Victor de Cottens

Victor de Cottens (21 August 1862  26 February 1956) was a French dramatist, librettist, stage director, and theatre critic.

De Cottens was born in Paris.[1] For the Folies Bergère, he directed every edition of the Revue des Folies-Bergère produced by Émile and Vincent Isola; each of these revues offered various acts linked by two commentators, the commère and compère.[2] Between 1908 and 1911, he and H. B. Marinelli ran the Olympia music hall in Paris.[3] He and E. Danancier collaborated as interim directors of the Théâtre du Vaudeville in Paris when that theatre, closed at the beginning of the First World War, reopened on 2 April 1915.[4]

He died in Paris in 1956.[1]


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