Vighnaharta Ganesha

Vighnaharta Ganesh is a Hindi TV Show based on Hindu scriptures revolving around Lord Ganesha. It launched on Sony TV in India in August 2017. The serial is produced by Abhimanyu Singh under the banner of Contiloe Entertainment. Lord Ganesha is portrayed as a young boy who believes in the power of struggle, which eventually helps him succeed and become the Remover of Obstacles, hence the name of the show Vighnaharta Ganesh.[1]

Vighnaharta Ganesh
विघ्नहर्ता गणेश (Vighnaharta Ganesh)
StarringSee below
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes607
Producer(s)Abhimanyu Singh
Production location(s)Mumbai, India
Camera setupMulti-camera Motion Capture Camera Technology
Running time21 mins
Production company(s)Contiloe Entertainment
Original networkSony Entertainment Television
Picture format576i 1080i (HDTV)
Original release22 August 2017 (2017-08-22) 
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The plot revolves around the stories of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Mahakali, Goddess Durga and Lord Shiva. Most of the stories are narrated to Ganesha by other characters or by Ganesha himself.


The present tales of Lord Ganesha and his family. Ganesha is born to Goddess Parvati as 'Vinayak', but when he stands as an obstacle in the path of his quick-to-temper father, Lord Shiva, he is beheaded. On the insistence of Parvati, he is resurrected with an elephant's head and is renamed as "Vighnaharta" (remover of obstacles) "Ganesh" (leader of all troops). The show includes stories of his many incarnations, the Dasa Mahavidyas, the Navadurgas and the 19 incarnations of Lord Shiva.


Shiva's family

Vishnu's family

Brahma's family


Asuras Pyak

Other characters


The show is shot at Artisan and Nirman Studio in Vasai.[2]

Dubbed versions

  • The show has been dubbed in Tamil as Vinayagar and airs on Sun TV from 9 October 2017 onwards, Monday to Saturday at 7:00PM IST, From July 9, 2018 due to a new show named Maya, the time slot changed at 6:30PM IST and ended on 16 March 2019 abruptly without completing all episodes.
  • The Serial dubbed in Malayalam as Mahaganapathi on Surya TV from 20 November 2017.
  • The Serial dubbed in Telugu as Jai Jai Vinayaka On Gemini TV From 18 December 2017 and a new show Akka Mogudu replaced this.

List of episodes

Episode # 1: (29th March) Vishalakshi - New Avatar

As Maa Adishakti decides to put an end to Durgamasur, he tells her that he cannot be killed as he has boon according to which only a woman who hasn't blinked her eye in ages can kill Durgamasur. Maa Adishakti takes a new avatar of Vishalakshi who hasn't blinked since ages waiting for her husband.

Episode # 2: (1st April) Peace Re-established

After Maa Adishakti has put an end to Durgamasur's life. Lord Shiva has named her Durga. She returns to her original form and is now ready to head back to Kailash as peace is established around the world.

Episode # 3: (30th April) Indra's Mistake

Ravana tells Ganesh that Devraj Indra's one small mistake had put the whole world in harm's way. Vritra had engulfed a big chunk of the universe, he had his eyes on Mangal as well now even when Lunar Eclipse was in place. Vishnu's wife asks him to do something but Vishnu denies to help, he tells her that this is all Indra's mistake and only he can stop this monster now.

Episode # 4: (1st May) Songkran

Ravan becomes conscious, he notices what Ganesh is doing. When he asks him how has the water not finished yet, Ganesh goes speechless. Ganesh uses his mind and tells Ravana that he is so knowledgeable then why is he asking questions now?

Episode # 5: (19th August) Ganesh With A New Mission

Ganesh and Kartik decide to get Kamasur before it gets too late. Lord Hayagriva appears and informs them about Kamasur's expedition on earth. Kamasur has influenced the entire earth in a trance which led to a horrible deed by Indradev.

Episode # 6: (20th August) Kamasur's Hazardous Deeds

Lord Hayagriva is explaining the evil deeds of Kamasur to Ganesh and Kartik. Kamasur is crossing all limits. He influenced Raavan to disrupt Devi Vedvati's meditation which resulted in a huge disaster. Devi Vedvati had to compromise her entire life for that. And Kamasur didn't stop there.

Episode # 7: (21st August) Sheer Will

Ganesha and Kartik come to stop Kamasur. Kamasur has a shield of seven powerful spells protecting him. Kartik then understands the trick. It is all about the five senses of the human body and also about the mind and intelligence that it triggers. Kamasur wants to control all life on earth through his spell. Ganesh explains to Kartik that sight is the first of five senses and is to be conquered with focus of meditation. The next is sound which is conquered by our inner voice. The sense of taste can be mastered by chants. The sense of smell can be won over by sheer will. And the sense of touch can be ruled by the power of meditation.

Episode # 8: (22nd August) Ganesha's Intelligence

The fight starts between Kaamasur and Ganesha but the wicked starts the attack and Ganesha uses his presence of mind to face him. Kartik loses his patience and answers to Kaamasur's attack. Ganesha visits Mohini and she gives him Champa flower to tie Kamasur, because Champa flower embodies the pacific mind.

Episode # 9: (23rd August) Battle With Kamasur

Ganesh and Kartik battle with Kamasur to save the entire earth from being in the influence of him. Every god is concerned with this situation as Kamasur is not ready to apologize for his deeds. Ganesh has to take some harsh measures to stop him.

Episode # 10: (September 5th): Bhandasur Creates His Family

Bhandasura creates his sister Dhumini from his heart. Bhandasur says where will he find a better shield than his sister? His sister Dhumini is a manifestation of Shakti. Dhumini greets her brother and he welcomes her saying that his sister is his shield. Thereafter Bhandasura creates his sons - Indrashatru, Amitragn, Parag, Vijayshruti, Mindubhay, Vibhishan & Ugakarm.

Episode # 11: (October 4th): Bhandasur Needs A Sacrifice

Dhoomni enters the chamber and asks Bhandasur to follow her. Seeing the celebrations in Devi Parashakti's carriage, Bhandasur asks his sister to sacrifice herself.

Episode # 12: (October 7th): Dhumini's Martyrdom

Dhoomni enters the carriage to blow it up, and Bhandasur is eagerly waiting for this event. But Varahi goddess detects Dhumini and pushes her back, so Dhumini is forced to activate the exploding device to protect her brother.

Episode # 13: (October 8th): Ashtavinayaka

Dhumini deceases in the horrific accident, but her voluntairy sacrifise gifts Bhandasur a powerful item of his demonic ancestor - a Pata (sword), which can revive asuras, who were demised by Chinnamasta, Swaminarayan or other gods!

Episode # 14: (October 31st): Sri Shaktipeetha Shiva Nagendra

To stop Bhandasura's terror, Ganesha takes his most ferocious form - Sri Shaktipeetha Shiva Nagendra Maha Ganapathi and warns Bhandasur that so far he had only witnessed a mere lethal form of the Divine power. Now it's time to witness it's catastrophic form.

Episode # 15: (November 1st): Sri Shaktipeetha Shiva Nagendra Maha Ganapathi

In his fierce avatar - Sri Shaktipeetha Shiva Nagendra Maha Ganapathi - Ganesh demolishes Bhandasur's palace because Bhandasura crossed every limit in his greed and lust of power. Meanwhile, Varahi devi demolishes Indrashatru and Mindubhay - Bhandasur's sons. Bhandasur gets back to Amarpur to find that Indrashatru & Mindhubhay died on the battlefield, and his sisters leave him after setting his room on fire.

Episode # 16: (November 3rd): Curse of 39

Mysterious Minosaur # 39 - seemingly the physical embodiment of Curse of 39 - witnesses Sri Shaktipeetha Shiva Nagendra's power and tries to encourage Ganesh to take his ultimate Dhumravarna avatar to finish Bhandasur off, before Bhandasur goes further in his rampant desire to destroy all the gods. He says that in the far-distant future, Ganesh is destinied to defeat the most powerful asur - Abhimanasura by turning into Dhumravarna incarnation. So, Minosaur # 39 questions - why not to win Bhandasura using the avatar, who will demise a much more powerful enemy? In such a case, Bhandasur is no match for Dhumravarna. Ganesh denies his offer, saying that each of his avatar is destinied to appear in his own time in each Yuga, and he cannot shift the avatars in his own favour because it will distort the timeline. Minosaur # 39 is disappointed and promises to return, when the right time comes. While leaving, he adds that Dhumravarna avatar of Ganesha is actually Saguna Brahman or Para Brahman, that's why while Mahapralaya all creation will return to him, Dhumravarna, including Vishnu and Maheshwara (Shiva). Being the chief deity in Ganapatya form of Hinduism, Dhumraketu is known by the epithet Parameshwara (Supreme God), which is normally reserved for Shiva.

Episode # 17: (November 7th): King Mahishasura Gets Ready

Bhandasura orders king Mahishasura to get ready. He says that Mahishasur will have to make the first attack. Bhandasur yet provokes Mahishasura telling him to defeat the aorat who humiliated and killed him on the battlefield. He insists Mahishasur to take revenge and Mahishasur enters the scene. He unleashes a herd of wild buffaloes against Adi Parashakti! Kartikeya and other gods are perplexed. As Bhandasur's army has been destroyed, who are these rampant bulls then? Bhandasur further mocks Ganesh that by the time, Ganapathi understands who they are and what they are and what is the element of his weapon and how it can be destroyed, they would stomp everyone! Kartikeya realized that Bhandasur has made 2 attacks together. On one side, he has invited his buffalo army to harm the goddesses physically, on the other hand, he has attacked brother Pillayar (Ganesh) mentally. Ganesh is stunned, who can these buffaloes be? What could their main element be?

Episode # 18: (November 8th): Buffalo Palooza

Bhandasur looks forward to his victory against Mata Parashakti. Meanwhile, she is trying to stop all the bulls by taking the Mata Durga form but fails. Ganesh remembers the words of Mahishasura that according to the boon, received by him, gods, demi-gods, transgenders, gandharvas, humans, animals and creatures - nobody can kill him! Ganesh has a flashback that Adi Parashakti last time appeared in the form of goddess Katyayani and she was recognized as Vidhya Vasini. During their previous encounter with Mahishasur, after slaying this sinner, in the form of goddess Durga, she becomes known as Mahishasura Mardini. That means, gods must do all what happened in the past! In the same order. This should go as per how it has been destinied to. Goddess Katyayani will appear only when we call her with true belief and proper awakening process.

Episode # 19: (November 11th): Mahishasur Leads The Attack

Mahishasur has come back even after getting defeated by Mata Durga. He unleashes his army of angry buffalos on Mata Parashakti. Mata Parashakti achieves her Mata Katyayani form. She shoots a single arrow, but her arrow multiplied into many and pierces all Mahishasur's bulls! She did not spare any of Mahishasur's duplicates leaving him lone. But Mahishasur refuses to give in and vows he will not let the history of his destruction repeat.

Episode # 20: (November 12th): Mahishasur Totally Switched Again

Bhadasur is feeling helpless at his palace and is determined about Mahishasur's victory. But history is about to repeat itself. Mahishasur's every attack is getting defeated. He gets all raged up and goes in himself to face the goddess. Mata Vindhyavasini takes the form of Durga and Mahishasur is totally switched again. In his turn, Bhandasur cannot believe that Mahishasur's power fell weak in front of that woman. Bhandasur sends the power of his great weapon for Mahishasur getting victory in this war by killing that Ambika today, but that didn't change much. Despite to Mahishasur's words about not letting history to repeat again, he is eventually stabbed by Durga again. With Mahishasur's second death, Mahishasur's face fades from Bhandasur's pata (weapon)!

Episode # 21: (November 17th): Phra Sangkachai

Budai joins hands with Phra Sangkachai in order to unmask Minosaur # 39 and help Ganesh to bring this physical form of the Curse of 39 in jeopardy, court.

Episode # 22: (November 20th): Hayagriva & Durgamasur

Bhandasur sent Hayagriva Asur and Durgamasur to steal the vedas. Durgamasur & Hayagriva are the next demons to be revived by Bhandasur's Pata (weapon). Bhandasur asks Hayagriva and Durgamasur what their next plan will be? Durgamasur reveal that this time they'll steal the Vedas. Hayagriva adds that this time he and Durgamasur will even destroy them. By doing this, they'll destroy the very foundation of righteousness, then how can someone foil their attack? When Ganesh was describing the jewellery of Adi Parashakti (Tripura Sundari), Durgamasur took the form of Ketki flower and asks Brahma a certain question - why is he here? Brahma replies that this is his brahmalok. It is the adobe or the creator of universe. Durgamasur disguised as Ketki further question Brahma's capability - is Brahma worthy of holding the status of universe creator? False Ketki calls Brahma to recall the occasion happened in the past - when Shiva put him and Swaminarayan through a test, Brahma had made Ketki lie to pass it. Because of which, Ketki got a curse from Shiva that Ketki flower will not be used in any prayer! But Brahma got the status of being one of the prime gods. Pseudo-Ketki asks - is this fair? Brahma was engrossed in false Ketki's conversation and meanwhile Hayagriva stole the Vedas!

Episode # 23: (November 21st): Hayagriva or Durgamasur?

Two more evolved evils take away the Vedas which creates confusion. Kartikeya and Ganesh are worried about the intentions of those stealers. Later the duo tries to destroy the Vedas. They are unsuccessful in doing so, thus, Hayagriva....devours the Vedas!

Episode # 24: (November 22nd): Hayagriva VS Durgamasur

Kartikeya search for Hayagriv and Durgamasur in the dark, meanwhile, Hayagriva and Durgamasur indulge in a fight with each other arguing who will be the next king? After exiting from the darkness, Hayagriva asur cannot hold Vedas in his belly anymore and he vomits them out! Ganesh reveals the double nature of Hayagriva, who possesses both natures - divine and demonic. Due to the power of Vedas, Hayagriva once has become devout. Until he has the vedas in his body, he will follow the path of righteous. Once the Vedas are out of his body, he will become demonic. Ganesh says to Adi Parashakti that Asur Hayagriva will die at the hands of God Hayagriva. Hayagriva dev (incarnation of Vishnu) appears and slices Hayagrivasur's head with his chakram.

Episode # 25: (November 28th): Masahito, Prince Hitachi

With all of the Asurs getting slain one by one, Bhandasur decides to summon, Balendra, an Asur who is powerful beyond measure and hasn't been beaten yet. Ganesha concludes that until now, Bhandasur has sent demons by his delusive powers. But this time he created Balendra with the elements of King Bali. None could ever defeat King Bali. But if Bali's element is here, then it becomes necessary for Swaminarayan's Vamana avatar to appear here! Ganesh is sure, Vaman will control Balendra. When Vaman enters the scene, Balendra mocks him that Ganesh has sent an ordinary child who would not know anything other than reciting scriptures. But Bhandasur in his turn is not worried about Balendra being killed by him. He says to his wife that Vamana will not kill anybody, because he's not a warrior, he's a saint. He adds hymns cannot become weapons and saint cannot become a warrior. Kartikeya is worried about the same matter - Swaminarayan's Vamana avatar will not fight, then how will this demon be killed? Balendra threatens Vaman to fear him, otherwise Vaman will lose his life by the weight of Balendra's foot even before the battle. In response, Vamana grows into giant size! Ganesha narrates a prequel of current events - the demon king, Mahabali was very arrogant as he would donate a lot. To crush his ego, Swaminarayan reincarnated as Vamana and asked him to donate 3 steps of land. He took a gigantic form and covered the whole Earth with his first step. He covered heaven with his second step. For him to take his third step Mahabali offered his head in front of him. He offered himself to Lord Vamana. Vamana has once again taken a gigantic form and is about to keep his leg on the demon's head. Vaman rebukes Balendra that he underestimated vedic mantras. Vedic mantras are not only a source of knowledge, but they also provide immense strenght. The one who recites them might have a small frame, but his inner-strenght and soul are as large as the universe. He can defeat anyone with his inner strenght. Balendra argues that come what way, he cannot be defeated, he's a form of king Mahabali, the one, who couldn't be killed. Thus, even he, Balendra, cannot be killed. What means, Vaman cannot kill him. Vamana agrees Balendra is right - king Bali wasn't killed. Because when Vaman's foot touched him, he gave up his demonic nature and arrogance. Not only that, Mahabali offered himself to Vamana. Otherwise Balendra is to be ready to embrace death. Balendra, however, is cocky about his power saying that Vaman cannot scare him with such lies and he wouldn't follow a sage and hermit like Vamana. Unlike king Bali, Balendra refuses to choose the path of righteousness and follow Lord Vamana, thus Vamana stamps and squashes him.

Episode # 26: (November 29th): Sahastrabahu Kartavirya

Bhandasur has summoned yet another demon to possess the weapon of mass destruction - Sahastrabahu Kartavirya - the one with multiple hands. He has thousand of weapons. As he's sahastrabahu, Kartavirya can be killed only by lord Parashurama - the sixth incarnation of Vishnu. Ganesha reached Mahendra Giri Hill to awaken Parashuram. However though Parashuram wakes up and Ganesha pleads for his help, as he's only one who can kill Sahastrabahu Kartavirya, otherwise Chinnamasta will be forced to fight against this sahastrabahu for an indefinite period and there will be only one outcome - fierce destruction - Parashurama refuses to do so. Parashurama explains to Ganesh that by the blessings of Digambara Dattatreya, after killing Sahastrabahu Kartavirya previous time, Parashurama had to face Dattatreya's anger. And he does not want to deal with Dattatreya's prakop (rage) again!

Episode # 27: (November 30th): Fumihito

Before Ganesh leaves for Dattatreya, Minosaur # 39 again arises before him and asks if Ganesh really wants to get a help from Parashurama - a god responsible for chopping Ganesh's own tusk in the past? He further asks Ganesh whether is that fair to rely on Parashuram Dev, who killed his own mother Renuka, thus, he is responsible for murdering Yellamma goddess? Minosaur # 39 adds that Parashuram proved to be not better and has no difference with gods' arch-enemy Bhandasura, who sacrifises his own sister Dhoomini to obtain super power. Parashuram always is forgiven for all crimes he did - killing Renuka, slicing off Ganesh's tusk - only because he's a god, but Minosaur # 39 claims that Parashurama has no rights to be the 6th avatar of Vishnu! In his opinion, Vamana is the best candidate for being Vishnu's sixth avatar, while Vithoba should be the fifth and Swaminarayan - ninth. Minosaur # 39 concluded that it's appropriate time for Ganesh to unleash his Dhumraketu (Dhumravarna) avatar against Kartavirya! He is sure that if Parashuram was capable of killing Kartavirya in the past, Dhumravarna incarnation of Ganesh can demise Kartavirya not worse in the present! But Ganesh refuses to follow Minosaur # 39's advice. He states that in order to defeat Bhandasur, everything must move in the same timeline cycle how the events had happened once before. Minosaur # 39 takes off again in vain.

Episode # 28: (December 2nd): Parashurama To The Rescue

Ganesh tries to find Prabhu Dattatreya while he comes across a saint. Ganesh manages to recognize Prabhu Dattatreya. Ganesh asks Digambara-Dattatreya to bless him with his divine appearance, and Dattatreya transforms into his true form with 3 faces. Ganesha thanks him, but adds that he has yet another request to make. Dattatreya realizes his wish and confirms that Ganesh is asking for Dattatreya's permission to kill Kartavirya-Arjuna who has been born again. Ganesh is surprised with Dattatreya's omnivision, but Dattatreya adds that Ganesh asks death for someone, who has already died! But current Sahastrabahu-Kartavirya is no longer Arjuna, it is his demonic form. One that is against the law of nature and one that rose for evil intent. Dattatreya says that so he cannot allow such an entity to exist. Thus, Ganesh receives Dattatreya's permission to kill him, but also tells to Dattatreya that one needs weapon in war. And Parashuram gave away all his weapons to Shiva. So how will he fight that demon unarmed? Parashuram arrives at the battle but he has no weapon in hand. Nevertheless, he successfully blocks all the weapons tossed in him by Kartavirya with just bare hands. He tells that it's enough of Kartavirya Arjun, as it's time to end this arrogance of Sahastrabahu. Plus, Parashuram encounters and assaults Kartavirya, however Kartavirya too fights back. Just then Ganesh borrows Parashuram's axe from Shiva and delivers it to Parashuram. After Kartavirya is slaughtered by Parashuram, Sahastrabahu's face fades from Bhandasur's Pata (weapon).

Episode # 29: (December 4th): Kumbhakarna's defeat

Ganesh chastises Kumbhakarna that Kumbhakarna tried to hurt the goddess who created the creation. Even the punishment is not enough for such a crime. This looks as if the history is being repeated after seeing Kumbhakaran's defeat from Rama and Lakshmana. One more demon's face vanishes from Bhandasura's weapon after Kumbhakarna's death.

Episode # 30: (December 10): Pratyangira temple, Hosur

Ravan (last seen in episodes # 3 and # 4) is back and keen of vengeance against the gods for his brother Kumbhakarna's untimely demise. He instructs his own son Meghanada to avenge uncle's loss by summoning Pratyangira, the feline ferocious goddess. Ganesh figures out the reason behind Meghnaad's success - Pratyangira's ritual. Ganesh rescues the nine planets from Ravan's clutches and also breaks his meditation. After seeing his song getting defeated by Laxman again, Raavan decides to take the matter in his hand.

Episode # 31 (December 11): Shani, Rahu & Ketu

Ganesh sneaks to Ravan's sanctuary, but cannot find Nine planets' whereabout to free them from Ravan's captive. Ravan turned them into shadows, thus neither Ganesh hear their voices pleading. However, thanks to unwilling Bhandasur's move, Bhandasur himself pays a visit to Ravan's lair to check how is his plan going? He says to himself, that Ravan held navagraha captive, so even if Ganesh comes, he'll not be capable of freeing these planetary deites. However, Ganesh overhears Bhandasur's dialogue with himself and says that now he knows where to seek for them. Ravan imprisoned the planets in an evil zodiac - horoscope to avoid his son Indrajit's death! The plan is that Indrajit is fated to die only within a certain position of all planets, but as the planets were captured, Ravan moved figures, representing them, in his own order, different from what it was predicted to be! Ganesh frees Rahu, Ketu and Shani by chanting the very name of all-Mother Lalita, because it can free one from all pain and bonds! They bow to thee for freeing them. Ganesh is speechless, because Bhandasur showed no mercy even for Sukracharya - the embodiement of Venus - who once was his own guru! Ganesh instructs the planets to change their position in Indrajit's horoscope, so that Ravan's son's death can become possible. Shani Dev (Saturn planet) have placed the mark of death on Meghnad a.k.a Indrajit. Due to Ganesh interrupts Ravan's chanting ritual, Meghnad turned mortal again, so Lakshman's arrows stabbed him! Bhandasur is enraged even more than Ravan, because even Meghnad has been killed now. Ganesh predicts that the war is in it's final phase now, because Ravan is the last asura left to fight.

Episode # 32 (December 12): Ravana's revenge

Raavan marches out to the battlefield with his army to fight with Lord Rama. They both engage in a fierce fight and Raavan starts to strike harder than he did previously. Meanwhile, Bhandasura is unable to figure out the reason for his constant defeats.

Episode # 33 (December 13): Bhandasur's Thirst For Victory

Sensing his sister Dhumini's sorrowful sacrifise turned to be not enough, Bhandasur contemplates sacrificing his daughter Rashmi Prabha to end his streak of defeats against Lord Ram.

Episode # 34 (December 16): Ganesh Is Furious On Bhandasur

Ganesh fights with Bhandasur to protect Rashmiprabha from him. Moments later, Ganesh throws out Bhandasur to the field and forces him to face Mata Parashakti himself. Ganesh takes Rashmiprabha with him to Mata Parashakti's carriage.

Episode # 35 (December 17): Showcasing The True Power

On his daughter's request, she provides him with a chance to let go of his anger and apologize for his deeds. Bhandasur's first attack goes in vain, and he also lost his evil forms (Ahrimani Men with Hindu Background) and weapon (Dakhma of Angra Mainyu) in the process of defending an attack. He starts to summon the power of the 3 Almighty Gods. What will Mata Parashakti do to stop this attack?


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