Victory International

The term Victory International or Victory Internationals refers to two series of international football matches played by the national football teams of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales at end of both the First and Second World Wars. The matches were organised to celebrate the Victory of the Allied Powers in both wars. The term specifically refers to those matches played after the conflicts were over, making them distinct from the wartime internationals which were played during the course of the wars.

Among the games regarded as Victory Internationals were those played as part of the 1945–46 British Victory Home Championship. The 1945–46 season also saw England play Victory internationals against France, Switzerland and Belgium. Scotland also played the latter two national teams. The status of these internationals is open to debate. England, Ireland and Wales do not recognize any of these games as full internationals. Scotland, however, does list the games against Belgium and Switzerland as full internationals. Similarly Belgium, Switzerland and France all regard their Victory Internationals as full internationals. [1] [2] [3] [4]


Ireland 0–0 Scotland



 Ireland0 – 1England 
  Stan Mortensen

 England0 – 1Wales 
  Aubrey Powell

Scotland 1 – 0 England
Jimmy Delaney  

Wales 0 – 1 Ireland
  Paddy Sloan

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