Virtual Extensible LAN

Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) is a network virtualization technology that attempts to address the scalability problems associated with large cloud computing deployments. It uses a VLAN-like encapsulation technique to encapsulate OSI layer 2 Ethernet frames within layer 4 UDP datagrams, using 4789 as the default IANA-assigned destination UDP port number.[1] VXLAN endpoints, which terminate VXLAN tunnels and may be either virtual or physical switch ports, are known as VXLAN tunnel endpoints (VTEPs).[2][3]

VXLAN is an evolution of efforts to standardize on an overlay encapsulation protocol. It increases scalability up to 16 million logical networks and allows for layer 2 adjacency across IP networks. Multicast or unicast with head-end replication (HER) is used to flood broadcast, unknown unicast, and multicast (BUM) traffic.[4]

The VXLAN specification was originally created by VMware, Arista Networks and Cisco.[5][6] Other backers of the VXLAN technology include Huawei,[7] Broadcom, Citrix, Pica8, Big Switch Networks, Cumulus Networks, Dell EMC, Ericsson, Mellanox,[8] FreeBSD,[9] OpenBSD,[10] Red Hat,[11] Joyent, and Juniper Networks.

VXLAN was officially documented by the IETF in RFC 7348.

Open vSwitch is an example of a software-based virtual network switch that supports VXLAN overlay networks.

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