Victor Boucher

Victor Louis Armand Boucher (24 August 1877 21 February 1942) was a French actor.[1]


Victor Boucher was born in Rouen in a house on the rue Saint-Étienne-des-Tonneliers. His parents had a café-restaurant in Bihorel. Educated at the école Bellefonds in Rouen, he began acting in youth groups.

He worked as an accountant in Rouen.[2] After his military service, he moved to Paris. He married Mariotta Claire in Neufchâtel-en-Bray in 1902.[3] He had the luck one day to replace a sick actor in the Théâtre des Mathurins and made a name for himself with his comic stammering.

In 1927, he became a director of the Théâtre de la Michodière. He was president of the Association des artistes dramatiques.[4]

He died in Ville-d'Avray on 21 February 1942, from a heart attack.[4]


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