Vira Narasimha II

Vira Narasimha II (Kannada: ಇಮ್ಮಡಿ ವೀರ ನರಸಿಂಹ) (r. 1220–1234) was a king of the Hoysala Empire.[1] During his reign the Hoysalas gained much influence in the affairs of the Tamil country. He defeated the Kadavas and Pandyas and levied a tribute. He acted as a support to Chola king Rajaraja Chola III, who was possibly his son-in-law, against Pandya incursions. During his rule, Vira Narasimha made Kannanur Kuppam near Srirangam his second capital, with an intent to maintain close watch and control over affairs in Tamil country. Later he fought for the Chola cause again and marched all the way to Rameswaram. The Kannada poet Sumanobana was the court poet of King Vira Narasimha II.

Vira Narasimha II
Hoysala King
Reignc.1220 – c.1234 CE
PredecessorVeera Ballala II
SuccessorVira Someshwara
Hoysala Kings (1026–1343)
Nripa Kama II (1026–1047)
Vinayaditya (1047–1098)
Ereyanga (1098–1102)
Veera Ballala I (1102–1108)
Vishnuvardhana (1108–1152)
Narasimha I (1152–1173)
Veera Ballala II (1173–1220)
Vira Narasimha II (1220–1235)
Vira Someshwara (1235–1263)
Narasimha III (1263–1292)
Veera Ballala III (1292–1343)
Harihara Raya
(Vijayanagara Empire)

Wars with Pandyas

During the rule of Vira Narasimha II, a Hoysala army was stationed at Kanchi possibly to avert any incursion from the Telugu Chodas of Nellore, the Kakatiya dynasty of Warangal and the Pandyas of Madurai. The Chola monarch Rajaraja III defied the Pandyas by not paying their annual tribute. Sundara Pandya went on the offensive and routed the Cholas in the battle of Tellaru. Vira Narasimha II rushed to the aid of the Cholas, defeated the South Arcot chiefs and captured Srirangam. Magadai Mandalam was invaded again in 1220–1238. The Hoysala commanders Appanna and Gopayya then reached Chidambaram, routing on their way the Kopperunjinga chiefs who were a Pandya ally, in the battle of Perumbalur. Finally, receiving news that the Kopperunjinga chiefs were willing to set free the Chola monarch Rajaraja III and consider the Cholas a free kingdom, the Hoysalas escorted the Chola monarch back to Kanchi in 1231. At the same time, Vira Narasimha II himself had defeated Sundara Pandya in the battle of Mahendramangalam.


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Preceded by
Veera Ballala II
Succeeded by
Vira Someshwara

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