Violet Radcliffe

Violet Radcliffe was a child actress active during Hollywood's silent era. She appeared in several dozen films for Fine Arts, Fox, and Pathe, and was frequently cast as a villain or as a little boy.[1][2] One of her best-known roles was as Dirty Face Dan in a number of serials.

Violet Radcliffe
Born1908 (1908)
Died1926 (aged 1718)
New York, United States
OccupationChild actress
Years active1913–1918


Violet was born around 1908, possibly in Niagara Falls, New York. She began performing when she was only two months old, and she was quite young when she appeared in her first film, 1913's Quo Vadis.[3]

She played boys role in at least eighteen films between 1915 and 1917.[4] She specialized in comedies and fairy tales in which all the actors were under the age of ten.[4] She played a series of loveable villains for Majestic, including the character Dan in The Straw Man, Bilie's Goat, The Little Cupids and The Little Life Guard (1915).[4] She then went to Fox role of Al-Talib in Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp (1917) and Long John Silver in Treasure Island (1918).[4]

She played Prince Rudolpho in Jack and the Beanstalk along Francis Carpenter, Virginia Lee Corbin and Carmen De Rue.[5] She became regular with Carmen De Rue in the Fox Kiddie Features.[6]

She left the movies in 1918 at age ten.[4] Little is known of what became of her after her career in Hollywood ended.

Selected filmography


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