Victim of Society

Victim of Society (German: Opfer der Gesellschaft) is a 1919 German silent drama film directed by Willy Grunwald and starring Conrad Veidt and Kurt Brenkendorf .[1] Originally shot in 1918, the film was not released until 1919. It is now considered a lost film.

Victim of Society
Directed byWilly Grunwald
Produced byOskar Messter
Written byRobert Heymann
Robert Wiene
StarringConrad Veidt
Kurt Brenkendorf
Distributed byUFA
Release date
March 1919
German intertitles


  • Conrad Veidt as Prosecutor Chrysander
  • Vilma Born-Junge as Martha Bellina, seine Mutter
  • Anneliese Halbe as Chrysanders Verlobte
  • Kurt Brenkendorf
  • Willy Grunwald
  • Carl Wallauer


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