Viewforth High School

Viewforth High School is a secondary school which caters for pupils from East Kirkcaldy, Scotland.[1] It opened in 1908 on Loughborough Road and remains open in its new location on Windmill Road. The original school building was made a C listed building in 1998.[3]

Viewforth High School
MottoIn Opere Vigilando[1]
Acting HeadteacherCalum MacFarlane [2]
Age11 to 18


Viewforth opened on 21 September 1908 with 176 boys and 194 girls enrolled in the school. The first head teacher was Gregor McGregor. The first female teachers began working at the school during the First World War because of the reduction in staff caused by the number of male staff who enlisted. An extension was built in 1925 and the name changed to Viewforth Higher Grade School. This extension was later destroyed by a fire in January 1938. Another extension was built in 1955 which included a new assembly hall, classrooms and a gym while a further extension was built in the 1980s. The school name was changed again in 1980 to Viewforth High School.[4]

In 2005, plans were drawn up for a new school building due to the school buildings no longer being fit for purpose and the need to consolidate council properties. Plans were also made for a replacement school to be built in its place which would cater to the rising population in south east Kirkcaldy.[5] Forming part of Windmill Community Campus the school, which remains Viewforth High School, began construction in 2015 and brought together Viewforth High School, Rosslyn School, a local library and local office creating Fife's first community campus.[6] It opened in 2016 and proudly builds on Viewforth's historic past and values.[7]

Over the years, Viewforth has had the following headteachers:

  • Gregor MacGregor (1908-1919)
  • Donald Mackay (1919-1948)
  • John Rollo (1948-1968)
  • Harry Henderson (1968-1981)
  • Douglas Jolly (1981-1995)
  • Carol McAlpine (1995-1998)
  • Ian Baxter (1998-2010)
  • Adrian Watt (2010-2013)
  • Lynn Porter (Acting, Feb-Oct 2013)[8]
  • Adrian Watt (Oct 2013-Dec 2018)
  • Calum MacFarlane (Acting, Jan 2019–present)


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