVD
920 (NYC)Apartment Hunting© November 29, 1929Arthur Hurley (director); George Fisher & Honey Hurst
921-921 (NYC, two-reeler)Room 909November 3, 1929 (Film Daily review)Murray Roth (director); Edward DuParr (camera); Robert Emmet Keane & Claire Whitney
923 (NYC)The Midnight Lodge© January 15, 1930Fluornoy Miller & Aubrey Lyles
924 (NYC)For Goodness Sake!October 1929Murray Roth (director); Sidney Marion & Adele Jason
925 (NYC)Bigger and Better© December 23, 1929Murray Roth (director); Fanny & Kitty Watson
926-927 (NYC, two-reeler)The Under Dog© January 15, 1930Fred Allen (writer); James Barton
928 (NYC)Crinoline Classics© December 23, 1929Murray Roth (director); Helen Yorke & Virginia Johnson
929 (NYC)Some Pumpkins© December 21, 1929Murray Roth (director); Sam Summers & Estelle HuntVitaphone Varieties Vol. 3 (Warner Archive) DVD
930-931 (NYC, two-reeler)Hello Thar!© January 13, 1930Murray Roth (director); Eddie Buzzell
932 (NYC)Giovanni Martinelli and Livia MaracciDecember 15, 1929 (Film Daily review)Arthur Hurley (director); Giovanni Martinelli
933 (NYC)Herschel Henlere, the Madcap Musician© January 18, 1930Murray Roth (director); Herschel HenlereVitaphone Varieties Vol. 3 (Warner Archive) DVD
934 (NYC)The Letter Box© December 31, 1929Arthur Hurley (director); Sybil Lee, Burke Clark, Harold Kennedy & others
935 (NYC)Impressions© January 25, 1930Murray Roth (director); Albert Carroll
936 (NYC)The Musicale© January 15, 1930Murray Roth (director); Al Trahan with Yukona Cameron & Helen HawleyVitaphone Varieties Vol. 3 (Warner Archive) DVD
937 (NYC)Then and Now© January 15, 1930Murray Roth (director); Billy & Elsa Newell
938 (NYC)Imagine My Embarrassment© January 18, 1930Murray Roth (director); Frank Orth & Ann CodeeA German version was also made (Vitaphone #942)
939 (NYC)The BenefitFebruary 2, 1930 (Film Daily review)Murray Roth (director); Joe Frisco
940 (NYC)Rose Perfect, the Girl With the Golden Voice© January 15, 1930Murray Roth (director); accompanied by Dudley Wilkinson (piano)
941 (NYC)Jest for a While© January 15, 1930Murray Roth (director); Clara Barry & Orval WhitledgeVitaphone Varieties Vol. 3 (Warner Archive) DVD
943 (NYC)Ave MariaJanuary 5, 1930 (Film Daily review)Arthur Hurley (director); Giovanni Martinelli & Frances Alda
944 (NYC)Giovanni Martinelli Singing Arias from "Verdis Il Trovatore"© January 18, 1930Arthur Hurley (director); Giovanni Martinelli
945 (NYC)Two of a Kind© January 18, 1930Arthur Hurley (director); Billy Lytell & Tom Fant
946 (NYC)Oh Sarah!© January 25, 1930Murray Roth (director); Jack McLallen & Sarah Carson with Tony Labriola
947 (NYC)The OperationFebruary 9, 1930 (Film Daily review)Murray Roth (director); Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy & Christina GraverVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
948 (NYC)Une Chanson MimeeDecember 1929Arthur Hurley (director); Ann Codee with Joe Cappo & Marion Lessing
949 (NYC)Sound Effects© February 17, 1930Murray Roth (director); Buddy Traps
950 (NYC)Talking It Over© March 15, 1930Murray Roth (director); Jack OstermanVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
951 (NYC)A Perfect Understanding© February 17, 1930Murray Roth (director); Joe May & Dorothy Oaks
952 (NYC)On the Rancho© February 17, 1930Murray Roth & Arthur Hurley (directors); Will & Gladys Ahern with Ben Ahern
953 (NYC)Giovanni Martinelli Singing "Céleste Aïda"© December 21, 1929Arthur Hurley (director); Giovanni Martinelli
954 (NYC)Idle Chatter© March 15, 1930Murray Roth (director); Lou HoltzVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
955 (NYC)The Love Boat© March 15, 1930Murray Roth (director); Herman Timberg
956 (NYC)Scotch TaffyDecember 1929Edmund Joseph (director); Scott SandersVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
957 (NYC)Jane Dillon and Her Boy FriendsDecember 1929Edmund Joseph (director); Jane Dillon
958 (NYC)Ben Bernie and His Orchestra© May 16, 1930Murray Roth (director); Ben Bernie, Clayton, Jackson & Jimmy Durante, Pat Kennedy & Frances McCoyVitaphone Varieties Vol. 3 (Warner Archive) DVD
959 (NYC)Ruth Breton, the Celebrated Violinist© February 17, 1930Arthur Hurley (director); Rith Breton, Rudolfo Noyos (vocalist) & "Miss" Baker (piano)
960 (NYC)Broadway's Like That© March 15, 1930Arthur Hurley & Murray Roth (directors); Ruth Etting, Joan Blondell, Humphrey Bogart & Mary Philips
1025 (LA)Stimulation© December 31, 1929Johnny Arthur
3179–3180 (LA, two-reeler)Finders Keepers© November 25, 1929Bryan Foy & George Kelly (directors); Helen Ferguson, John Litel & Janet Adair
3190 (LA)The Frame© April 30, 1930William Boyd & Charles Middleton
3238–3239 (LA, two-reeler)The Flattering Word© November 25, 1929Bryan Foy (director); George Kelly, Harrison Ford, Janet Adair, Blanche Frederici & John Litel
3280 (LA)At the Church Festival© November 25, 1929Wright & Louis? Silvers (directors); Dick Henderson
3289–3290 (LA, two-reeler)All Square© January 15, 1930
3300 (LA)Head of the Family© December 31, 1929Little Billy
3333 (LA)The Dead Line© November 25, 1929Bryan Foy (director); David Callis, Blanche Friderici & Jimmy Phillips
3334 (LA)Always FaithfulDecember 31, 1929George Middleton (director); Blanche Sweet, John Litel & othersVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
3335 (LA)For Sale© November 25, 1929Bryan Foy (director); Gregory RatoffVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
3413 (LA)The Music Shop© December 31, 1929Dick Henderson
3640 (LA)The Barber Shop Chord© November 25, 1929Martie Martel & others
3667 (LA)White Lies© December 31, 1929
3668 (LA)The Window Cleaners© April 7, 1930Neely Edwards & Lew Brice
3674–3675 (LA, 15 minutes)Poor Aubrey© January 30, 1930Franklin Pangborn, Helen Ferguson, Ruth Lyons & Clara BlandickVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
3676 (LA)And Wife© April 30, 1930William McCann (director); Frank Davis & Bernice Elliott
3679 (LA)Revival DayJanuary 5, 1930 (Film Daily review)Roy Mack (director) & Tenny Wright (directors); Slim Timblin, Bobby Arnst & Peggy EllisVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
3680 (LA)The Maid's Night Out© December 31, 1929Bobby Watson
3681 (LA)More Sinned Against Than Usual© January 30, 1930Howard Bretherton
3722 (LA)Trifles© January 30, 1930Jason Robards, Sr., Sarah Padden, Blanche Friderici & Frank CampeauVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
3740 (LA)Christmas Knight© April 30, 1930C.B. Platts (director); Bryant Washburn, Helen Jerome Eddy & Charles Middleton
3757 (LA)Mechant Mais GentilDecember 1929Georges Carpentier
3759 (LA)A Matter of Ethics© February 17, 1930Howard Bretherton
3761 (LA)Naughty But Nice© March 30, 1930Georges Carpentier
3762 (LA)The Stand Up© February 17, 1930Wilbur Mack, Bobby Watson & Marjorie Lane
3780 (LA)Vanity© January 30, 1930Ruth Lyons, Rudolph Cameron & Vivien Oakland
3781 (LA)The People Versus--© April 30, 1930Patrick H. O'Malley, Jr. & Frank Campeau
3816 (LA)Jack Buchanan with the Glee Quartet© February 17, 1930Jack BuchananThe Band Wagon DVD & Vitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
3825 (LA)Letters© February 17, 1930John G. Adolfi (director); Pauline Garon, Natalie Moorhead, Kathryn Givney & William B. Davidson


Filmed in 1930 in Hollywood (LA) and Brooklyn (NYC).

#TitleRelease, copyright or review dateDirector & performersNotes
3529 (LA)Danger© March 15, 1930Eddie Cline (director); John Litel, Frank Campeau & Charlotte Merriam
3686 (LA)The New Racket© June 11, 1930John G. Adolfi (director); Gardner James, James Bradbury Jr., Irene Homer & DeWitt Jennings
3758 (LA)The Baby Bandit© June 11, 1930Bobby Watson & Anne Cornwall
3778 (LA)Niagara Falls© January 30, 1930Bryant Washburn & Helen Jerome EddyVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
3798 (LA)The Pay Off© March 19, 1930Harry B. Walthall, Barbara Leonard & Russell Hopton
3799 (LA)VengeanceFebruary 9, 1930 (Film Daily review)Archie Mayo (director); Warner Richmond, Natalie Moorhead & Gardner James
3800–3801 (LA, 12 minutes)Getting a Raise© February 17, 1930Bryan Foy (director); Lucien Littlefield, Mary Hutchinson & Billy TaftThe Potters series
3827–3828 (LA, 18 minutes)At Home© March 15, 1930Bryan Foy (director); Lucien LittlefieldThe Potters series
3849 (LA)What a Life© March 15, 1930John G. Adolfi (director); William Irving, Lon Poff, Virginia Sale & othersVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
3863 (LA)Beatrice Lillie and Her Boyfriends© May 15, 1930Beatrice Lillie
3864 (LA)HonoluluJanuary 1930Noel Madison & Vera Marsh
3873 (LA)Who Pays?© April 30, 1930John T. Murray & Vivien Oakland
3881–3882 (LA, 17 minutes)Done in Oil© March 15, 1930Bryan Foy (director); Lucien LittlefieldThe Potters series
3883 (LA)Surprise© March 15, 1930Tom Dugan & Barbara LeonardVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
3900 (LA)She Who Gets Slapped© May 16, 1930Tom DuganVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
3942–3943 (LA, two-reeler)Reno or Bust© April 7, 1930Howard Bretherton
3972 (LA)Paper Hanging© April 30, 1930Carter DeHaven & Herman Ruby
3983–3984 (LA, 18 minutes)Pa Gets a Vacation© May 15, 1930Bryan Foy (director); Lucien LittlefieldThe Potters series
3988 (LA)Ducking Duty© May 15, 1930Heinie Conklin & Phil Morgan
4009–4010 (LA, 14 minutes)Big MoneyMay 4, 1930 (Film Daily review)Bryan Foy (director); Lucien LittlefieldThe Potters series
4033 (LA)The Eternal Triangle© June 30, 1930Wyndham Standing, Lillian Rich & Armand Kaliz
4034 (LA)Her Relatives© June 11, 1930Neely Edwards
4035 (LA)Bridal NightSeptember 14, 1930 (Film Daily review)Johnny Arthur & Charlotte Merriam
4036 (LA)Cry Baby© June 30, 1930Bobby Vernon & Mary Treen
4093 (LA)No Questions Asked (The Flaming Youth)© June 11, 1930Little Billy & Jed Prouty
4097–4098 (LA, two-reeler)An Ill Wind or No Mother To Guide UsMay 18, 1930 (Film Daily review)Edna Hibbard, Theodore Lorch & Eddie Graham
4099–4100 (LA, 18 minutes)Out For Game© June 30, 1930Bryan Foy (director); Lucien Littlefield, Dot Farley & Del HendersonThe Potters series
4122 (LA)Road Knights© June 11, 1930Roy Mack (director); George Reilly & Eddie Davis
4123 (LA)The Body Slam© June 11, 1930Eddie Lambert & William Irving
4139 (LA)Won to LoseAugust 31, 1930 (Film Daily review)Eddie Lambert & William Irving
4140 (LA)The Servant ProblemMay 1930John T. Murray, Vivien Oakland & Mary Strauber
4149 (LA)Gates of HappinessMay 1930Carl McBride (director); Arthur West with Ty Parvis, the Murray Sisters, 20th Century Steppers & Norman Spencer Singers
4150 (LA)Russian AroundAugust 3, 1930 (Film Daily review)Carl McBride (director); Orville Rennie, Arthur West & others
4160 (LA)Ginsburg of NewburgMay 1930Eddie Lambert & William Irving
4162–4163 (LA, 22 minutes)His Big Ambition© June 30, 1930Bryan Foy (director); Lucien Littlefield & Lucille WardThe Potters series
4164 (LA)I'll Fix ItMay 1930Billy Kent & Alice Lake
4168 (LA)Twixt Love and DutyMay 1930Esther Howard, Eddie Graham & others
4169 (LA)Old SeidelburgMay 1930Carl McBride (director); Orville Rennie, Elsa Peterson, Gus Reed & Janet Gilmore
4200 (LA)Dining OutJune 1930Alice Lake, Billy Kent & Ernest Wood
4209 (LA)Railroad FolliesJune 1930Gene Morgan, Clyde Hager & Violet Barlow
4210 (LA)School DazeAugust 31, 1930 (Film Daily review)Carl McBride (director); Jack White, Ty Parvis & Jeanie Lang
4230 (LA)The Big DealJune 1930Harry Holman, Franklin Pangborn, Billy Gilbert, Gertrude Astor & Geneva Mitchell
4240 (LA)Who's the BossNovember 2, 1930 (Film Daily review)Slim Summerville (director); Franklin Pangborn & Esther Howard
4249 (LA)The Woman TamerJune 1930Billy Gilbert, Esther Howard, Roger Davis, Dot Farley & Gus Reed
4260 (LA)The Doctor's WifeNovember 30, 1930 (Film Daily review)Franklin Pangborn, Billy Gilbert, Gertrude Astor & Geneva Mitchell
4270–4271 (LA, two-reeler)The LegacyAugust 31, 1930 (Film Daily review)Carl McBride (director); Betty Compton
4284 (LA)The Skin GameJuly 1930Jack White, William Irving & Jack Duffy
4285 (LA)Ship AhoyMarch 15, 1931 (Film Daily review)Jack White, Clarence Nordstrom, Esther Howard & Hazel Sperling
4286 (LA)The VictimJuly 8, 1930Frank Orth & Esther Howard with Florence Vernon
4287 (LA)The SalesmanAugust 1930Frank Orth & Florence Vernon
4393 (LA)The Happy HottentotsAugust 1930Bryan Foy & Herman Ruby (directors); Joe Frisco & Billy GilbertThe Jazz Singer DVD
961 (NYC)Money, Money, Money© March 15, 1930Edmund Joseph (director); Homer Mason & Marguerite Keeler
962 (NYC)Wedding Belles© March 15, 1930Murray Roth (director); Lorraine Howard & Florence Newton
963-964 (NYC, two-reeler)Keeping CompanyApril 6, 1930 (Film Daily review)Murray Roth (director); Eddie Buzzell
965 (NYC)Gym-Jams© March 15, 1930Murray Roth (director); Lewis Mayer
966 (NYC)Seeing Sarah Off© March 15, 1930Murray Roth (director); Sylvia Clark
967 (NYC)The Bubble Party© April 30, 1930Arthur Hurley (director); Frank Allworth, Janet Velie, Margaret Knight & Don Dilloway
968 (NYC)Lobo "The Dog of Dogs" with Clarence Moore© March 15, 1930Murray Roth (director)
969 (NYC)The Master Sweeper© March 19, 1930Arthur Hurley (director); Chester Conklin
970 (NYC)Let's Elope!© March 15, 1930Edmund Joseph (director); Betty & Jerry BrowneVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
971 (NYC)Pat HenningJanuary 1930
972 (NYC)A Battery of Songs© March 15, 1930Murray Roth (director); Waite Hoyt & J. Fred Coots
973 (NYC)Absent MindedApril 30, 1930Arthur Hurley (director); Wallace Ford
974 (NYC)Giovanni Martinelli in the Prison Scene of "Faust"April 6, 1930 (Film Daily review)Giovanni Martinelli
975-976 (NYC, two-reeler)The Royal FourflusherMay 18, 1930Eddie Buzzell
977 (NYC)The Varsity Vamp© April 30, 1930Edmund Joseph (director); Lionel "Mike" Ames
978 (NYC)Find the Woman© April 30, 1930Arthur Hurley & Russel Crouse (director/writers); Hugh O’Connell
979 (NYC)Milton C. Work the International Bridge AuthorityApril 6, 1930 (Film Daily review)Arthur Hurley (director); Milton C. Work
980 (NYC)Three Rounds of Love© May 15, 1930Arthur Hurley (director?); Jean Dixon, James Rennie & others
981 (NYC)System© June 9, 1930Dudley Clements, Evalyn Knapp, Allan Wood & Helen Goodhue
982 (NYC)Yuna Baile De Fantancia© April 30, 1930Paulo, Paquita & Chiquita
983 (NYC)Taking Ways© April 30, 1930Murray Roth (director); Frank Orth & Ann Codee
984 (NYC)A Russian Rhapsody© April 30, 1930Edmund Joseph (director); A. Kuznetzoff & B. Nicolina
985 (NYC)Footnotes© April 30, 1930Murray Roth (director); Margie Finley, William Carey, Oscar Grogan & the Page Sisters
986The No-Account© April 30, 1930Edmund Joseph (director); Russell Hardie & Josephine Hutchinson
987 (NYC)Nile Green© May 15, 1930Murray Roth (director); Helen Broderick & Lester Crawford
988 (NYC)At Your Service© April 30, 1930Arthur Hurley (director); Jessie Royce Landis, William Halligan, George Blackwood & William Carey
989 (NYC)Desert Thrills© April 30, 1930Edwin Bartlett & others
990 (NYC)The Head Man© May 15, 1930Arthur Hurley (director); Hugh O’Connell & Kitty Kelly with Francis Pierlot, Leroy Wade & Arthur Hartley
991 (NYC)Rural HospitalityFebruary 1930Edmund Joseph (director); Russell Hardie & Marcelle Coreene
992 (NYC)The Devil's Parade© June 8, 1930George Hale (director); Sidney Toler, Joan Blondell, Gerald Smith & Jessie Busley
993 (NYC)The Cheer Leader© June 9, 1930Tom Douglas & Beatrice Blinn
994 (NYC)Donde Estas CorazonFebruary 1930Luana Alcaniz
995 (NYC)Taxi Talks (Taxi Tales)© June 8, 1930Fred & Fanny Hatton (story); Mayo Method, Katharine Alexander, Roger Pryor, Evelyn Knapp (Evalyn Knapp) & Spencer Tracy
997 (NYC)Babe Egan and Her Hollywood RedheadsFebruary 1930Babe Egan
998 (NYC)Websterian Students© May 15, 1930Murray Roth (director); Ben Ryan & Henrietta Lee
999 (NYC)The Cave Club© May 15, 1930Ethel Merman with Marjorie Leach, Frank Tinney & Ted Lewis
1000 (NYC)Grand Uproar© June 8, 1930Jim McWilliams
1001 (NYC)Married© June 8, 1930Helen Flint, Stanley Ridges & William Foran
1002 (NYC)Office Steps© May 15, 1930George Hale (director); Harry McNaughton, the Phelps Twins, Billy Reed, Lou Duthers, Jack Thompson & Gertrude McDonald
1003 (NYC)The Strong ArmMarch 1930Paul Harvey
1004 (NYC)The Music Racket© June 30, 1930Lee Morse, Leo Donnelly & June Clayworth
1006 (NYC)The Fight© June 9, 1930Ring Lardner (director); Harry McNaughton, Charles Lawrence & others
1007–1008 (NYC, two-reeler)The Collegiate Model© June 9, 1930Ona Munson, Harry Rosenthal & Roger Pryor
1009 (NYC)YamekrawJune 9, 1930Murray Roth (director); James Price Johnson (songwriter); Hugo Marianni & His Mediterraneans with Louise Cook, Margaret Sims & Jimmy MordecaiWarner Bros. Big Band, Jazz & Swing Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
1010 (NYC)The Poor Fish© June 8, 1930Hobart Cavanaugh, Natalie Schafer, Stanley Ridges & George BlackwoodVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
1011 (NYC)Song Paintings© June 9, 1930Ann Seymour
1012–1013 (NYC, two-reeler)The Heart Breaker© June 30, 1930Edmund Joseph (director); Eddie Foy, Jr., Joan Blondell & others
1015–1016 (NYC, two-reeler)Slick As Ever© June 9, 1930Harry J. Conley
1017 (NYC)23-SkidooJune 9, 1930Arthur Hurley (director); Lew FieldsVitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
1018 (NYC)Fore© June 30, 1930Wallace Ford, Lenita Lane & Val Sherry
1019–1020 (NYC, 22 minutes)The Song Plugger© June 8, 1930Roy Mack (director); Joe Frisco with Josephine Williams, Leo Donnelly, Arthur Leonard, Milt Francis & the Wyn Talbert OrchestraVitaphone Varieties 1926-30 (Warner Archive) DVD
1021 (NYC)The Matinee IdleSeptember 14, 1930 (Film Daily review)Arthur Hurley (director); Henry Hull & James Dale
1022 (NYC)Evolution© June 11, 1930Bert Frank (film editor)compilation documentary includes The Great Train Robbery (1903 film)
1023 (NYC)The Fowl TriangleApril 1930Alan Wood, Donna Pasdeloup & others
1024 (NYC)Giovanni Martinelli© January 5, 1931Roy Mack (director); Giovanni Martinelli
1025 (NYC)The Still Alarm© June 30, 1930Roy Mack (director); Fred Allen & Clifton Webb
1026 (NYC)Thank You, DoctorMay 1930
1027 (NYC)Going Places© June 9, 1930Shaw & LeeVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
1028 (NYC)The DuelJune 1930Lew Fields with Verree Teasdale & Jean De Val
1029 (NYC)A Tenement TangleJune 30, 1930Murray Roth (director); Ben Ryan & Henrietta Lee
1030 (NYC)Strong and Willing© June 30, 1930Neville Fleeson (writer); Trixie FriganzaVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
1031 (NYC)Scotch Love© June 9, 1930Eric Blore, Nora Swinburne & Ray Collins
1032 (NYC)The Varsity Show© June 30, 1930Roy Mack (director); Gloria [Olivia] Shea, Joey Ray & Billy Taylor
1034 (NYC)Horse SenseMay 1930Bob Roebuck & his horse Sporting Life
1035 (NYC)The Lucky BreakOctober 12, 1930 (Film Daily review)Harry Fox, Glenda Farrell & Walter Regan
1036 (NYC)The Hard GuySeptember 6, 1930Arthur Hurley (director); Spencer Tracy & Katherine AlexanderLittle Caesar (film) (TCM Greatest Gangster Films Prohibition Era) DVD
1037 (NYC)Temple BellsMay 1930Eddie Green
1039–1040 (NYC, two-reeler)The Play BoySeptember 7, 1930 (Film Daily review)Arthur Hurley (director); Harry Fox & others
1041–1042 (NYC)RoselandSeptember 12, 1930Roy Mack (director); Ruth EttingLove Me or Leave Me (film) (Greatest Classic Legends Doris Day) DVD
1043 (NYC)A Private EngagementMay 1930the Yacht Club BoysVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
1044 (NYC)Harmonizing SongsApril 1930Arthur Hurley (director); Josephine Harmon & Jack KingVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
1045 (NYC)Fashion's MirrorOctober 19, 1930 (Film Daily review)Jack Thompson & Barbara NewberryVitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
1046 (NYC)Everything Happens to MeJune 1930Arthur Hurley (director); James Carson with Leo Hoyt, Sid Garry, Lucille Lortel & Lisa Silbert
1047 (NYC)At the Round TableOctober 5, 1930 (Film Daily review)Murray Roth (director); James J. Corbett, Damon Runyon, Mark Hellinger & DeWolf Hopper
1048 (NYC)Bright SayingsMay 1930Arthur Hurley (director); Rob Le May, Harry Tighe & Irene Shirley
1049 (NYC)Nay, Nay NeroMay 1930Roy Mack (director); Hugh Cameron, Bobby Watson & Nora Swinburne
1050 (NYC)The WandererSeptember 21, 1930Roy Mack (director); Douglas Stanbury
1051–1052 (NYC, 14 minutes)Five Minutes From the StationOctober 10, 1930Arthur Hurley (director); Sylvia Sidney, Lynne Overman & Berton Churchill
1054The SubstituteSeptember 28, 1930 (Film Daily review)Charles Lawrence, Ray Collins & Walter Regan
1055–1056 (NYC, two-reeler)Many Happy ReturnsAugust 31, 1930 (Film Daily review)Arthur Hurley (director); Walter Connolly, Madge Evans, John Breedon & Ferdinand Gottschalk
1057 (NYC)Grounds for MurderJuly 1930Harold Beaudine (director); Ernest Glendenning, Phoebe Foster & others
1059 (NYC)Let's MergeJune 1930Roy Mack (director); Doree Leslie, Stanley Ridges & Lillian Fitzgerald
1060 (NYC)Snooze Reel #2June 1930
1061 (NYC)The Jay WalkerSeptember 21, 1930 (Film Daily review)Roy Mack (director); H.I. Phillips (writer); Chester Clute
1062 (NYC)Barefoot DaysJuly 1930Roy Mack (director); James Dunne?
1063 (NYC)The Emergency CaseSeptember 5, 1930Arthur Hurley (director); Hugh Cameron, Al Ochs & Loretta Shea
1064 (NYC)Lost and FoundNovember 9, 1930 (Film Daily review)Arthur Hurley (director); William Demarest, Dorothy Appleby & Lilian Bond
1065 (NYC)Dolly Daisy in "Dizzy Doings"August 1930Howard Moss; co-animator: Charles Bennesstop-motion animated cartoon
1066 (NYC)Seeing Off ServiceOctober 19, 1930 (Film Daily review)Harold Beaudine (director); Joe Penner, Jessie Busley & Harry McNaughton
1068 (NYC)Stepping OutJuly 1930Harold Beaudine (director); Joe Penner, Mary Phillips & Leo Donnelly
1069 (NYC)Excuse the PardonDecember 7, 1930 (Film Daily review)Arthur Hurley (director); Ralph Morgan with Marjorie Gateson, Robert Middleton & Katherine Alexander
1070 (NYC)Putting It OnJune 1930Bobby Jarvis & Lilian Bond
1071 (NYC)Modern Fairy TalesFebruary 22, 1931 (Film Daily review)Harold Beaudine (director); Lilian Bond & others
1072–1073 (NYC, two-reeler)The NightingaleFebruary 1, 1931 (Film Daily review)Roy Mack (director); Vivienne Osborne, Pat O'Brien & Lyle Talbot
1074 (NYC)Mister IntruderNovember 9, 1930 (Film Daily review)Arthur Hurley (director); Otto Kruger, Alan Brooks & Veree Teasdale
1075–1076 (NYC, two-reeler)His PublicJuly 1930Harold Beaudine (director); Joe Morris & Flo Campbell
1077 (NYC)TintypesJuly 1930Roy Mack (director); Chic Yorke & Rose King
1078 (NYC)For Two CentsAugust 1930De Wolf Hopper with Stanley Ridges
1079 (NYC)The RecruitsFebruary 1, 1931 (Film Daily review)Arthur Hurley (director); Dudley Clements & Harry Shannon
1080 (NYC)A Syncopated SermonNovember 16, 1930 (Film Daily review)Roy Mack (director); Hall Johnson Choir
1081 (NYC)Seeing ThingsSeptember 21, 1930 (Film Daily review)Harold Beaudine (director); William Demarest
1083 (NYC)Where There's a WillSeptember 1930Roy Mack (director); George Hassell, Mabel Grainger, Joe Bonomo & Martin Berkeley
1085 (NYC)For Art's SakeOctober 5, 1930Harold Beaudine (director); Helen Broderick & Lester Crawford
1086 (NYC)My MistakeAugust 1930Arthur Hurley (director); Pat O'Brien & Donald Brian
1087 (NYC)Alpine EchoesJuly 1930Roy Mack (director); Douglas StanburySpanish version #1088.
1089 (NYC)Showin' OffJuly 1930Roy Mack (director); the Vitaphone Kiddies
1090 (NYC)A Tip to ParisDecember 6, 1931 (Film Daily review, completed ’30)Bobby Jarvis & Eloise Taylor
1091–1092 (NYC, two-reeler)The Bard of BroadwayOctober 5, 1930 (Film Daily review)Joseph Henabery & Roy Mack (director); Walter Winchell, Madge Evans & others
1094 (NYC)Compliments of the SeasonSeptember 1930Arthur Hurley (director); Eric Dressler, Lenita Lane & Pat O'Brien
1096–1097 (NYC, two-reeler)Curses© November 5, 1930Arthur Hurley (director); Alan Dinehart, Erin O'Brien-Moore & others
1098–1099 (NYC, two-reeler)The Gob© December 9, 1930Roy Mack (director); Hal Skelly & Madge Evans
1100 (NYC)Politics© November 24, 1930Arthur Hurley (director); George Jessel
1102 (NYC)One on the Aisle© November 25, 1930Roy Mack (director); Lon Hascall, Peggy Bernier & George Haggerty
1103 (NYC)Knocking 'em Cold© November 5, 1930Arthur Hurley (director); Andrew Tombes
1104 (NYC)The Thirteenth PrisonerNovember 30, 1930Arthur Hurley (director)
1105 (NYC)Tom Thumbs Down© December 9, 1930Murray Roth (director); Bobby Jarvis, Jimmy Dunn, Harry McNaughton & Sue Conroy
1106 (NYC)Purely an Accident© November 14, 1930Reed Brown Jr., Allen Kearns & Frank Otto
1107 (NYC)Sitting PrettyDecember 28, 1930 (Film Daily review)Alfred J. Goulding (director); Joe Phillips & Ruth Donnelly
1108 (NYC)The Snooze ReelDecember 1930Arthur Hurley & Roy Mack (director)
1110 (NYC)A Stuttering Romance© November 6, 1930Murray Roth (director); Joe Penner & Dorothea Chard
1111 (NYC)The Unfair Sex© February 16, 1931Roy Mack (director); Dan Healy & Dolly Gilbert
1114 (NYC)The Headache ManNovember 23, 1930 (Film Daily review)Alfred J. Goulding (director); Dudley Clements, Hobart Cavanaugh
1115 (NYC)Number Please! (Number, Please)© October 24, 1930Roy Mack (director); Sheila Barrett & Leslie Barrie
1116 (NYC)My Hero© November 5, 1930Alfred J. Goulding (director); Eddie Foy Jr.
1117 (NYC)The Honeymoon Trail© February 5, 1931Arthur Hurley (director)
1118 (NYC)The Pest of Honor© December 9, 1930Roy Mack (director); Harry Short, Edward Fielding
1119 (NYC)Straight and Narrow© November 14, 1930Arthur Hurley (director); Ed Robbins, Herschel Mayall & Allen Jenkins
1120 (NYC)Horseshoes© December 9, 1930Lynne Overman
1121 (NYC)Madame of the Jury© November 14, 1930Arthur Hurley (director); Judith Anderson, John Patrick & Phil Leigh
1122 (NYC)One Good Turn© December 9, 1930Ruth Etting & Jay Velie
1124 (NYC)Service Stripes© December 9, 1930Alfred J. Goulding (director); Joe Penner, Anthony Hughes & Joan Carter Waddell
1125 (NYC)Envy© January 5, 1931Arthur Hurley (director); Geoffrey Kerry; Madge Evans, Eric Dresser, Romney Brent
1126 (NYC)The Darling BruteNovember 1930Jack Hazzard, Helen Goodhue & William Halligan
1127 (NYC)Buster BearMarch 14 & April 14, 1931John McCory Studiotwo animated cartoons released as "The Life and Adventures of Buster Bear" & "Spring Carnival"
1128 (NYC)Henry Santry and His Soldiers of FortuneMarch 1, 1931 (Film Daily review)Roy Mack (director); Henry SantryVitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
1130 (NYC)Wedding Bills© January 5, 1931Alfred J. Goulding (director); Billy Wayne, Helen Lynd & Brooks Benedict
1131 (NYC)The Check-up© December 10, 1930Jack Hazzard & Ruth Donnelly
1132–1133 (NYC, two-reeler)Revenge Is SweetDecember 1930Alfred J. Goulding (director); Herschel Mayall, Barbara Weeks, Leslie Adams & Frank Allworth
1134 (NYC)Lodge Night© December 10, 1930Joe Phillips, John Dunsmore & Hazel Cox
1135 (NYC)Home Made© December 10, 1930Arthur Hurley (director); Albert Hackett, Dorothy Hall & Jessie Busley
1136 (NYC)Dolly Daisy in "Hearts and Flowers"December 1930Howard Moss; co-animator: Charles Bennesstop-motion animated cartoon
1137 (NYC)The Painter© January 5, 1931Alfred J. Goulding (director); Frank Orth
1138 (NYC)Opening Night© January 5, 1931Roy Mack (director) & Benjamin Kaye (writer); Dorothy Sands, Thomas Jackson, Leo Hoyt, Peggy Shannon, Helen Eby-RockVitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
1140 (NYC)The Lady Killer© January 5, 1931Arthur Hurley (director); Eric Dressler & Shirley Palmer
1141 (NYC)Last But Not Leased© January 5, 1931Alfred J. Goulding (director); Billy Wayne & Thelma White
1142 (NYC)Last Straw© January 5, 1931Roy Mack (director); Romney Bent
1143 (NYC)Charlie Hackett in "Romeo & Juliet"November 9, 1930 (Film Daily review)Charles Hackett with Rosa Lowe
1144 (NYC)Maid to Order© January 5, 1931Eleanor Shaler, Pauline MacLean & Bob Lynn
1145 (NYC)The Watch Dog© January 5, 1931Alfred J. Goulding (director); Jack Hazzard
1147 (NYC)Office Scandal© December 9, 1930Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy & Christina GraverVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
1149 (NYC)Merry Christmas (Pap's Slay Ride)© March 16, 1931Hugh Cameron & Spring Byington
1150 (NYC)On the Job© January 5, 1931Roy Mack (director); Ann Codee, Frank Orth, Florence Vernon
1151 (NYC)Africa Shrieks© February 5, 1931Roy Mack (director); Hugh Cameron
1152 (NYC)Peace and Quiet© February 5, 1931Arthur Hurley (director); Billy Wayne & Betty Lawrence
1153 (NYC)One Way Out© January 5, 1931Arthur Hurley (director); Charles Lawrence & Thelma WhiteVitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
1155–1156 (NYC, two reeler)With Pleasure© February 5, 1931Roy Mack (director); Billy Wayne, the Colette Sisters & others
1157 (NYC)The Love Nest© February 5, 1931Alfred J. Goulding (director); Billy Wayne & Thelma White
1158 (NYC)Squaring the Triangle© February 5, 1931Donald Brian & Mayo Methot
1159 (NYC)The Old Flame© February 5, 1931Audrey Dale, Dennie Moore & John Marsdon
1160 (NYC)The Hangover© February 5, 1931Roy Mack (director); Bernard Granville & Neely Edwards
1161 (NYC)The Strange Case© February 5, 1931Roy Mack (director); Charles Halton & Gerald Oliver Smith
1167–1168 (NYC, two-reeler)Masquerade© February 16, 1931Casey Robinson (director); Vivienne Osborne, Roy D'Arcy & Wilfred Lytell
1171 (NYC)Good Times© February 16, 1931Arthur Hurley (director); Madge Evans
1188 (NYC)Playing with Fire© March 26, 1931Roy Mack (director); Jack Hazzard
4426–4427 (LA, two-reeler)The Border PatrolJanuary 25, 1931 (Film Daily review)Joe Frisco, Dorothy Knapp, Eddie Graham & Theodore Lorch
4654 (LA)Alaska© February 16, 1931Eddie LambertLaff Tours


Filmed in 1931 in Brooklyn, New York.

#TitleRelease, copyright or review dateDirector & performersNotes
1149Crimes Square© March 26, 1931Arthur Hurley (director); Pat O'Brien, Mary DoranVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
1162Ship's ConcertFebruary 5, 1931Giovanni Martinelli
1163Making Good© February 5, 1931Alfred J. Goulding (director); Stanley Rauh (story); Joe Penner
1164Taking ChancesApril 26, 1931 (Film Daily review)Alfred J. Goulding (director); Billy Wayne & Thelma White
1165Court PlasteredJanuary 25, 1931 (Film Daily review)Helen Broderick & Lester Crawford
1166Sleepy Head© February 5, 1931Alfred J. Goulding (director); Billy Wayne & Thelma White
1169Second Childhood© February 5, 1931Roy Mack (director); Herschel Mayall & Clara Mackin
1173Hello, Sucker!© February 20, 1931Arthur Hurley (director); Hugh O’Connell
1174CarnivalApril 12, 1931 (Film Daily review)Giovanni Martinelli & John Harvard
1175Hot Sands© February 20, 1931Alfred J. Goulding (director); Billy Wayne & Thelma White
1176George Jessel and His Russian Art Choir© February 20, 1931George JesselSmart Money (1931 film) (TCM Greatest Gangster Films Prohibition Era) DVD
1177Donkey Business© February 5, 1931Alfred J. Goulding (director); Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy & Christina Graver
1178Stars of YesterdayFebruary 22, 1931 (Film Daily review)Bert Frank (film editor)Reissued as a "Pepper Pot". Clips of various silent screen stars: William S. Hart, Texas Guinan, Theda Bara & Mabel Normand. Walter O'Keefe hosts.
1179–1180 (two-reeler)Angel Cake© February 20, 1931Roy Mack (director)
1183–1184 (two-reeler)PartnersMarch 15, 1931 (Film Daily review)Leon Errol, Billy Gaxton, George Haggerty & Shirley Palmer
1185Sax Appeal© April 13, 1931Alfred J. Goulding (director); Joe Penner
1186Good Pie Forever© April 13, 1931Roy Mack (director); Billy Wayne & Thelma White
1187The Spirits of 76th StreetMarch 26, 1931Arthur Hurley (director); Helen Broderick, Dudley Clements & Lester Crawford
1190Dumb LuckApril 19, 1931 (Film Daily review)Alfred J. Goulding (director); Frank Orth & Ann Codee
1191Close FriendsJune 1931Alfred J. Goulding (director); Hobart Cavanaugh & Roger Gray
1193Night Club Revels© March 16, 1931Roy Mack (director); Walter O’Keefe with the Collette Sisters & the Muriel Abbott Dancers
1194Ye Old Time News Reel (Yee Old Time News Flashes)April 26, 1931 (Film Daily review)Bert Frank (editor); narr: Burnet Hersheycompilation reel with old clips of the Wright brothers & Harry Houdini
1195Hocus Pocus© March 16, 1931Edgar Bergen (& Charlie McCarthy)
1196Hitting the High C's© March 16, 1931Roy Mack (director); the Brittons (Frank & Mitt Britton)
1198–1199 (two-reeler)GangwayAugust 16, 1931 (Film Daily review)Alfred J. Goulding (director); Joe Penner & Polly Walters
1200Sky HighMarch 29, 1931 (Film Daily review)Roy Mack (director); Janet Reade & Dudley Clements with Larry Adler & the Lovel Sisters
1201Riding MasterMarch 1931Poodles Hanneford with Madge Evans & Naomi Ray
1203The Grand DameMay 2, 1931Arthur Hurley (director); Patsy KellyVitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
1204–1205 (two-reeler)Freshman LoveApril 12, 1931 (Film Daily review)Roy Mack (director); Ruth Etting with Don Tompkins & Jeanie Lang
1206Good MourningAugust 23, 1931 (Film Daily review)Alfred J. Goulding (director); Eddie Foy, Jr. with Eric Dressler, Thelma White, Peggy Shannon, Doris Covert & Mel Efird
1209–1210 (two-reeler)The Handy GuyMay 24, 1931 (Film Daily review)Roy Mack (director); Earle Sande
1212The InventorMay 11, 1931 (Film Daily review)Al Ray (director); Billy Wayne & Thelma White
1215Cold TurkeyJuly 5, 1931Roy Mack (director); Helen Broderick & Lester Crawford
1216BabykinsJuly 19, 1931 (Film Daily review)Al Ray (director?); Pee Wee Singer
1217The Dandy and the BelleMay 11, 1931 (Film Daily review)Roy Mack (director); Frank McGlynn, Mary Murray, Pauline Dee
1220Nine O'Clock FolksJune 28, 1931 (Film Daily review)Roy Fant & the Mound City Blue BlowersVitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
1221–1222 (two-reeler)Moving InJune 7, 1931 (Film Daily review)Al Ray (director); Joe Penner
1224Fast and PleasantMay 1931Al Ray (director); Billy Wayne & Thelma White
1226The TroubadorMay 11, 1931 (Film Daily review)Roy Mack (director); Giovanni Martinelli
1227Baby FaceMay 1931Victor Moore
1232Milky WayMay 1931Roy Mack (director); Neely Edwards with Six Ambassadors, Bob Ripa & the Muriel Abbott Dancers
1235The Week EndJune 1931Neely Edwards, Mary Murray & Lucille Sears
1241The Bitter Wife (Our Wife)June 1931Al Ray (director); Frank Orth & Ann Codee with Dudley Clements, Florence Vernon, Lew Christy & Mabel Ash
1244Opportunity NightJune 1931Al Klein, Frank Leslie & Genevieve Bowman
1245The Gypsy CaravanSeptember 27, 1931Roy Mack (director); Giovanni Martinelli, Max Pollikoff (violinist) & Willis Stiles (dancer)
1246–1247 (two-reeler)June 28, 1931 (Film Daily review)The Bigger They ArePrimo Carnera & Little Billy
1255–1256 (two-reeler)The Gigolo RacketJune 21, 1931 (Film Daily review)Roy Mack (director); Helen Morgan with Reed Brown Jr. & Joseph StrikerVitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) DVD
1260Travel HogsNovember 15, 1931 (Film Daily review)Hugh Cameron & Dave Chasen
1263Gold Digging GentlemenAugust 23, 1931 (Film Daily review)Roy Mack (director); Al Klein, Maria Gambarelli, Joan Abbott, Harriet Nawrot & Co.
1314The High School HooferDecember 6 (Film Daily review)Roy Mack (director); Hal Le Roy & Eleanor King
1564–1565Seasons GreetingsDecember 20, 1931Arthur Hurley (director); Janet Reade, Ray Collins, Joe Penner, Robert L. Ripley, Jack Norworth, Thelma White, Ruth Etting


#TitleRelease, copyright or review dateDirector & performersAdditional notes
1351Campus SpiritApril 24, 1932 (Film Daily review)Roy Mack (director); Douglas Stanbury & NYU Glee Club
1387Smash Your BaggageOctober 29, 1932Roy Mack (director); Carrie Marrier, Lew Payton, Mabel ScottWarner Bros. Big Band, Jazz & Swing Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
1391Pie, Pie BlackbirdJune 4, 1932Roy Mack (director) & A. Dorian Otvas (directors); Eubie Blake, Nina Mae McKinney & the Nicholas BrothersWarner Bros. Big Band, Jazz & Swing Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD & Hallelujah! (1929 film) DVD
1454Municipal Band Wagon© September 29, 1932Roy Mack (director); Bernice Claire with Jimmy Caruso Band, Cy Laundry and Walter Wilson
5401BreakwaterAugust 1932

Vitaphone Varieties in Technicolor (1929–1930)

Warners Brothers and its Vitaphone and First National subsidiaries produced more features and shorts in two-strip Technicolor during the late twenties and early thirties than any other studio. Unfortunately not all of them survive in their original format as black and white TV prints are sometimes the remaining available ones. The following were filmed in Hollywood in the fall of 1929 through the spring of 1930. One title, Bubbles, is available in black and white form on Meet Me In St. Louis (2-disc) DVD & Vitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD

TitleRelease, copyright or review dateDirector & performers
The Military PostOctober 1929Roberto Guzman (director)
A Spanish FiestaOctober 1929Roberto Guzman (director)
Dance of The Paper DollsNovember 13, 1929Roy Mack (director)
Minstrel Days© January 13, 1930The Plantation Four & Jess Brooke
BubblesJanuary 1930Roy Mack (director); The Gumm Sisters with Judy Garland, Mary McCarty & The Vitaphone Kiddies
The Sultan's JesterJanuary 1930Joyzell, Randall Adagio Four & Edward Lankow
Only the GirlFebruary 1930Vera Marshe & Buddy Wattles
A Scene from CarmenFebruary 19, 1930 (filmed October 1929)Alice Gentle. May be a cut scene from The Show of Shows
Lonely GigoloMarch 1930Jack Haskell (director); Lotti Loder
Jazz Rehearsal© March 19, 1930 (filmed December '29)
And How© March 19, 1930 (filmed December '29)Anne Greenway
Contrary Mary© March 19, 1930 (filmed Dec '29)Bobby Watson
The Wedding of Jack and Jill© March 19, 1930Roy Mack (director); The Gumm Sisters with Judy Garland, Peggy Ryan & The Vitaphone Kiddies
Hello Baby! © March 24, 1930 (filmed December '29)Larry Ceballos
A Holiday in StorylandApril 2, 1930Roy Mack (director); The Gumm Sisters with Judy Garland, the Vitaphone Kiddies, the Three Kute & Five Little Steppers
South Sea PearlMay 7, 1930Gaston Glass
HollandMay 28, 1930Jack Haskell (director)
The Japanese BowlJune 11, 1930Jack Haskell (director)
Evolution of the DanceJuly 11, 1930 (Film Daily review)Lupino Lane, Billy Taft & Mary Hutchinson
Girls We Remember© September 6, 1930Mack College Quartette, the DeMarcos & Mitzi Mayfair
College Capers© September 6, 1930Carl McBride (director); Ty Parvis, Lillian Crowell, Baron & Janet Gilmore, Ken & DeBard Brothers
Modern Business© September 6, 1930
Poor Little ButterflySeptember 21, 1930Roy Mack (director)
Shakespeare Was RightOctober 12, 1930 (Film Daily review; completed February)

Assorted Vitaphone promotionals and commercials

Not a complete list, but a select number of 1926–1931 shorts of interest

  • The Birth of the Telephone / Thomas A. Watson (former assistant to Alexander Graham Bell) / June 1926
  • Reverend J. Ford and Reverend H. Hickman: 100th anniversary of Jamestown, New York / June 1927
  • Special Star Number for Theater Opening / Al Jolson / December 1928
  • Voice of Vitaphone / August 1929 / Short reel numbered #877
  • Intimate Dinner in Celebration of Warner Bros. Silver Jubilee / John G. Adolfi (director) / August 1930 / The Jazz Singer DVD
  • Chesterfield Celebrities / Clark & McCullough / January 18, 1931 / 22 minute special
  • Graduation Day in Bugland / animated cartoon / March 1, 1931
  • Slopes of the Andes / March 29, 1931 / commercial for American Coffee

Pepper Pots (1931–1936)

"Pepper Pots" replaced "Vitaphone Varieties" as a marketing name for Warner's black & white one-reel (running under 11 minutes) shorts released between 1931 and 1936. These included comedy acts, a series spotlighting famous songwriters and a number of sports, animal subjects and other human-interest documentary films.

TitleDirector & performersRelease, copyright or review dateAdditional notes
Speaking Out Of TurnAl Ray (director); Johnny Walker & Dudley ClementsSeptember 20, 1931 (Film Daily review)
The Eyes Have ItAlfred J. Goulding (director); Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy & Christina Graver© October 3, 1931The Public Enemy (Greatest Gangster Films Prohibition Era) DVD
Thrills Of Yesterday: Serious Moments from Serial DaysBert Frank (film editor)October 17, 1931Vitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD (film montage featuring Norma Talmidge, William Duncan, The Perils of Pauline (1914 serial), Harry Houdini & Larry Semon)
Free And EasyRoy Mack (director); Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy & Christina GraverNovember 8, 1931 (Film Daily review)
In Your SombreroBilly Wayne & Josephine BonoNovember 15, 1931 (Film Daily review)
Hot News MargieAlfred J. Goulding (director); Marjorie BeebeNovember 29, 1931 (Film Daily review)Vitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
Relativity And RelativesDr. RockwellDecember 6, 1931 (Film Daily review)Motion Picture Herald also lists this as a "Big Star Comedy" [8]
The Wise QuackerThe DrakesDecember 1931
JuniorRoy Mack (director); Neely Edwards with James McCallion, Maxine Flood & May HannaJanuary 10, 1932 (Film Daily review; completed May 1931)
Cigars, CigarettesAlfred J. Goulding (director); Marjorie BeebeFebruary 28, 1932 (Film Daily review)
Stuck Down StuccoAlfred J. Goulding (director); Louis Simon, Gertrude Mudge & othersMarch 1932
The Movie Album #1Herman Ruby (director); Bert Frank (film editor)March 5, 1932Vitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD (film montage includes Biograph 1913 material with Lionel Barrymore, Blanche Sweet and Lillian Gish, Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Drew at Vitagraph, MY OFFICIAL WIFE with Clara Kimball Young, early Norma Shearer in 1922, John Bunny, Helene Costello, Maurice Costello, Florence Turner, 1915 feature CARMEN, Charlie Chaplin in A WOMAN, Antonio Morenao & Edith Storey)
Remember WhenBert Frank (film editor)April 17, 1932 (Film Daily review)clips of Teddy Roosevelt, Titanic, Emmeline Pankhurst and Nicholas II of Russia
Movie Album #2 (Movie Album Featurettes)Bert Frank (film editor)June 4, 1932Vitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD (film montage mostly from the Vitagraph and Biograph studios featuring Maurice Costello, John Bunny, Helene Costello, Blanche Sweet, Walter Miller (actor) & James Young in 1914’s THE PORTRAIT)
Movie Album #3Bert Frank (film editor)June 1932Includes early shots of Marie Dressler
Napoleon's BustAlfred J. Goulding (director); Don Coleman, Jane Allen & Ted HusingJune 18, 1932 (Film Daily review)
Love Thy NeighborAlfred J. Goulding (director); Dan Tompkins & Marel FosterJuly 23, 1932 (Film Daily review)
Babe O'MineJul 23, 1932 (Film Daily review)
If I'm ElectedAlfred J. Goulding (director); Douglass Dumbrille, Ray Collins, Chester Clute & Diana SeabyAugust 9, 1932 (Film Daily review)
NickeletteRoy Mack (director)August 24, 1932 (Film Daily review)Vitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD (film montage of 1890s NYC Bowery, sports events 1910s, Rudolph Valentino in 1920 and vintage Vitagraph)
You're Killing MeAlfred J. Goulding (director); Ray Collins, Victor Kilian & othersAugust 26, 1932 (Film Daily review)
King Salmon© September 29, 1932
ContactJoseph Henabery (director); Frank Hawks, Alice Reinheart, Billy Hayes, G. MacQuarrie, Scott Moore & William PringleOctober 8, 1932
Mississippi Suite, A Tone JourneyOctober 1932musical travelogue
Out of the PastBert Frank (film editor)October 22, 1932 (Film Daily review)clips of Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin and Jack Dempsey
Fisherman's HolidayFrank McHugh (narrator)November 1932Tuna fishing
Dangerous OccupationsBert Frank (film editor); Lowell Thomas© January 16, 1933newsreel clips of daredevilry
A Whale of a YarnLowell Thomas (narrator)January 28, 1933 (Film Daily review)Alaska wildlife (whales, sea otters, birdlife)
Africa Speaks - EnglishRoy Mack (director), Edgar Bergen (& Charlie McCarthy)© February 6, 1933
Sea DevilsFrank McHugh (narrator)© March 22, 1933tuna fishing
Little White LiesGlen Lambert (director); Franklin Ardell & Chester Clute, Dan Coleman, Margaret Lee, Wilfred Lyrel and Agnes FraneyApril 1, 1933
InklingsCharles Geigerich; Lowell Thomas (narrator); part animated cartoonApril 8, 1933Vitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
Parades of YesterdayJack Henley; Bert Frank (film editor); Leo Donnelly (narrator); David Mendoza (music)April 8, 1933newsreel footage of 1890s-20s of Coney Island, civil war veterans and the 1919 victory celebration.
Around the World in Eight MinutesAlfred J. Goulding (director); Hugh Cameron, Dan Coleman, Dudley Hawley & Lois Wild© June 6, 1933(filmed February 1932)
A Penny a PeepRalph Staub (director); Fred Harper, Gertrude Mudge & Dick Wallace© July 16, 1933Vitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
Song Hits by Roy TurkRoy Mack (director); Kay Hamilton, Madelyn Kileen, Mario & Lavarin, Barnett & Clark & Mildren van DornJuly 1933
The Road Is Open AgainAlfred E. Green (director); Dick PowellAugust 1933
Walter Donaldson, Popular ComposerRoy Mack (director)© September 9, 1933
Rock-A-Bye ByeJoseph Henabery (director); Doctor Rockwell, Jules Epailly, Adelina Thomason & Oscar Ragland© September 28, 1933
Admission Five CentsLeo Donnelly (narrator)© October 9, 1933
Laughs in the LawJoseph Henabery (director); Dan Coleman, Joan Castle, Robert Hyman, Hugh Cameron & Edgar Nelson© October 20, 1933
Harry Warren: America's Foremost ComposerRay McCarey (director); Harry WarrenNovember 18, 193342nd Street (film) DVD & Vitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
Movie MemoriesJack Henley & Glen Lambert (directors)December 30, 1933Vitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD (includes clips of Robert Anderson Van Wyck, 1910 Jeffries-Johnson fight & Flora Finch and Kate Brice in THE OLD FIRE HORSE AND THE NEW FIRE CHIEF, 1914)
Isn't That Awful?Roy Mack (director); Easy Aces (Goodman & Jane Ace)© February 28, 1934
The Wrong, Wrong TrailJoseph Henabery (director); Block and Sully (Jesse Block & Eve Sully), Donald McBride & Shemp Howard© February 28, 1934Vitaphone Comedy Collection Vol. 1 (Warner Archive) DVD
The Tune DetectiveJoseph Henabery (director); Sigmund Spaeth, Katherine Newman, Peggy Lee, Vera Van & Davey Jones© March 1, 1934
Easy AcesJoseph Henabery (director); Easy Aces (Goodman & Jane Ace)© March 4, 1934first Easy Aces comedy filmed (July 1933)
Hollywood NewsreelGeorge BilsonMarch 24, 193442nd Street (film) DVD & Vitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD (features Guy Kibbee, Dick Powell, Joan Blondell & Hal Le Roy)
Little Miss Mischief© April 10, 1934
A Cabinet MeetingJoseph Henabery (director); Radio Ramblers, Janet Rathbun and Dudley Clements© April 13, 1934
Pure FeudJoseph Henabery (director); Edgar Bergen (& Charlie McCarthy) (and Shemp Howard in a bit role)© Apr 14, 1934Vitaphone Comedy Collection Vol. 1 (Warner Archive) DVD
Those Were the DaysRoy Mack (director), George Meyer, Brook Allen, the Eton Boys, Lovey Sisters and Helen Gordon© April 23, 1934
Good BadmittenHugh Herbert, Walter PidgeonJune 1934
At the RacesJoseph Henabery & Jack Henley (directors); Edgar Bergen (& Charlie McCarthy)July 21, 1934
Just ConcentrateRalph Staub (director); Lulu McConnell, Bob Hyman, Eddie Acuff & Jean Lacy© July 21, 1934
Dad Minds The BabyAugust 3, 1934
The Camera SpeaksBilly BitzerAugust 11, 1934Lady Killer (1933 film) DVD & Vitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD (includes clips of Gloria Swanson, Bobby Vernon, Charles Ray, Dorothy Dalton, Louise Glaum & William Jennings Bryan)
Guess StarsJoseph Henabery (director); Radio Ramblers, Lionel Stander & Nancy KellyAugust 22, 1934
Movie Memories #2Ralph Staub (director)August 23, 1934 (Film Daily review)Vitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD (montage of famous stars who died before 1934)
The Stolen MelodyJoseph Henabery (director); Sigmund Spaeth, Noveliers Quartet, Crawford & Caskey, Kean & Reese© October 5, 1934
Vaudeville Reel #1: Herb WilliamsJoseph Henabery (director); with Honey Family, Reis & Dunn, Grauman's Stepping StarsOctober 13, 1934Footlight Parade DVD & Vitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
Vaudeville Reel #2: Buster Shaver, Olive and GeorgeRoy Mack (director); Jack Pepper's Society Pets, Carl Emmy & his Mad Wigs, the Three QueensOctober 29, 1934Vitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
Songs That LiveRoy Mack (director); Gus Edwards© November 24, 1934
A Trip through a Hollywood StudioRalph Staub (director); Hugh Herbert & othersDecember 7, 193442nd Street (film) (Greatest Classic Films Busby Berkeley 1) DVD & Vitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
Charles Ahearn and His MillionairesJoseph Henabery (director); with Eddie Miller & the Three Aristocrats© February 9, 1935
Vaudeville Reel #3: Al TrahanJoseph Henabery (director); Chaz Chase, Ray & Sunshine, the Holman SistersFebruary 16, 1935Vitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
Radio Reel #1: Listening InRoy Mack (director); Arthur Brown, DeMarco Sisters, Cross & Dunn, Irene Taylor and Mary Small© February 18, 1935
Radio Reel #3: We Do Our PartJoseph Henabery (director); Landt Trio & White, Donald Novis, Ed Lowry, Edith Murray, Gene & Glenn and David Burns© February 18, 1935
Man of a Thousand HitsJoseph Henabery (director); Harry Von Tilzer© March 18, 1935
Radio Reel #4: Egg Marks The SpotJoseph Henabery (director); Sam Hearn, Jessie Busley, Three X Sisters, Lee Sullivan, Sims & BaileyMarch 30, 1935
Billy HillJoseph Henabery (director); Billy Hill (songwriter)© April 8, 1935
Some Bridge WorkLloyd French (director); Easy Aces (Goodman & Jane Ace)April 13, 1935
Vaudeville Reel #4: All Star VaudevilleRoy Mack (director); On-Wah Troupe, Blossom Seeley, Benny Fields, Pat Rooney Jr. & Sr., the Runaway FourApril 27, 1935Vitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
Palm Beach KnightsLloyd French (director); Charles Ahearn, David Burns, Casper Balsamo and Fred HarperMay 1935
Two Boobs in a BalloonLloyd French (director); Edgar Bergen (& Charlie McCarthy)May 5, 1935
Kings of the TurfRalph Staub (director)May 11, 1935horse-race reel
Moving MelodiesJoseph Henabery (director); J. Fred Coots, Lillian Shade & Charles ColesJune 8, 1935
All Colored Vaudeville ShowRoy Mack (director); Adelaide Hall, Nicholas BrothersJune 22, 1935Warner Bros. Big Band, Jazz & Swing Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD & The Green Pastures (film) DVD
Radio Reel #5- Rah Rah RadioRoy Mack (director); David Burns, Jimmie Lucas, DeMarco Sisters, Ralph Kirbery, Al & Lee Riser and Jack & Lee ClemanJuly 6, 1935
What's the Idea? Roy Mack (director); Lew Pollack, Helen Ware & the CavaliersAugust 17, 1935
NutvilleRoy Mack (director) ; Radio Ramblers, Donald MacBride & David BurnsSeptember 7, 1935
The All American DrawbackLloyd French (director); Edgar Bergen (& Charlie McCarthy)October 5, 1935Captain Blood (1935 film) (Greatest Classic Legends Errol Flynn) DVD
Wee MenJoseph Henabery (director); Singer's Midgets, Lucille Sears & Flora SeamanNovember 2, 1935
P's and Cues (Ps & Qs) Lloyd French (director); Paul Douglas (narrator); Charles Peterson & Ruth McGinnisNovember 27, 1935
Can It Be Done? Lloyd French (director); Ray Gross, Charles Laurance, Loretta Sayers & Elliot FisherNovember 29, 1935
Some ClassLloyd French (director); Charles Ahearn, Willie Solar & Gene BruceDecember 4, 1935
Logging AlongEddie Acuff (narrator)December 4, 1935
Wild WingsDonald R. Dickey (director); Gayne Whitman (narrator)January 24, 1936covers birdlife at Laysan Island
Seein' StarsLloyd French (director); Easy Aces (Goodman & Jane Ace) with Clarence Chase & Billie LeonardFebruary 8, 1936(filmed September 1934)
Timber Giants (Tall Timber)Eddie Acuff (narrator)February 22, 1936logging documentary
Half-WitnessRoy Mack (director); Radio RamblersMarch 21, 1936
Whale Ho! April 1936profiles whale hunting in New Zealand
Beneath the SeaB. F. Zeidman (producer); Stacy Woodard (director)April 11, 1936Undersea documentary featuring sharks and octopus
Medium Well DoneLloyd French (director); Theodore Hardeen© April 21, 1936

Vitaphone "Novelties" and revived Vitaphone Varieties (1936–1939)

All of these are black and white shorts, running under 11 minutes and completed at the Brooklyn (NYC) facilities.

TitleDirector & performersRelease, copyright or review dateAdditional notes
Nut GuiltyLloyd French (director); Edgar Bergen (& Charlie McCarthy), Gerrie Worthing, George Anderson & Edith BrandallJune 12, 1936
When Fish Fight(Sunbeam Pictures co-production); Clem McCarthy (narrator)July 11, 1936
Check Your CashLloyd French (director); Paul Douglas (narrator); card expert Louis Zingone© July 12, 1936
Slum FunLloyd French (director); Johnny Berkes & Charles O'Donnell© August 8, 1936
An Ounce of PreventionLloyd French (director); Ray GrossOctober 21, 1936
Oklahoma As IsCarl Sterns Clancy & Cal TinneyOctober 29, 1936 (Film Daily review)travelogue
Roger Wolf Kahn & His OrchestraRoy Mack (director); Roger Wolf Kahn, Charles Carlyle, Evelyn Poe, James & Evelyn VernonDecember 2, 1936
Rushin' ArtJohn Henley & Lloyd French (directors); Miss Juliet & othersDecember 1936
Ghost to Ghost HookupJoseph Henabery (director); Radio RamblersApril 3, 1937
The Lifers of the PartyRoy Mack (director); the Yacht Club BoysApril 17, 1937
Home Run on the KeysRoy Mack (director); Babe Ruth, Byron Gay & Zez ConfreyApril 24, 1937
A Musical OperationRoy Mack (director); the Norsemen, Frank Gaby, Virginia Verrill & Gloria GilbertMay 24, 1937
Double TalkLloyd French (director); Edgar Bergen (& Charlie McCarthy)June 26, 1937Hollywood Hotel (film) DVD
A Neckin' PartyLloyd French (director); Edgar Bergen (& Charlie McCarthy)September 4, 1937Variety Show (1937 film) (Busby Berkeley Collection 2) DVD
Puppet LoveLloyd French (director); Salici's puppetsSeptember 18, 1937 (BoxOffice review)in color
Roping 'Em AliveIra Genet (editor); Basil Ruysdael (narrator)November 6, 1937travelogue footage of African tribes and India
Vitaphone FrolicsStanley Brothers, Jack & Loretta Clemens, Zeb Carver & his Cousins & L.I.M.E. TrioNovember 27, 1937
Vitaphone CapersThe Downing Sisters with Elaine Downing, Raphael, Swor & Lubin Joe Termini & Co.© December 22, 1937
Unreal NewsreelEddie Forman; Paul Douglas (narrator)January 8, 1938
Ski Flight: A Document of Skiing According to the Principles of HannesOtto Lang & Jerome Hill (directors); Howard Claney (narrator)February 4, 1938sport reel filmed at Mt. Whitney & Mt. Baker, California
Alibi TimeRoy Mack (director); Radio Ramblers, Jose Dawning, Edith Roarke & Morgan ConwayFebruary 12, 1938
Vitaphone GambolsLloyd French (director); the ABC Trio, Masters & Rollins, Chaz Chase, Elaine Dowling & the Tip Top GirlsMarch 19, 1938
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse CrawfordLloyd French (director); Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Crawford, Lynn Martin, Sam Moseby & the Foremen QuartetApril 11, 1938
The Juggling FoolLloyd French (director); Bobby May & Anita SimpsonMay 14, 1938
Table MannersLloyd French (director); Clem McCarthyOctober 15, 1938Sports reel on table tennis.
A Vaudeville InterludeBert & Betty, Gaudsmith Brothers, Hamonica Scamps with Murray LaneNovember 19, 1938
Robbin' GoodLouis ZingoneDecember 10, 1938
Radio and RelativesRoy Mack (director); Jack Walson, Rob Nichols, Laura Deane and Garner, Wolfe & Hakins© December 30, 1938
Ski GirlIra Genet (director); Dwight Weist (narrator)January 14, 1939
The Nine MillionRoy Mack (director); Burnet HersheyFebruary 4, 1939newsreel documentary about the rise of Fascism
GadgeteersJoseph Henabery (director); Warren Asche, Marjorie Stafford & Fred HarperFebruary 18, 1939
The Crawfords At HomeLloyd French (director); Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Crawford, Judith Barron, Bill Johnson, Crawford & CaskeyApril 15, 1939Invisible Stripes DVD & Vitaphone Cavalcade of Musical Comedy Shorts (Warner Archive) DVD
Dean of PasteboardsLloyd French (director); Louis ZingoneMay 27, 1939
One Day StandIra Genet (director); Dwight Weist (narrator); Clyde Beatty & his animal actsAugust 19, 1939
History Repeats ItselfLloyd French (director); Radio RoguesOctober 10, 1939
An Organ Novelty with the Three CrawfordsJoseph Henabery (narrator); Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Crawford, Miriam Graham & Robert SimmonsOctober 25, 1939
All Girl RevueLloyd French (director); June Allyson, Harrison Sisters, Betty Moe, Beverly Crane and Beverly KirkJune 22, 1940 (filmed July '39)The Roaring Twenties (Greatest Gangster Films Prohibition Era) DVD

Hollywood Novelties / Warner Novelties (1940–1953)

Most of these were completed in California, explaining the change in series name. In the mid-forties, the studio reverted to the old "Vitaphone Varieties" logo with a number of titles, although these black and white documentaries (all running 8–11 minutes in length) were very different than the twenties and thirties musical and comedy acts. After a few years absence, they were revived as "Warner Novelties", consisting mostly of newsreel and earlier recycled footage stretching past the decades. Excluded from the following list (for space reasons) are the first two Joe McDoakes comedies of 1942 that were issued under the Hollywood Novelty logo, those featuring archery expert Howard Hill and compilation director Robert Youngson. See their articles for further information.

TitleMajor creditsRelease, copyright or review dateAdditional notes
Mexican Jumping BeansEddie Davis (director); music: Howard Jackson; narrator: Knox Manning© December 7, 1940
Polo with the Starsproducer: Myron J. Schwartz; director: Paul R. Thoma; music: Howard Jackson; narrator: Knox ManningSeptember 20, 1941Features Joe E. Brown, Jack Holt & Buddy Rogers
Miracle MakersOwen Crump (director); music: Rex Dunn; narrator: Knox ManningSeptember 20, 1941Docu-reel on "sources of power" like water
White Sailsproducer: Walter Fulter; director: Owen Crump; music: Howard Jackson© November 8, 1941ship travelogue edited from a British documentary
Then and Nowmusic: Howard Jackson; narrator: Knox Manning© December 24, 1941documentary on trains and autos
Ring of Steeldirector: Garson Kanin; narrator: Spencer TracyApril 2, 1942military short
There Ain't No Such Animalproducers/directors: Joel Maline & Rich Hall; music: William Lava; narrator: Knox ManningMay 9, 1942Visits Australia's Great Barrier Reef
This Is Your Enemycredited: Archibald MacLeish; music: Howard Jackson & William Lava; narrator: Knox ManningJanuary 23, 1943footage of the Nazi invasion of Poland
Stars on Horsebackproducer: Myron J. Schwartz; music: William Lava; narrator: Lou MarcelleApril 3, 1943DVD release: Old Acquaintance (Greatest Classic Legends Bette Davis). Showcases George Garfield, blacksmith for Hollywood
Bees A'Buzzin' producer: Gordon Hollingshead; director: Roger Q. Denny; music: Howard Jackson; narrator: Lou MarcelleSeptember 18, 1943Made with the association of the International Bees Producers Association.
Our Alaskan Frontierdirector: Carl Dudley; music: Howard Jackson; narrator: Lou MarcelleNovember 6, 1943travelogue
The Struggle for Lifedirector: Roger Q. Denny; music: Rex Dunn; narrator: Art GilmoreMarch 4, 1944edited from a Soviet nature documentary
Jungle Thrillsdirector: Roger Q. Denny; music: Howard Jackson; narrator: Lou MarcelleApril 15, 1944
Road to Victoryproducer: Gordon Hollingshead; director: Le Roy PrinzMay 13, 1944Semi-promotional for Fifth War Loan Campaign
Throwing the Bulldirector: Augustin Delgado; narrator: James A. FitzpatrickJuly 29, 1944A Mexican bullfight.
Their Dizzy Daydirector: Mervyn Freeman; story: Roger Q. Denny; music: Howard Jackson; narrator: George O'HanlonSeptember 2, 1944A day with four lion cubs. This and subsequent 1944-45 titles were marketed as "Vitaphone Varieties"
Ski-Whizzproducer: Blackwood Grant; director: Alan Francis Corby; music: Howard Jackson; narrator: Art GilmoreOctober 7, 1944ski reel
Overseas Roundup #1music: Howard Jackson & William LavaMarch 17, 1945Covers news from the war front. A Nazi submarine is attacked / military recreation at Bougainville / Persian transport of goods to Soviet forces / Merrill's Marauders in Burma / Hollywood entertainers overseas
Overseas Roundup #2May 26, 1945Segments: life on a troopship / rat-catching in the tropical Pacific / the medical corps in action / an Australian rodeo
Overseas Roundup #3July 14, 1945 (previewed May 19)Segments: a helicopter saving stranded Marines / how coffee is supplied to troops / Chinese soldiers in training / GI salutes on the radio
Alice in Junglelanddirector: Marjorie Freeman; music: Rex Dunn; narrator: Marvin MillerSeptember 22, 1945
Story of a Dogproducer: Gordon Hollingshead; director: Saul Elkins; music: William Lava; narrator: Knox ManningOctober 27, 1945Nominee for Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film, available on DVD for San Antonio (film). A Doberman Pinscher trains for Coast Guard War Unit at Curtis Bay, Maryland.
Peeks at Hollywoodproducer: Gene Lester; director: Irving Applebaum; music: Howard Jackson; narrator: Knox ManningJanuary 26, 1946on DVD San Antonio (film). Hollywood celebrities are seen by two ladies from Griffith Observatory.
Smart as a Foxproducer: Gordon Hollingshead; story: Saul Elkins; music: William Lava; camera: Viktor Asmus; narrator: Knox ManningApril 27, 1946Life of a fox in a Soviet forest. Nominee for Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film
Horse and Buggy Daysproducer: Gordon Hollingshead; director: Owen Crump; music: Howard Jackson; narrator: Art GilmoreOctober 21, 1949
Those Who Danceproducer: Gordon Hollingshead; music: Howard Jackson; narrator: Art GilmoreDecember 1949
Hands Tell the Storydirectors: Hal Seeger & Edwin Kasper; music: William Lava; narrator: Art GilmoreFebruary 4, 1950
Slap Happymusic: William Lava; narrator: Art GilmoreOctober 14, 1950 (completed 1948)footage of Ben Turpin with Mack Sennett in the 1920s
Animal Anticsmusic: Howard Jackson; narrator: Art GilmoreJanuary 20, 1951vintage Sennett material
The Naughty TwentiesCharles Tedford (director)February 10, 1951includes clips of Van & Schenck & Willie and Eugene Howard
Anything For Laughsmusic: Howard Jackson & William Lava; narrator: George O'HanlonApril 21, 1951edit of The Show (1922 film)
To Bee or Not to Beemusic: William Lava; narrator: Art Gilmore;September 15, 1951re-edit of Fatty Arbuckle in Buzzin' Around.
Stop, Look and Laughmusic: William LavaOctober 20, 1951edit of Larry Semon's silent The Saw Mill.
Ain't Rio Grand? director: James Bloodworth; music: William Lava; narrator: Art GilmoreDecember 2, 1951re-edit of Larry Semon Well I'll Be (1919 Vitagraph).
Songs of All Nationsproducer: Gordon Hollingshead; director: Jack SchollFebruary 16, 1952
Orange Blossoms for Violetdirectors: Friz Freleng & Chuck Jones; music: Howard Jackson; narrator: Robert C. Bruce with Mel Blanc & Bea BenaderetMay 24, 1952featured on Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 2, culled from Hal Roach 1923 "Dippy Dood-Dad" series.
Here We Go Againdirector: Charles L. Tedford; music: Howard Jackson; narrator: Art Gilmore© November 15, 1952edited from a 1921 Mack Sennett First National comedy, Hard Knocks and Love Taps starring Charlie Murray
Hit 'Em Again (Hit 'Im Again) director: Charles L. Tedford; music: Howard Jackson; narrator: Art GilmoreSeptember 5, 1953edited from Horseshoes featuring Larry Semon[9]

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